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Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 55

7 min read



Stanley Pov
Well i haven’t be saying anything yet since they have made up with their plans and now the day for the operation is getting near, i was only in the room thinking on what to do, i knew Afeez is smart enough to do anything and who knows what he intend to do afterwards, later that evening i went to a barpalor with Abdul who had been waiting to hear from me on what to do, we need to act up fast he said, or maybe we shouldn’t even go with them for the mission he concluded, only if he knew that Afeez is more smarter than he’s. I just laughed at him, we’re surely going for the operation, don’t you know that if we intend not to go, then they will use that as an excuse for themselves i replied. But don’t worry i have a plan already, and this is what we shall do, before that day, you will have to make up with a fake sickness which i will back you up, so you won’t go for the operation, i will send you an address where you will stay so I will join you later at the park but make sure the timing is correct i concluded. What do you intend to do he asked me, I smiled for a while before replying, i will make sure the two beg for mercy i said as i zip the drink in my hand. Later that evening we left the place around 7pm, we got home lately but then Afeez wasn’t at home, so Abdul and i was inside but how do i plan to make the two beg for mercy, seriously i don’t have anything in mind but i believe they’re surely going to beg for mercy but how, this was all that was running on my head when something came to my head. Do you have that Tony’s number I asked Abdul who was at then eager to hear about the plan, but he nodded his head in a way that means no, we need to get the number i managed to answer him, I can get it for you if you need it he replied. okay let get it as soon as possible, i really don’t too know the guy but we have met just once and that was the day we all met with him at the club according to Sandra, he was the only child of his family and i was told that they’re f—–g rich but who cares right now, only if Sandra and Afeez hadn’t comes up with their plan to take the money and run away it will have been more better, but nevertheless if they got such plan against me, i don’t think there’s anything bad if i treat their fuckup too , we can get the money and leave the state too, i said to Abdul who was wondering how i intend to do it alone, he’s right I don’t have access to get hold of the money during the operation, we both knew that ever since Sandra join the team, she had always be the money holder whenever we go to an operation like that, so do you intend to get it from her he asked. No but what if i get Tony’s number and make things up with him before the operation day i replied. Okay i will get the number as soon as possible. After some minutes later, Afeez and Sandra came in guess they must have went out to plan ahead for the operation but i don’t care and i never plan to give any traces so the two won’t know about my plan. though Sandra came for hug while they both greeted, after talking for a while, I noticed Sandra who just went to lay down on the bed which was close to me, from instinct she must have been tired who knows where the two were coming from I said in my mind, there i noticed her phone bedside her, as a sharp guy i took the phone as i went out of the room, I got outside but now noticed that the phone was password locked, gosh what’s this oh i said to myself, i was still thinking on what to do when Abdul came to join me, what’s wrong bro he asked, I showed him the phone but i am not sure of the password. I knew the password he said. Really how come, just type your name he said, my name i managed to ask him, yeah he replied. I type my name and behold the phone got unlocked, seriously i was happy i copied the number to my phone before i went back to return the phone.

Tony Pov
I have been having a strange call with an unknown person, at first i thought he was one of those scam guy, but he kept saying that we have met at a club before, so i gave him an appointment to meet me at the club that night, i was with him and he introduced himself as Stanley , seriously his face didn’t look familiar to me at all but he claimed that we have met at the club in many occasions, but since i don’t want him to feel bad so i believed him because i knew I’m surely fun of going to clubs so i don’t bother to ask me anything about it. So Mr, how can i help you i asked but he told me he just want to be my friend, firstly i was surprised but nevertheless it’s normal to make friends, we’re all born to be friendly i said in return, we talked and gist for a while even before i left the club we have gotten along with each other, seriously you will never believed hat we’re just meeting that day, though i like him anyway, he’s funny and sometimes he talks like and educated person which makes me to like him more . We left the club around 11pm that night we both went home though i took him on a ride to a junction where he claimed that he will be okay before i later went home. The following day i woke up late, it was dad that came to wake me up since its tuesday morning, i was supposed to go help him with some stuff which he had gave me earlier before, so i stood up as i went to wash my face, I was about going to shower when my phone rang i looked at the caller there i saw Anita, oh babe what’s up, how are you i said immediately after the line got connected, after the greetings i think she noticed my voice or something, what’s wrong with your voice i heard her ask, then i told her that i was just tired due to the club i went too yesterday, really she said, i thought your dad is at home and why must you still go out to drink at night again she ask, but then i told her that i was actually meeting someone yesterday night at the club, who’s the person she asked, a new friend I manged to answer, and why not take him home, why do you have to meet him at the club she asked, I think the question is getting much and since i have known her for that I just have to change the story. When are you coming i asked her, she told me she will be coming on thursday before the line got disconnected. Later that morning i went to do what dad had sent me, I was along the bridge when my phone rang, it was the news friend, Stanly i called we greeted for a while before he asked me where i was, I told him i was going out, then i realized that we could go together if he’s less busy. So i asked him but to my surprise he told me he will join me soon, just like 30 minutes later he joined me inside the car after we left the place where dad had sent me to, then we both later drives back home.


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