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Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 57

7 min read



Afeez Pov
It’s finally here, we should all get prepared for the operation tonight I said to everyone who seems to want to hear from me. It was thursday morning so i have called everyone together and the reason was to gives them the instructions on what to do during the operation ground. As usual i have brought all the necessary equipments including the guns and the mask that was supposed to be used at the operation ground, the mission is very much important to me and i knew it, from my research and from all that i have gather up, i have got to know that the house has an alarm button, and once it been pressed, it will surely signal to all the nearest police station here in the state but nevertheless i have my plan for that too. The only problem i got now is Stanley, he’s aware of my plan, though i only plan to use Sandra for the operation and the reason was because she’s a lady i can easily take her out of it if i want to. I knew i have to come up with a plan incase things don’t work out the way i have planned it, because from the look of things it’s vividly clear that Stanley can do and undo, but i don’t care, we’re not from the same family, if he tries anything with me, I seriously won’t hesitate to shot the gun at him. It was around 10 o’clock that morning, after the meeting I noticed that Stanley didn’t say anything yet about the operation, but i don’t care , all i care for is the money, this is how life had treated me so nobody should blame me, since he had made up his mind to stop stealing after this operation, then i don’t think there’s anything bad if i also treat his f–k up. We both met here in Lagos and nothing more i said to myself as i left the house that morning , I came back around 7 o’clock in the evening, the information i got was that there’s a safe room in the house and that’s where the money are been kept but the only problem i got is the fact that i haven’t got into the house before , anyway i will be fine if i am able to get into the house i said . We shall be leaving soon i told Sandra who was at then changing her clothes in the room, she was seen naked but i only left the room immediately i noticed her, anyway she doesn’t seems special again since the day i went to her house, we have had series of sex both here and there so seeing her that moment doesn’t look important to me, then i saw Stanley too from the look he was also getting prepared we shall be leaving here by 9 o’clock i said to him as i leave his present. We left the house around 9:30pm that night we got to the house due to the traffic we met on the way, we got there around 11 o’clock, thought i later got the information that one or two army will be staying in the house despite the fact that no one is at home , so i went in first, i only went in as a visitor but things got out of hands while we’re still talking, one of the officer was about pulling his gun but i was fast enough to shot at the two, they both died instantly before we all later went inside the house. We got to the sitting room but no one was inside the room so i ordered Stanley to go check the room while Sandra also went to check another room bring out anyone that’s inside the room i screamed.

Stanley Pov
After i left Tony’s place that night, i went back home, seriously for the main time that i have spent with him, I can tell you that he’s a nice person, but nevertheless i will still follow up to the scene only that i will make sure no one got hurt i said to myself, then i have a change of mind, i told Abdul about the change of plan, you will be going to the operation with me i said, he nodded his head in a way that means he’s okay with the plan. i told him about the plan though i later got to know about the safe room yesterday when i left Tony’s room, the safe room was besides Tony’s room so he told me that no one goes into the room except his dad he even told me about the security alarm they got in the house, I asked him how long the security alarm works before it gets to the nearest police post then he told me immediately the bell rings it gets to the nearest police post, it’s just like an emergency call he concluded so i told Abdul to follow me to the house tomorrow and once we’re able to get the money then we can both live the house and run together to a safer place which we both agreed. The following day it was thursday, I have woke up as early as possible, Afeez had called us together that morning to tell us how the operation is going to work , only if he knew that i have a better plan ahead. After series of talk and all, he later went out to an unknown place that morning, so i was left with Abdul and Sandra, but i noticed Sandra for sometimes she wasn’t really giving me that face and i don’t care about it, all that was running on my head was how I’m going to discipline the two for their plan against me and Abdul. later that evening, Afeez came back from the unknown place, he came back around after seven in the evening, he came inside the room and told me about the operation, we shall be leaving by 9pm he said as he went pass me . We left the house around 9:30pm that night, as usual Abdul had drived the car while Sandra sat beside him at the front, I also sat with Afeez at the back of the car as we all journey to the house , we got there around 11 o’clock then everywhere seems to be dark and silent because it was an estate , then he told Abdul to park the car at a corner as we all went inside the estate, Afeez was the first to go into the house after one of the Army had came to open the gate, after some minutes i heard a sound of gun, from instinct i can tell you that something had gone wrong inside so i rushed to see what happened but behold the two officers were seen lifeless on the floor, he signal that we should all come in as we all went inside the house, we got to the sitting room, but no one was there, then i remembered what Tony told me about his mom though he told me his dad will be having an appointment with the minister but his Mom was supposed to be inside the house, so Afeez ordered that i should go check her in her room while he told Sandra to go to Tony’s room, so i went to the direction that leads to Tony’s mom room, when i got there no one was inside the room, so i decided to do some research in the room was about searching the house when i heard a gun Gboahh!!!!! I quickly rushed outside to the sitting room but then Afeez and Abdul was seen alone which means that Sandra is yet to be back from Tony’s room, Sandra must have been the shooter of the gun, but what happened i thought we made it clear that we’re not coming to kill anyone from the house, what if Sandra had shot Tony i said in my mind as i quickly rushed towards the direction that leads to Tony’s room.


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