THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 15



(Oh no!)

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I scoffed and looked at the identity card again.

This must be a trick of some such right?

How can he be a girl? I mean how’s that even possible?

If its true so she has been pretending to be a guy.

For what reason? I thought and scoffed again.

I dropped the identity card carelessly and left the room.

She sure has a lot of explanation to do.

I went out to the school garage and got into my car. I wanted to even inform him that I won’t be around for three days.

But this…

I drove with full speed and within an hour and few minutes I got there.

I got down from the car and sauntered up to get ready to leave for Mexico.

Next day

😍 Alex’s POV 😍

I stretched and yearned lazily and tiredly on the bed then slowly shut my eyes open.

I sat up and that’s when I realized that I was sleeping on the lower bed.

I came down from the bed and looked at the upper bed but couldn’t find him.

Oh shit.

How did I fall asleep here?

Where the hell did he sleep then? I thought and touched my hair.

Geez the wig is almost fallen out.

I wore the wig very well and rushed into the bathroom to shower before he shows up.

Without minutes I came out and was on my uniform.

Then I searched for his and brought it out.

Why isn’t he still back till now? I thought worriedly.

I was still waiting for him when the door opened and Stephen came in.

I stood up on my feet and starred at him as he approached me.

He took his eyes to Andrew’s uniform which was beside me.

“You won’t be seeing him in three days so keep his uniform back” he hushed then turned back to leave.

“Hold on” I stopped him and he turned to look at me.

“What do you mean I won’t be seeing him in three days? Did he go somewhere?” I questioned curiously.

“Yes, but even I don’t no where he went or why he went there for but the only thing I’m telling you now is that he won’t he back until three days expires” he snapped.

Three days? I won’t be seeing him for three days? I thought and sighed.

Why didn’t he even tell me, I thought I was his assistant, why didn’t he inform me?

So, that explains why I can’t find him. But still I needed to know his whereabouts.

“Can you..can you give me his number?” I stuttered a bit as he opened the door to go out.

“His phone will be switched off for those three days so don’t even try calling him” he said coldly and left.

I sighed again and sat down. My eyes went back to the uniform.

“Why? Why?” I asked looking at the uniform as if it could provide answers.

After much delays I picked up my bag and left for the cafeteria to eat.

I feel heavy tho but I still needed to take something at least.

I ordered for cup of coffee and small slice of cake then went to sit down alone.

I started eating and two girls came to join me on my table.

“Hello handsome, do you mind if we share the table with you?” One of them asked but I ignored her.

My mind is just not here.

I wonder why he suddenly had to leave urgently.

Did something terrible happen that he needed to fix?

Did any of his family member fall sick?

Well, no one knows his background tho, I wonder why he had to leave like that.

“Handsome? Handsome?” I kept hearing voices and realized those two girls were actually calling me.

“What? What?’ I snapped.

“You..we..have been talking to you but you aren’t answering so…”

“Who asked you to talk to me, huh!? Get lost!!” I growled and stood up on my feet, then I left the cafeteria.

Three days later.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I escorted the goods back successfully and that’s what we’re presently celebrating.

Yea, my dad called for that celebration but of course he wasn’t present.

I just had to celebrate with the boys.

Draconic was sitting right next to me and suddenly he brought up a topic I didn’t wanna talk about.

He was the one I was closest to and he knows a lot about us.

“When last did you see her – your mother?” He asked and I stood up on my feet.

“I think I’ll have to head back to the school now.”

“You can inform him that I’ve gone” I replied instead but he was determined to piss me off.

“How long will you keep ignoring her? She is still your mother and for the fact your father…”

“Enough!!! I don’t want to hear it again. I’ll get going now” I snapped and left immediately.

What shit??

😱Alex’s POV 😱
This few days he wasn’t in I have not been happy.

He is supposed to be back today. What is delaying him.

I miss him so much.

Gosh, I never imagined that I’ll ever miss him this way.

I guess my staying here with him has made me like him more than before and I’m anxiously waiting for him.

I constantly check the time but he wasn’t showing up.

It was getting late already or is he coming tomorrow?

But today makes it three days so what the hell?

Oh gosh, hope nothing bad has happened?

Who knows if he had gotten into an accident? I thought and shook my head.

No, it can’t be. That must not be the case, I thought.

Still in deep thoughts the door opened and he came in.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened in happiness.

He stood at the door and kept starring at me making me wonder why he was like that.

Perhaps bad things happened to him because he has that unexplainable expression on.

I stood up and took two steps towards him.

“Andrew?” I called when he kept starring at me without talking.

“What are you still doing here?” He asked after the long silence making me confused.

“Sorry? What I’m I still doing here? I’ve been waiting for you to return and…”

“What’s your real name?”

“Alexander or Alexandria?” He asked shocking me.

Why on earth will he ask that?

Wait, he did he perhaps find out that I’m a girl? Did Stephen inform him? I thought and became scared.

“Can’t you answer?”

“What are you f**k*ng doing here as a guy when you’re a girl? What are you doing here?” He snapped and my fears increased.

Please don’t tell me he really found out.

Please let it be a dream.

Oh no!


What’s gonna happen next?


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