THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 8



Anita Pov
I don’t know what happened that night, we noticed mama condition before we later rushed her to the hospital, we got there that night, at first i thought it was just a minor thing not until the doctor told me that she will need to be operated and it will cost us five hundred thousand naira, seriously i knew the money is much for anyone to give us but what can i do to get the money. The following day i called Bro Stanley to tell him the situation of things, I knew he never got any job, so asking him such money is just a joke, but what of bro Emeka, he has been trying for my family since he came to our house with bro Stanley, though he had be asking me to date him and promise not to let bro Stanley knows about it, but I told him i dont want to date him and the reason was because i don’t like him despite the fact that he had been giving me money even after which he had said goodbye to everyone, he will still give me some token to buy myself something. I called him that morning to tell him about mama situation, so he promised me that he will help me when he got some money. I later tried to meet a friend who introduced me to a man, the man was a Lagos base, he promised to help me with the money , so he told me to meet him at a hotel close to the city that same night, since that’s where he said he lodge and at that time that was were he stays since his arrival to our village, I went to meet him that night. Lagos people are really stupid. I said when i get to his house according to the room he told me to ask for, after about some walk, I got to the room, I knocked the first time before he came to open up. The room was well tidy and since there’s no chair he told me to sit on the bed while he went ahead to shower. I thought that’s all not until he came back from the bathroom, he went to lock the door, I thought it was just a normal thing, I ask him about the money, I was still meditating when he came closer to me ,his first touch was normal not until he started touching me all over my chest, firstly i stopped him but he was so fast to hold my hands, he grabbed me as he was kissing me uncontrollable, I tried all possible best to stop him but seriously i lost it to him, he unbutton my clothes, as he begins to touch my private parts. I still try to stop him but then he had locked the door. I couldn’t stop him anymore, though i have called for help but guess the door was locked that no one’s seems to hear my voice nor anything that’s happening in the room. He got himself satisfied that night, this was how i got disvirgin, since he didn’t open the door that night, so i pass the night with him till the day breaks . The following morning, I asked him to atleast give me the money since he had gotten what he want already and mama is down there, she needs the money to survived. But he told me to leave that same morning, I cried but he wasn’t seeing that as my advantage, he pushed me out of the room , but since i don’t want it to look like i will be creating another scene. I went home that morning, to my surprise I got home to see Bro Stanley, he had gotten home during the midnight, I greeted and hug him, after some greetings he asked me where i went to last night, but i lied that i was with mama at the hospital.

Stanley Pov
I left Akwa Ibom to Lagos that morning, the journey wasn’t too stressful this time, but due to traffic i got there around 2:45am in the midnight . But then i noticed that it was only Amaka that’s at home, since i don’t want to disturb her, so i decided not to wake her up, but i have searched around the house, Anita isn’t home, maybe she went to stay with mama at the hospital I suggest. The following morning she came inside, she was happy to see me, i asked her where she went to, but she told me she went to stay with mama at the hospital which i have suggested. We talked about everything about mama condition which we later went to the hospital. I spoke with the doctor which I told him to start with the operation while i dropoed some money, thank goodness he listened to me. They start the operation as soon as possible. I noticed Anita had been moody for a while, as an elderly person I knew something is wrong with her but she didn’t want to say. I called her when we got home and ask her what the problem is all about, at first she didn’t speak up, but later told me what happened the last night, I felt pained, I went to the Motel to meet him, but i was later told that he had left the hotel earlier that morning, seriously I wasn’t happy about the news, so my own blood sister lost her virginity all because she was looking for money to treat mama. I felt pained within me, I wish i could see the guy right now, seriously he would be dead the following minutes i promised. This was all that was coming to my head while Anita was seen at one side of the house crying. I went to meet her as i hug her in a way that means everything will be fine. The following night we’re told that the operation will be done in the night so we’re all in the hospital waiting at the waitress guess ward. I have brought some bread for dinner we all ate since we couldn’t cook that night, exactly 1 o’clock in the morning, we got the news that mama had been transferred to the operation ward, we all stayed outside looking out up to the outcome of the operation since the operation was coming up at late hours, so we couldn’t sleep that night, Anita and i was seen looking directly at the ward where mama was put, since weren’t permitted to enter the ward. Anita was praying while i was also praying too, I just pray that the operation comes out well. After two and half hours later, we’re told that mama was in her emergency mode, the news got to me, I couldn’t hold it up, What! I screamed, nothing must happen to mama I shouted. People in the hospital could hear my voice as i shouted despite the fact that it was midnight, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I cried all that night when the doctor told me that they lost mama. Mama is dead ooo. Anita cried. I couldn’t stop crying throughout that night, mama is dead despite her sufferness on us, how can she die now, Amaka our last kid got the news after she woke up the following morning she had been crying since then, the news was a sad one to my family. Since we don’t have anyone to call, I planned to take my sister to Lagos, but the problem here is the fact that i don’t have any apartments here in Lagos, so I called one of my uncle, though he was a chatted accountant but he never helped us since the dead of my dad, maybe because we never ask for his assistant. I called him to break the news about mama’s death. He felt pity for us, so I told him if he will accommodate my sisters for sometimes before i will get money for my own apartment which he agreed. The following day Anita and Amaka went to his house while i went to Lagos. That was after which we have done necessary thing for mama


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