THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 11



(You’re shy)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I kept watching her as she got to me and placed her two hands on my shoulder.

“I got to understand your type of guy, you’re shy so I’m willingly to be the male in this relationship, you won’t have to ask and I’ll do whatever you want” she winked.

I scoffed and moved back.

“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about, put on your clothes before someone sees you” I hushed.

“Oh” she cooed.

“Seems I’ll have to pull everything off then, I must admit that you have a high sense of humor. Not all guys can resist a girl like me” she bite her lower lip and took her hand to her bra.

“Hold on!!” I half yelled.

“Don’t pull it off” I warned.

She smiled and proceeded.

“Someone else is in here, you want the person to see you?” I asked trying to convince her.

“Really?” She asked looking convinced.

“Yea, put on your clothes before he sees you” I urged.

Someone tried opening the door from outside and she hastily wore her uniform.

I opened the door and the male student who was looking like he was gonna kill someone at any minute groaned and ran into the toilet.

He must have been really pressed.

I got outside and the girl came behind me and jumped on me.

“Get off me” I yelled and released myself from her.

“I never knew you cared about me that much, you don’t want other guys starring at me. That’s so cool of you” she smiled.

Huh! What’s she talking about?

That’s not even the reason. Well thank goodness she took it that way.

I successfully got to the class after much delay from her. She was just holding me and jumping, making me really uncomfortable.

I opened the class door and got in but unfortunately a teacher was already in the class.

I cleared my voice softly as all eyes danced around me.

The girl was behind me, I made to walk to my sit but the teacher’s voice stopped me.

“Hey, where are you coming from with your girlfriend?”

I paused and turned to look at him.

“My girlfriend?” I asked myself.

“We’re so sorry sir” the girl suddenly spoke up and held one of my arm.

The way she did it she was truly giving them the idea that something was going on between us.

“Alright, both of you shouldn’t try coming late to my class again, make out time for your romance after school hours” he said and the class laughed.


So embarrassing.

I released her hand from my arm and went to sit but not without sparing Andrew a glance.

Stephen who was also sitting beside him was starring at me.

I didn’t stare for long and took my eyes away. I sat down and concentrated on the teaching.

After school hours.

I followed Andrew to his basketball training after school hours and I of course watched him play.

I really love his skills.

I was still smiling and starring at him and didn’t realize when Stephen stood beside me.

“You can stare at him for as long as you like today, it’ll be your last time so drool all you want but remember that time is ticking. Your 24 hours is going” he reminded and left.

I sighed as I recalled that its true.

I’ve been trying to push out that worrying thought from my head but he is reminding about it?

What I’m I gonna do?
Should I just leave then? If I don’t will there be another solution?

Perhaps I should plead with him to allow me stay for this semester.

Yes that’s what I’m gonna do, I’ll plead with him to allow me stay.

I’ll go plead with him now, I saw him taking the route to the restroom.

I stood up and immediately went after him.

“Stephen?” I called and he turned to look at me.

“Can you give me till the end of this semester please I really can’t go home” I pleaded and he smirked.

“Why should I? What do I gain from it?” He asked arrogantly.

“Please just do this for me Steve, I’ll forever be grateful to you” I cooed.

“What are you two talking about? Who is asking you to leave?” I heard Andrew’s voice from behind and my eyes widened.

“Maybe I should just reveal it to him now” he said to my hearing and cleared his voice.

Oh gosh! Bad timing.



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