THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 60



🌸The Game I Played🌸
🌺Final Episode🌺
Abdul Pov
After we left our hideout, we all begins to walk down from the bush at least just to find our way out and probably escape from here since we already have the money with us. Bro Stanley and his sister was at the front while i stay behind them as we continue walking. Just after we got to a point, then i heard a gun, i couldn’t believe that it got me at my back. This time, i fell down struggling to breath, i was weak and everything seems to be getting dark, it seems i am dying soon i said in my mind as my eyes were getting blur, I couldn’t see clearly, i thought it’s the end of my life, though i couldn’t tell what’s happening but i think i heard a voice, it was Bro Afeez voice, from the conversation, it was well known that he was the one that shot the gun at me , well I think i was about losting it but not now, i managed to pick up my gun as well, I don’t know what the conversation was all about but i shot him at his waist, immediately the gun got him, he shoted back and there i lost it.

Afeez Pov
I was about shooting the girl when i heard a bullet on my waist only to see that Abdul was the shoter, I quickly pointed the gun at him as i shot him on his head and there he died, but before i could decide on what to do, then Stanley had grabbed me from behind this time we were both struggling with the gun. I tried all possible best of me just to balance my self but the injury on my waist couldn’t allowed me and his strength was never to be compare to mine, he was just too strong than my expectation, I was still struggling to get the gun and shot but then i fell down which makes him to be on top of me, i tried all possible best but then he had taken over me, this time he had hang my head with his knee as he begins to give me blow all over my faces, I couldn’t withstand it anymore all my faces was bleeding for bloods due to the wound i have gotten from the injuries. Then i was weak that he collected the gun from me, i thought he was just going to shot but i got it wrong, he squeezed my neck though i tried my best but i was weak that i couldn’t breath any longer, there i lost it.

Stanley Pov
After he collected the money, just like i have guess right then he decided to kill Anita, I’m powerless, he has the gun with him the only thing i could do was to beg him but he wasn’t listening, he was about pressing the trigger when i heard a sound, i looked around to see blood around him, it was Abdul, he had shooted him on his waist, then i saw him pointed the gun at him and shot him on his head, i couldn’t believe that Abdul just died in my present, I felt pained within me, then i decided to do something before he will bounce back at me and my sister, i quickly rushed him before he could turn around, because i knew for sure that this will surely be the end if he turns back so i decided to risk it, i quickly rushed him without his awareness before he could decide on what to do, I have make sure that the gun he was holding wasn’t convenient for him, though he tried all possible best to get the gun balance but hell i wasn’t going to allow that, the struggling kept on going until i saw him fell down which makes it more easier for me to take control of him, i used my knee to pin his hand as i continue to give him blows on his face, I noticed that he was weak because this time all his face wasn’t really good looking, blood had covered all his face, he was really begging to live but hell, I can’t let you go i said as i collected the gun from the hand, I threw it away and then i squeezed his neck to the extent that i make sure he was dead before i stood up. I noticed Anita who was at then seen just looking at me and crying, I couldn’t believe that i just have to kill a person in the present of my own blood sister, I went to meet Abdul who was seen lifeless he’s dead i heard Anita said, there’s nothing we can do, we need to move out of here i said as i picked the bag of money, just then as we’re about to leave then I heard a voice from the back hands up I heard, I turned to see officers surrounding me, one of the officer went to check the corpse laying down and they confirmed that the two were dead, I was told to dropped all that was with me which i did and we got arrested, though i was happy despite the fact that i was arrested, I’m still happy that i was alive and my sisters is also alive, Anita later told me that Amake is fine as well which made my joy to be full. Some days later i was told that i will be charged to court and there my case will be judge , I knew i made a wrong choice but nevertheless i am happy to be alive, others are dead reason why i felt greatful.

The Judgement Day
I was placed with Anita at one corner where prosecutors are to stay until there case will be judge. People were seen waiting for the judge, some minutes later the announcement was made known to everyone that the judge is around. Then he came in , at first i was so scared to death because i have been hearing sort of things about the General Army claiming that i killed his only son, only if he knew that i knew nothing about the death of his son, but nobody is ready to listen to my own part of the story, so i was scared, i just wish my death shouldn’t come now i said in my mind. The judge walked down to his seat, then it begins, after the investigation that was carried out, it was said that Anita has nothing to do with the case, so she was set free to go home, I was happy to hear that, I knew anything they says here, I’m guilty of if so i don’t mind. The judge told me that i was charged for stealing and killing the son of the only General of the Army despite the fact that i claimed that i knew nothing about Tony’s death, though someone from Anita side had helped me with a lawyer to back me up, but nevertheless they still don’t want to believe me. Tony’s the only son to the general Army so the case was a bit hard for the lawyer to win, after all the investigations and all, the judge charged me a life imprisonment. Court!
Some years later, I was opportuned to tell my story to other fellow prisoners who was all seen busy listening to all that i have been saying since morning. This was how i played my game i said to other prisoners who had been listening to the story from the beginning, some of them felt lesson from it why others felt bad, but nevertheless i just pray that God should take me out of here.

Anita Pov
Seriously i couldn’t believe what happened that very night at Tony’s house. I met with my lost missed brother but in a very disappointed place , we’re later arrested and i was also detain in the cell where i was beaten and interrogated for what i knew nothing about, though i lost my pregnancy because of the stress from the cell. Day passes and we’re both charged to court, after there investigations, it was later reviewed that i knew nothing about it, though Mrs Linda had helped me with a lawyer and also for my brother, so i was set free but bro Stanley was punished to go on a life imprisonment despite the fact that i knew he wasn’t the one that killed Tony but no one is ready to listen to the story, seriously i felt bad after hearing the news that Bro Stanley would have to spend the remaining days of his life in the prison for what he never did. though Mrs Linda tried all possible best to get him out but all was just in vain. I cried out after i got to realize that he will have to spend the remaining days of his life as a prisoner.


The End

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