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Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 59

7 min read



Afeez Pov
I was surprised when Stanley told me that the lady was his sister but who cares right now, I understand how he’s going to feel but we don’t have any option than to kill her, now that she had claimed to know Sandra then it’s very possible that we might get caught, not even now that Stanley had made it known to everyone in the room including the lady herself that he’s her brother, even Tony himself now know him to be her brother, what do you want me to do, fine we have gotten the money and i never intend to kill anyone but not anymore again, destiny had changed it all, the lady had known Sandra at first and now Stanley to be her brother, i couldn’t believe what was happening here, not until i saw Stanley pointed the gun at me, seriously i was surprised to see him that way but i wasn’t scared because i have a perfect plan for him just in case it comes up this way, so i wasn’t scared of the gun. The argument was still going on when i heard a sound of gun, from instinct someone must have shot the gun from outside. I couldn’t believe that the gun had caught Sandra on her chest which made her fell down and die immediately. I quickly shot the gun towards the direction but then i realized that Sandra is dead, it was a great loss to me, I couldn’t think rightly again, I shot at tony who was still laying down facing the ground, I don’t care anymore, I just believe it’s either i die today or nothing more, I kept on shooting the gun as i also plan to escape from the scene, then i saw Stanley with the girl he had claimed to be his sister, though he had the money with him so they left the room looking for a way to escape from the house, then i realized that my plan for Stanley could kill him here because I purposely didn’t put any bullet inside the gun that was given to him, i knew he will only need the gun to survive here. So i quickly rushed outside because i knew once they were able to get him, I’m sure the money will be retain, so i quickly help to back him up, though i saw him running towards the gate then i sight one of the Army aiming at him but i quickly shot towards his direction so he could get distracted from his target, they three of them later went out of the building, so i was left alone though i also was looking for a means but the army were too many on me that they all aim towards my direction, one of the bullet got me on my left leg but i still managed to escape from the building as well, I went through the bush as i kept searching for the three, i knew once I’m able to get the money from Stanley, I’m sure it’s going to be a better life for me and my family i said as i kept running to escape from the army who was at then running after me, after some running , i saw a hideout so i quickly went there as i hide myself beside the bush, after some minutes later, I saw the army run passed me, I sigh, thank God i said as i went towards another direction, after some walk then i noticed the three, as a sharp guy what i intended to do was to get the money first, but how, I knew that Stanley won’t let go of the money, so i had a plan within me since Abdul got a better gun with him, I knew he surely would be a treat for me, so i shot at him from the back, then he fell down.

Stanley Pov
After i left the room, I got out to see some Army. Immediately they noticed me and Anita, they started aiming at us, though Abdul had also fired back, but thank goodness that we were able to make it alive out of the building, we quickly went towards the direction that leads to the bush, we kept running for a while before Abdul suggested that we should just hide somewhere because we’re not familiar to the area despite the fact that it’s an estate so it seems a bit difficult for us to escape from here so i quickly followed his instruction as we all hide at a good hidden place, after some minutes, we decided to keep moving since we couldn’t find anyone , after some walks then i heard a sound i looked back to see Abdul laying down, someone must have shot him from behind, I was about rushing to help him when Afeez came out from his hideout, though i was surprised to see him because i never expected him to come come out alive from the scene though he was shot in the leg, but why did you have to kill him i screamed at him as i pointed the gun at him, then i saw him laughed at me for a while before he continue, don’t be a fool man, just drop the money he said, I looked at him with a pity eyes, only if he knew that i can shoot him anytime, you must be a bastard i replied him, but i think he was been serious than i expected so i shot the gun at him, but to my surprise, there was no bullet in it, I saw him smile, you’re a fool, you think I’m a fool like you, I already made that up right before we leave from home, so i will advise you to dropped the money before you see your sister dead right now he said, seriously i felt pained within me, he’s right he could kill me and Anita if i don’t give him the money and again i don’t trust him even after getting the money he might also intend to kill me as well, no you can go ahead and kill me i said to him as i flipped my hands for him to shot. Don’t be a joke man, I’m not going to kill you yet, i will kill her first he said as he pointed the gun at Anita, seriously i don’t know what to do right now, i looked at her to noticed her, i knew I’m a freak, I knew she was highly disappointed in me, but not now, I just wish i could explain things to her, only if she knew that all i was doing was to make my siblings happy, i knew how far we have suffered, this is the only way that i was able to get money, I’m sorry, I said as tears came down from my eyes, i just wish we can be able to live a better life, but right now it seems destiny has wanted to play it hard on us, I’m sure Afeez is still going to kill us even if he got the money, but i need to act brave, either i die or not, I must always protect my sister, okay fine i said as i dropped the money, at least we should be able to live our life, now that he had gotten what he wants i said in my mind . Just like i have guess, then he picked the money as he pointed the gun at her, sorry bro, I won’t be the first and never will i be the last, sorry he said as i saw him pointed the gun at Anita, before i could decide on what to do then i heard a sound of gun. Gbooaahh!!!


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