THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 18



(Who do you like?)

😁 Alex’s POV 😁
Instead of packing my luggage as I originally planned I stayed back and went to the cafeteria together with him.

I was giggling and smiling all the way.

One could tell that I’m really excited.

Andrew acted as usual, he acted the same way he does which is quite stunning.

The annoying bit*h came up to us at the cafeteria – mia.

And she sat down beside him rubbing his back.

I just threw my eyes away, I need to be more careful with my jealousy now that he knows that I’m a girl.

He can’t catch me getting jealous, I actually can’t afford it.

She took her eyes to look at me but I didn’t stare back.

“Hey, do you know how cruel you are? How could you tell patty that’s she ugly? I hate your type of guys” she spatted but I just rolled my eyes.

I heard Andrew make a slight cough.

“What happened to patty?” He asked her.

“The poor girl hasn’t been herself since Alex told her off, and he doesn’t even care to ask of her” She complained and I noticed Andrew spared me a glance.

“She should find a better guy” Stephen who hasn’t spoken a word since chipped in and it made me uncomfortable.

For the fact that they are both covering up for me is making me happy but confused and disturbed at the same time.

“But, how can she just find another guy like that, its…”

“Finish up your meal first” Andrew cut her in.

After everything we left for class.

I sat at the middle area while Andrew, Stephen and Mia sat at the back sit as usual.

We stayed and waited for the teacher but it seems that his gonna be showing up late today.

The class door opened after a long while and I took my eyes to the door to see if its the teacher.

But it wasn’t the teacher but patty.

She was looking so moody, since that day she ran off I haven’t set my eyes on her till today.

No lies it bothered me a bit thinking of what she might be going through.

If there was sincerely another way, I’ll gladly make her happy.

She’s a girl like me anyways but there seems to be no other way.

She walked in sully and stopped.

Her eyes went to mine and she quickly took them away and went to the back sit and sat down.

I heaved a frustrated sigh and turn to look at her.

I pray you get over it soon cause there is nothing I can do.

The teacher came and lectured us after long delays and now its lunch break.

I followed Andrew from behind as he went to whatever place and annoyingly he stopped at that miss Cassy’s office.

Is their meeting today again? Having mia by his side is enough for me to watch now she?

Well, I have to act smart, it’ll be really uncomfortable if he finds out my feelings for him.

I think its best he doesn’t find out. I deserve it anyways.

I should better stop dreaming about touching and kissing him in the future. There is no way that’s gonna happen with all this ladies around him.

His the star of crystal high.

I sat down on the sit outside the office and didn’t bother listening to their conversation.

I know what they’re probably doing or saying so no need to add to my sadness.

After school closing hours.

We got to the dorm and I went to change into a short and a top.

It’s quite girlish but I didn’t fall my hair.

I had dressed it in a cute perfect way.

“So, are you ready?” His cold voice cut in to my thoughts.

“Ye..yes” I replied and looked at him.

“Let’s go” he cooed and went out.

He said we’re going for another shopping today. Its hasn’t been too he shopped, I don’t understand why his buying another set of dress.

His not even a girl right?

Oh yea, his popularity calls for that I guess.

I followed him from behind to his car and we got in and he ignited the engine and drove out of school.

He hasn’t been talking to me much, he reduced the way he talks to me a lot and I understand its because of he found out that I’m a girl.

Its not much of a deal, I’ll have to endure it as far as I get to see him daily and at a close range right?

I’m more lucky than a lot of girls.

We arrived the mall shortly and it happened to be the one we were at the last time.

The usual thing happened again.

I walked behind him using my eyes to search for Tracy.

“Hey” I heard him hush and I turned to look at him.

“Hope you aren’t planning on going somewhere, stay right behind me” he said in a commanding tone and continued on his way.

We got to the section of his choice and he sat down and they started bringing out numerous designers wears.

But seriously, where does he get his money from?

Is his family perhaps wealthy? But why does no one know anything about his background.

It’s really weird no matter how hard I think about it.

“Hey, Alex?” His cold voice cut into my thinking.

“What are you waiting there for? Aren’t you taking anything?” He questioned and my mouth fell open.

“Ye..yes, I will” I stuttered a bit and went to search for a boyish – girlish dress.

The room will soon be filled up with dress, he hasn’t even worn all the dress he purchased the last time and now his purchasing a lot more?

After about 3 hours we left the mall and we are presently in his car heading back to the school.

I then decided to break the long silence between us and start up a conversation.

We can’t remain silent to each other forever right?

I cleared my voice and turned to look at him as he concentrated his gaze on the road.

“An..Andrew? Why do you like shopping? You shopped for new dress even when you had enough to wear” I asked hoping he’ll answer.

He remained silent to my question for a long while and when I thought he was not gonna answer me he spoke up.

“I shop when I have something disturbing on mind, its one of my ways of forgetting my problems because I’ll tend to concentrate on the dress” he explained and I nodded with my mouth slightly opened.

“ you have something on your mind then?” I asked and heard him sigh.

“Not really, I think I’ve gotten rid of it – meaning I’ve solved it” he responded and I nodded again.

We still have a long way to go so I might just continue asking him questions till we get to the dorm.

“Um..I see you love basketball a lot” I said more like a question.

“Yea, I do, its the only sport I enjoy very well” he answered.

“Okay, so..I..I don’t no if I should be asking this question” I muttered and he looked at me.

“You can ask, as my assistant you need to know a lot about me anyways” he replied.

“Okay, who do you really like in miss Cassy and mia?” I asked and he looked at me and scoffed.

“Seriously? ”

TBC Alex.

What is his answer gonna be?


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