THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 7



Stanley Pov
After the news i got from Emeka that he got no money, I went to Afeez house to see if he will help me with any amount so we can attest deposit the money so that the doctor can start with the operation , I got to his house that morning, my instinct couldn’t lie to me, he was about going out to do his usual activities, after some talking i decided to follow him though i am only going to hide somewhere while he will do the job as usual. We got to a corner where he told me to hide while he went to meet a guy, firstly they spoke like they have known each other before, later he went for hug which at first i thought the guy was his friend maybe, but I was later surprised when we took a bike to a restaurant where we planned to get something to eat, there he brought out the purse, the money was sixty seven thousand naira, oh i screamed but thank goodness that people aren’t watching, he told me the purse was for the guy he greeted some minutes back, what surprises me is when he told me to have the purse as part of the money we’re looking for, seriously i own him a lot, I told him if i should go to village and deposit the money but he encourage me to go on another operation with him maybe then we can get up to half of the money he said. Okay fine since I won’t be doing anything we both took another bike to another place. This place it was like a estate but not an estate just that the place is silent and people don’t seems to pass there very well we both hide somewhere when we noticed a young girl carrying a bag, Afeez stood up to go meet her but later suggest that why not try and see if i can get the bag from her , no o seriously i was afraid, but he later encourage me not to fear, she’s a lady After all, okay let me try, I stood up as i walk down the street , the lady was also coming closer, what should i do, two thing came to my mind, the first was how will i steal from my fellow, while the other thoughts was how will i collect the bag from her. The girl got to me, but seriously i couldn’t think right, I quickly grabbed her bag, but the handle has hooked her clothe which made it difficult for me to get it easily, after some dragging I got the bag, but this time the lady had called for help by shouting thief! thief!! Before I could think, i saw some gang behind me coming to get me but thank God i was fast enough to have passed them off, I continue running as fast as i can, I have been a best running throughout my primary and secondary school then so i can run, It got to a point when i looked back while running, what i saw make me almost lost everything. Over 20 boys were running after me with cutlass, some with huge sticks while others are with with one thing or the other, but the fact that i can run still make them not to meet me, I run to a building, from instinct it looks like a school, guess the school must have been abandoned for a while, I quickly jumped through the fence as i hide to one of the class, I was there for about five minutes when i saw Afeez jumped in too, he’s here he shouted, I heard voices of the gang, what is wrong does it mean that Afeez wants to betrayed me, after about five minutes again, Afeez came inside the class where i was hiding, I’m very sure he had seen me, immediately he turn back, over there he pointed, I thought Afeez has disclose my hideout to the gang but i got it wrong, he had diverted their attention to another place which make them all left the school compound. I sigh thank goodness. after about twenty minutes, I couldn’t stop breathing, I thought this will be the end of my life but thank goodness that Afeez came for my rescue again the second time, Afeez had came in to that building with a cloth, he told me to change my clothes which i did, he was happy to see the bag with me, so you still manage to get get the bag. Baddoo he teased , but all that he was saying wasn’t really fun to me, i just felt like i should be at home and be myself. No problem again my guy, but one thing, make you no do like say anything happen o, na for there then go catch you he said. Immediately i quickly put on that relax face, we came out of the school, as we walk pass the street before we later took bike home, it was Afeez house we went straight. the time was 2:35pm that afternoon when we got home, I can tell you the shock from the scene kept on coming to my head, I can’t believe that does guys planned to kill me if they got me, what if I can’t run and they got me i asked him Afeez who was just laughing at me, he laughed you’re just like me, that’s why i think you’re going to make it big time like this he teased again. Afeez it’s not funny, they almost kill me, nobody fit touch you, I they with you he said. He collected the bag from me, he opened the bag, I was surprised to see money, when we count the money ,it was one hundred and fifty five thousand naira. Wow badoo he called while looking at my direction, do you mean #155,000 I asked, he nodded his head in a way that means yes. Wow i screamed. He gave me all the money and told me to go treat mama first and later we can hangout someday after this, though at first i felt stealing isn’t good not until i got almost two hundred thousand naira in a day, seriously i have a change mind already, Afeez is right, no one would ever want to give me five hundred thousand naira for free or anything, but since i don’t have any choice, I need to get the money as soon as possible, I went home that evening, I got home around 4 o’clock that evening, that time Emeka is yet to come back from his working place, I planned to leave the following morning to Akwa Ibom and see my mom since i have over two hundred thousand naira, I believe when i dropped this money they will start with the operation and within a week i believe we can get get the balance and pay, I can’t just allow mama to die, mama had suffered enough for me and my junior once the best way to pay her back is to make sure she’s healthy and live a comfortable life, but since life isn’t seeing it the way i want it, I need to work it out my self I said. After an hour, Emeka came back from work which i told him about leaving the following morning to Akwa Ibom to see mama, I told him Afeez had promised to borrow me the money and i will pay him back when i get a job. The following morning i left Lagos to Akwa Ibom.


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