THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 9



Afeez Pov
Days pass by, but I remembered that i called Stanley two days after which he left Lagos to ask him about his mother condition, but the news was a sad one, Stanley lost his mom through the operation, I felt sorry and pity for him. From the time that we have been together, he had told me a lot about himself and his family, so i felt pity for his family. But life goes on, one certain day, I went for another operation at surulere that evening, I stood at a bus stop where buses stop to pick up passengers and some will come down after they have gotten to their destination which was the bus stop i was staying . I have stood their for about 45minutes waiting for a JJC but seriously people from here are truly wise, so i was a bit afraid that i don’t want to get caught, so i kept calm waiting and at the same time meditating on what to do, there i noticed a small boy. His age shouldn’t be more than fifteen years maybe, he was putting on a black polo with one crazy jeans from my instincts, I have noticed him and I’m very sure he wants to do something at that very time, so i was washing him quietly. Then something caught my attention, the boy had removed a purse from a guy and the guy had accused him for stealing which had made people to gather around him, some minutes later, I saw some guys coming to beat him up, the scene was getting hot, I’m very sure this guy will kill him, so i decided to help him. Please stop I rushed to the scene, I beg everyone there to stop beating him, he’s my brother I said, I sent him on an errand but after waiting for a while since I have sent him and it doesn’t look like he will be coming anytime soon, that’s the reasons why i decided to come find him, but now i was surprised to see him here, please i beg you all, how much did he steal i asked despite the fact that i saw how it happened and i knew the boy never steal the money, he was just attempting but the guy was fast to grab him. Fifteen thousand naira, one of the guy speak, I knew the money is for those guy, but i only pay to safe him from the beating. After then i hold his hand as we both left the scene, I took him to one restaurant where we first talked, it was there i got to know him, he told me his name is Abdul. So later that day we both went to my house, according to him, he never knew his parents, and the reason was because he got kidnapped while he was very young and since his parents couldn’t pay the money they requested, they abducted him with them, so he had known them as his family not until he grew to know the truth, so he left their place and since then he had been going around street by street to beg for foods, sometimes he will sleep anywhere to pass the night since he didn’t have any family or house. So i decided to help him to at least stay in my house, so he can have a place to sleep, and since then we have been rocking things together.

Stanley Pov
After the departure of my siblings, I left Lagos to Akwa Ibom, but this time i have fully made up my mind, I can’t remain poor anymore, even if it was my destiny , I will like to change it i said, life wasn’t funny for me so i need to do all i can to get what i want, this was all that was coming to my head, I remembered mama, the doctor later told me that she died because the operation was supposed to have been done earlier before my arrival and that’s why she couldn’t make it alive. If I had gotten the money earlier maybe she won’t have died, if i got the money mama won’t have died i sobber, seriously her death really weak me, then i remembered the man, that stupid man that screw my sister all because of money, I don’t blame him, I blame God for not giving me money, maybe if i had money, my sister won’t have meet someone like him that night, I cried. But it’s fine now, I got to Lagos around 4pm in the evening, firstly i went to Emeka house, but since he had locked the door, though i never called to tell him i will be coming that day, maybe he went with the key, because that time he’s yet to come back from work, so i went straight to Afeez house, he was happy to see me, we both talked for a while which i later told him everything about how mama died that morning, this was what we’re still talking about when a small boy came inside the house, from my instincts, he must have been his family i said, the boy greeted good evening sir, which i answered before he went to the other room, after some talking, i asked Emeka who the boy was, but to my surprised, he wasn’t his family at all, he told me he only accommodate him all because he needs help, that sounds funny, are you crazy, how can this small boy tells you he needs help, how about his parents i asked. Then he told me how he got to meet him and everything about the boy ,seriously i felt pity for him, I just wish him the best. So he will be staying here I ask him, yes he replied. Okay i dropped my clothes to one side of the room. Later that night I called the boy though Afeez has told me his name, Abdul i said as he came to meet me, hello sir he greeted. We talked gist for sometimes before we later all went to sleep that same night. The following morning. Afeez called me and Abdul, he told us is secret which made me now think life is a small world, this time i can tell you that no one seems to be very important to me, I just want to make money like others, this was all that was running on my head. He told us that if you want to be a successful person in life, you must be fearless, nobody should be important to you rather than the only person feeding you, this thing kept running all over my head, he gave us series of way to collect someone purse without the person awareness, he gave us all that we need to know which he called orientation.(OT) This time I have planned to take this as my business in Lagos. If I can make over two hundred thousand naira in a day ,then it’s the best option to make money I said. Abdul at the other hand was also listening attentively to all that Afeez has saying


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