THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 19



(Who is calling?)

😁 Alex’s POV 😁
He chuckled and looked at me.

“Are you serious? Like you’re asking me such lame questions?” He scoffed and I became a bit confused.

“I…i..shouldn’t have asked then, I’m sorry, I was just curious to know” I stuttered with my gaze down.

“Well, who do you think I like in them both?” He asked back and I took my gaze to him.

“I..I’m not sure, its seems like you like both at some point and at another point it seems like you don’t like any of them” I replied him.

I wish he doesn’t like any of them, I thought.

“Well, Mia is my girlfriend as you all know while Cassy…Cassy is just pestering me.”

“I just go to her when she needs me, its nothing special. I feel nothing for her” he replied and I held myself from smiling.

“So, you like only mia right?” I inquired.

“Um..yea, you can say so, I kind of like her” he huffed and I nodded.

He kind of? That means the likeness might not be much, I can still win his heart at this rate? I thought and shook the thoughts aside.

He just sees me like a guy even up till now, I don’t think he’ll ever develop feelings for me so I better put that thoughts aside.

Lemme just enjoy the opportunity I get by being close to him and try not to complicate things between us.

“Why do you ask?” He suddenly questioned.

“Um…I just wanted to know as your assistant” I replied reluctantly and he nodded.

Few minutes later we arrived school and he opened his boot where all the stuff he bought were kept.

Oh gosh, they are just so much, I thought and started picking the bags one after the other and my hands became full in no time.

I found it difficult carrying more bags.

“Andrew? Can you leave the boot open I’ll just go drop this bags and return for the rest?” I asked but he didn’t answer me.

He went to the boot instead and brought out the remaining bags.

“I’ll just take them, no need to stress yourself” I heard him mutter as he walked pass me.

A smile formed on my lips as I watched him walk ahead.

So he even cares for me? I never expected that his anger will dissolve completely. His acting like nothing big happened.

I’m so grateful that he let me stay.

I followed him from behind slowly but he was fast in walking so he got to the dorm and went in.

I walked slowly until I got to the front of the room and stopped.

Thank goodness, the distance from the garage to this dorm is very long.

I slowly kept the bags down on the floor and opened the door then got in with a few bags.

I saw mia lying down on the bed Andrew normally sleeps on and anger filled my system.

Why is she here? What the hell is she doing here? I thought and rolled my eyes at her.

I heard her hiss then she sat up.

“You..I hate your types very well, I had to convince patty to come to class because I thought you were gonna apologize to her after explaining her conditions to you but you still didn’t. I bet you have a rock for a heart” she insulted and laid down back.

“What? A rock for a heart? What are you trying to say? That I’m inhumane?” I gritted my teeth.

She sat up again.

“Yes, you’re cold hearted bastard” she replied and my anger increased.

I instantly forget that I am a guy.

Normal no girl says that to me, no girl dare insult me and go scot free, even guys don’t come near me when my big brother is another.

So, I learned to always beat up whoever insults me so right now that’s the only thing in my mind.

Make her nose bleed and her pull out her hairs.

I moved towards her with my fist tightened and she shifted back.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed and looked at my fisted hand.

“Are you..are you trying to beat me?” She asked her voice coming out fearfully.

“Andrew??” She screamed immediately.

Immediately I heard her scream Andrew I loosen my grip and moved away from her as Andrew appeared from the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” He questioned looking at me.

Mia quickly got down from the bed and ran behind him.

“He..he was trying to hit me” she said like a scared cat.

“Is that true? Where you trying to hit her?” Andrew asked me.

“No” I mumbled and went outside to get the remaining bags.

I was there picking up the bags when I heard Mia’s voice.

“Are you sure you should keep him as an assistant? He looks like an assassin, the cold look in his eyes scared hell out of me, what if you were not here and he succeeded and killed me?” She panicked.

“Hey, stop imagining nonsense, his a cool guy, nothing of such is happening” I heard him reply her as I got in.

“But, I don’t like him. Why don’t you send him to another dorm entirely please?” She pleaded.

“Come on baby, just forget it okay” Andrew cooed and I turned to see him cupping her cheeks and she smiled and hugged him.

“Now that you’re clean, why don’t we start now? You know its been a bit long I saw that huge man down there” she pointed downward to his legs and I scoffed.

“Bit*h” I mumbled in anger.

Is she tryna make me jealous or what? I thought.

Oh, I’m a guy so its not possible.

“Um..why don’t we do it tomorrow?” Andrew asked her and she pouted.

“No babe” she disagreed and I saw her hand going down to his d**k.

“Hey, stop it” Andrew hushed and held her hand.

“Its can’t happen here alright?” He told her.

“But why?” She pouted again and rubbed his chest.

“I just don’t want it here” he replied her.

“But we always do it here so why the change of mind?” She cooed.

“Mia, I don’t want it here. Do I have to explain every shit to you?” He questioned with his voice a bit hard.

She shifted away from him and folded her arms.

“Since you don’t want it here then don’t ever talk to me” she frowned her face.

“Come on, don’t get angry okay? You know how much I love you” he said in a sweet voice and she smiled.

She turned and kissed him immediately, then hugged him.

“Then where should we do it?” She asked sexily.

Andrew was about to reply her when his phone started ringing.

I noticed he has two phones, the one that looks more expensive is always with him while the other one is always with him too but he doesn’t usually use it.

Its the phone I picked its call the other day which got him annoyed.

I noticed his face changed as he brought out the phone and looked at the caller.

Now, what’s happening?

Who is calling ?

TBC Alex
What do you think?


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