THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 54



Tony Pov
It was Saturday morning, I was in my room when my phone rang, it was dad, I picked it up after the second ring. Hello dad i said after a voice came out of the phone, we talked for a while before he told me about his arrival tomorrow, I was extremely happy to hear the news because i knew dad had been the type that cares much about my welfare, I knew if he comes, more money will surely be deposited in my bank account. So i promised to come pick him up at the airport tomorrow morning this was all that we said on phone before the line got disconnected. Later that morning mom to my room to inform me about it guess she didn’t know that Dad had called me earlier that morning, I noticed how happy she was because mom hadn’t been putting on that happy face since the incident i had with her that was when Anita came for visiting last weekend, though i won’t blame her because it’s her husband that we’re talking about here so i expected her to be happy about the news, dad had been out of the country for sometimes so hearing about his coming makes her to be very happy. Dad is a major general and people had always respect him for his actives , so just like i was expecting. The following day around six o’clock in the morning i was already in the car with mom, we have wake up as early as 4 o’clock because Dad flight was expected to land by 6 o’clock, so that morning mom was the driver that drives the car as we both drives towards the direction that leads to the airport. Due to the traffic along the way, we got there around 8 o’clock. Dad was sighted from afar with two army guild, there they’re i shouted as we both went towards the direction, he was so much happy to see us again, after the greetings and all we all went back to the car as we drives the car back home. We got home around 12 o’clock that afternoon, just like usual, mom had ordered one of the maid to get the food prepared while we’re leave the house earlier that morning, so the food was ready and was well presented at the dining table. We all ate the delicious meal that was been made by the maid. After eating and gisting I went back to my room this time i was just laying on my bed then i decided to call Anita, i haven’t been hearing from her lately, so i decided to call just to check on her, i was about dialing her number when my phone rang, i looked at the caller but it was unknown number so i picked it up, after noticing whom the caller was, I decided to ask her why she called because i never expected anything from her again, but she seems to have a mission because all she kept asking me was to know if my dad is back. At first i wouldn’t have told her anything but i just decided to tell her the truth because i knew if i don’t, mom would surely tell her, after the line got disconnected, then i called Anita, i told her about my dad that just arrived today, i even ask her to meet him but i guess she was not chance for the day but she promised to come visit him maybe tomorrow or someday which we agreed later agreed on the following thursday, at least i will be seeing her again i said to myself as i jumped up from the bed.

Sandra Pov
Days passes and the plan to Tony’s house kept getting closer. It was Sunday afternoon, though i have heard it from Tony’s mom that his Dad will be coming today but since I’m not sure if he’s coming or not, I picked my phone as i dial Tony’s Mom number, it rang severally but no one was picking up, but i think Afeez wasn’t seeing it that way despite the fact that he had been having issues with Stanley lately, so he told me to call Tony instead since his mom number isn’t going through, so i dial his number, after the second ring then he picked up, hello i greeted, I knew he won’t have picked up if he knew it’s my number so i purposely hide my number, I ask him about his dad but i think he noticed so he asked me what my problem was about knowing is Dad welfare, he even told me i should stop been nice and warn me not to disturb him but thank goodness that he finally told me that he’s back, the phone was on speaker so Stanley and all could hear our conversation. After the phone got disconnected, we’re all happy to hear the news because the information was later confirmed by Tony’s mom later after she called back. So what’s the plan i asked Afeez who haven’t been saying anything lately, I don’t think we should make things rush he said. We just have to ease our mind, i have a better plan he concluded, we can go there on thursday and that will be a perfect timing he said, i noticed Stanley and Abdul who are at then wondering about what Afeez just said, though i never expected us to keep delaying after we have gotten the information, what if the money was later transferred to another place or bank so i expected us to be going there tonight or tomorrow because, I knew how waited we have been waiting for this info, but what Afeez just said wasn’t part of it, so i decided to ask him why he wants us to go on thursday and not today. then he told us that Tony’s dad will be having an appointment on thursday and which is likely for him not to be at home, so we shall go there by then and collect all the money that he had gotten from the federal government he said, wow but baffled me was that he never move an inch from here, how did he manage to know about this urgent appointment, anyway I knew he’s smart, I just hope the plan work out well for us. After saying this, we all now plan for the coming thursday, though Stanley haven’t been saying anything ever since the plan had been made, only God knew what he was up to, but we all have our role, i don’t have to worry much about it, afterall the money is still going to be for me and Afeez so all we need to do is to play along with them just for the main time, I knew by thursday, we shall all knows where we belongs to so i don’t have to pity anyone. For Afeez he had told me the meeting point after we must have gotten the money on thursday so no cause for alarm. But come to think of it, who knows if Stanley had known about the plan self, because i have been noticing him for a while now and from instincts it looks like he had gotten some information about our plans and again he wasn’t the usual person that i have known, even his lately fright and arguments with Afeez lately makes my doubt to be more positive, but i am not too sure and even if he knew, i never expected him to think about me like that, our affairs should get him confused about it so all i have in mind is the money i said as i went back to sleep.


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