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Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 53

6 min read



Stanley Pov
Seriously i wasn’t feeling cool with their plan to cut me off, I have thought we’re all family not until now that Sandra had shown her true colors , for Afeez i knew he’s smart and who knows if he’s only using her to accomplish his mission. That very day, Afeez went out to an unknown place but since Abdul had been my partner ever since we have got the information, so i was left with him in the house, Sandra had gone to Tony place as well, then we started with a plan, i knew leaving the house won’t do us any good because i still have a doubting mind, only if they knew that i have my plan too, I said to Abdul who was at then sitting uprightly, what should we do, I heard him ask me, but as a sharp guy i told him not to give any traces and just have to follow up with my script. Let play along with them i said, i knew if Afeez was able to go against me all because of money I’m sure he’s able to do and undo so we need to take note. Later that evening Sandra came and told us about all that had happened in the house even claimed a lady had wanted to spoil her day over there, but thank goodness that she was able to get some information which she told us about it. So we all plan ahead for the operation, as usual Afeez had told us how important the mission was and also named mentioned of his uncle that just came back from Dublin, though he asked me to say something about it but i nodded my head in a way that means no, but i knew if what he claim to be right is right, then we should go to your uncle’s place first i said, I noticed him for a while before he continue, no the plan was to go there after we had gotten the money from Tony’s house he replied.. Then i now realized what Abdul had told me earlier about their fake mission to meet his uncle, nothing would have really stopped us if truly he had a uncle, Afeez had never introduced anyone to me ever since we met with each other, i knew if he had a uncle anywhere he surely would have told me if not once or twice, the argument kept on going between us when Sandra stopped me and told me to let follow his instruction, at least he said the person was he’s uncle so we should just follow his instruction she concluded, at first i wanted to react but Abdul caution me, you’re over reacting he whispered to me. After the meeting i left the room, i was outside thinking about what to do when Abdul came to meet me, guess we should just go outside maybe to refresh your head he said, I knew Abdul was a smart boy as well so i went inside as i picked up a cloth, we left the house around 9 o’clock that evening, we went to a club where we planned about how it’s gonna work out.

Anita Pov
Gosh, seriously today has been the happiest day of my life despite all that i have been passing through. I felt like a woman for the first time ever since i was born, i have only believe that all men are the same anytime i remembered my past, the man at the hotel, those guys that rape me and even Abbey that i never expected stuff like that from also rape me, but today Tony had proved me wrong, he had truly showed me what i am worth up despite the fact that my background was poor and all, he really surprised me today, from his friend house to a eatery where i was indeed treated like a queen, today was fun i said in my mind as i just couldn’t stop imagine how i spent my day, I was in my room thinking and smiles at the mirror when I heard a sound at the door, i went to open up, what do you want i managed to asked him after i have open to see Abbey standing at the door, he was silent for a while before he went down on his knee, he beg me to forgive him despite the fact that he knew he had truly offended me and his conscious couldn’t make him rest he said, well i think we’re over with this, i said but he kept on pleading me, i was about saying something when i heard a voice from behind, what’s going on here, I turned to see Mrs Linda holding a bag guess she was about going out, nothing i wanted to say but Abbey was fast enough to reply her, Mom i knew i have offended Anita and reason why I’m on my knee here pleading for her to forgive me, then Mrs Linda ordered that we should both report ourselves to her room, gosh what’s this stupid boy upto, I hope he didn’t tell his mom about what happened between us i said in my mind as i followed the direction that leads to her room. After some walks we all got to her room, so what’s it all about she asked facing me, seriously i don’t just know what to say, it really doesn’t make any sense if i reported that her son raped me, i, i, i, i was about thinking on what to say when Abbey cut me short, Mom something happened between us some days back and i just which she could forgive me he said, really is he crazy or what, yeah i quickly come in, we had a misunderstanding while you’re not at home but we can settle it I said, then i saw him looked at me, Anita i heard her called me, see you don’t have to hide anything for me, i believe that i am your mother and if there’s anything just tell me she said. God i was just down short of words, I just pray that this boy won’t say anything else, he was about saying something when i quickly cut him off, what happened was that he gave out my number to his friend without my consent, so i fought him for doing it i said, I saw him look at me but i don’t care, he wanted to say another words but i was fast enough to talk, don’t worry ma i have forgiven him i said as i frame a smile. Alright dear she said, you guys are more to be like a son and daughter to me, so i don’t want you guys to keep having malice with each other, just like you have done now, just report any case that happened between you two to me and i promise that i will take proper responsibility on it she said as we both thank her for her advice before i leave the room, i went back to my room, thank goodness i said as i touched my chest.


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