THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 10




Alex’s POV
My heart pounded faster as I nervously starred as his lips moved.

“I want you to leave this school within 24 hours” he spilled out and my eyes widened.

“W…what?” I shrieked not too loudly tho.

“Yes, that’s my condition for you. If you don’t leave within those hours then I’ll start by telling Andrew who you really are” he continued.

I felt tears gather up my eyes as he left me. I starred at him as he vanished.

I should leave? After all my effort? This is the result? I thought sadly.

“Hey, Alex? What are you still doing there?” I heard Andrew yell, I cleaned my face immediately and sauntered towards him.

I walked behind him sniffing at intervals till we successfully got to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was much busier today as student filled up the place.

Andrew and Stephen sat side by side while I sat facing Andrew.

My gaze was on the floor the whole time.

I don’t wanna stare at him,I might burst out crying.

How can Stephen be so wicked? His forcing me to leave.

Within 24 hours? So that means I’ll leave by tomorrow, today will be the last day I school here? I thought sadly.

I didn’t order anything because at that moment I felt I might mess up if I do.

My mind is not settled at all.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna order your tea?” I heard Andrew ask.

“No, I’m not feeling hungry, I’ll eat later” I replied unable to stare at him as I talked.

I feel my eyes might meet with that of Stephen since I noticed that he was also starring at me.

“Hey” Andrew’s voice came again.

“Are you alright? Why can’t you look at me?” Andrew inquired.

“Its nothing, just…got something on my mind” I sniffed.

“Let’s act fast man, I have a class in few minute” Stephen suddenly hush.

“Huh, when did you suddenly starting caring about going to class early?” Andrew asked him.

“I guess I just started” I heard him reply.

Few minutes later they were done with their coffee and we stood up and left the cafeteria.

Along the way we bombed into Mia and her friend.

I still don’t know her friend name till now and I don’t even care to know but she’s always bugging me.

“Hi babe” I heard mia cool as she embraced Andrew.

“Hi Steve” I heard and saw her wave to Steve but she just spared me a glance and concentrated on Andrew.

As expected her friend came to meet me but I’m totally not in the mood so I snubbed her.

“Alex, do you have something on your mind?” She asked when I didn’t return her greetings.

I sighed and inched my nape.

“No” I mouthed.

She tried locking her hands with mine but I moved away from her.

She didn’t seem to bother as she continued with her disturbance.

“Alex, have you had a girlfriend before? Was she pretty?” She asked peeping into my face as we walked.

“No, I haven’t” I replied coldly.

“Why haven’t you? You have killer looks, so why?” She continued.

I stopped walking and looked at her.

“Is it a must to date huh! Its is a must?” I found myself letting out my frustrating on her.

Andrew, Stephen and mia stopped walked and turned to stare at us.

Even the students around starred at us.

Immediately her eyes became watery and I knew she was about to cry.

Gosh. This is so damn embarrassing.

“I’m..I’m…sorry” I apologized immediately.

“I didn’t mean to yell, I was..was just thinking about something, I’m sorry” I apologized and she nodded and surprisedly hugged me.

My mouth went a gap, I saw Stephen smirk and he started walking away. Andrew and mia followed suite.

I pulled out of the hug feeling so so embarrassed and speechless.

She starred at me directly in the eyes and it felt worse.

Geez. This is hell, gosh is she seducing me with all these? I thought and shook my head.

“Let’s go” I mouthed and started leaving.

She immediately locked her hands with mine tightly and giggled.

Does she…does she like me that much?

Poor girl. You’ll be completely heart broken when you find out that I’m also a girl like you.

Unfortunately my elder brother that I have a great resemblance with has a girlfriend and his not in this county.

Oh what to do. Things are getting more worse for me.

We got to the class and I felt pressed.

I stood up and left the class.

I’ll have to make use of the male toilet since I’m currently a guy.

So I asked the few students I came across with for direction and I was shown.

I saw a male student coming out and I reluctantly got into the restroom.

It doesn’t look like there is any other person here.

I sighed and went to use the toilet.

After that I came out to wash my hands.

I was still washing my hands when I felt the door open.

I looked back to see her – Mia’s friend.

She smiled and locked the door behind her.

I watched her confusedly as she walked closer to me.

“Hi Alex” she cooed and walked up to me.

Wait, what is she doing in a male’s toilet, I wondered.

She held my collar and it became clear to me.

This girl.

She made to kiss me but I immediately pushed her away from me.

“What are you doing?” I shrieked.

She smiled instead and reached for her uniform button and started unbuckling it.

Soon her jacket was off and she unbuttoned her inner shirt.

She pulled her inner shirt off too leaving her bra then she went to the skirt and pulled it off.

Now she was left with only bra and pa*t.

She bite her lower lip seductively as she catwalk towards me.

What the f**k!?



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