THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 52



Afeez Pov
After i left Sandra’s house that night, I quickly stopped a bike which later took me home, the following morning i woke up around 6 o’clock, after the greetings with Stanley and Abdul then i decided to go wash my face since its looks rough and tired, i remembered the moment i had with Sandra last night, gosh this girl ehn I said as i went to the bathroom, I came back to notice Stanley and Abdul talking about something, so i hide at a corner to listen to their conversation, I can’t believe that the two had known about my plan with Sandra. As a sharp guy i quickly went outside through the back door, after some stroll down the street, i went back home which i have lied that i went to get a stuff down the street, we’re still on this when Sandra came inside the room, she had slept in her house so she came back that morning, it was saturday morning so she was expected to go to Tony’s house, she put on a nice dress, i compliment her dress before she later left the house that morning. some minutes after she left the house to Tony’s place then i look at the time, I knew staying with the two will only bring arguments and since I’m not just in for that so i decided to leave the house and come back maybe in the evening time i said, i was still meditating on this when i remembered the girl i met at a shop some days back, why not go see her i said to myself as i picked my shirt. After some walks then i decided to branch at a friend place, we talked and played for a while before i went on my way, but when i got to her shop around that afternoon, the shop was locked down, why is she not around then i picked my phone to dial her number not until i now remembered that i didn’t have her number with me, i only gave her mine, what the f–k is this, it’s not like i have anything to do with her but i just felt like we can be friend since she looks sexy. I left the shop as i went to a bar where i decided to catch some fun in other for me to pass away some times before going back home, I sat at a chair which looks empty, then i ordered for drinks which was later served by the bar man. Since Stanley had known about the plan, what should i do i said to myself as i drop the fifth bottle of Hennessy , then something came to my head, why not separate the two from each other, at least it’s my house, i can send Abdul away and it’s really going to be like an advantage on me if he goes but come to think of it, if i sent him away how about Stanley and the plan to Tony’s house, okay i know what to do i said as i stood up from the chair i was about leaving when the bar rush to meet me, where is your money oga he asked, oh I’m sorry i said as i put my hand inside my pocket to bring out some money, how much is the money i asked, 3500 he said, I counted the money to him as i leave the shop. I went back home around 7 o’clock since I knew the game is about to be over soon, so i pretend to play along, I got home to meet Abdul who was just laying down, I knew something is really bothering him and since it’s all about my plan with Sandra i pretended not to see, where is Stanley i ask him, he pointed his fingers towards the direction that leads outside, I saw him from afar, he was washing his clothes but what baffled me was that the clothes he was washing is more than his usual wears, I went back inside the room, this time Abdul was up with his laptop but due to the stress and the drink so i lay down waiting for Sandra to come and gist us about the plan. After some minutes then Sandra came in with Stanley they both greeted as we started talking then she told us all that happened in the house including the girl that spoil the show she really needs to be disciplined i heard her said, of course you’re a lady and you should be able to do that i said in return, Abdul and Stanley didn’t say anything since her arrival to the room so i purposely ask Stanley to say something about what we just heard which he only nodded his head in a way that means that he’s okay with the plan.

Tony Pov
I can’t believe this stupid girl wants to spoil my date with Anita, only if she knew how eager i have been waiting for a day like this, though i would have called her not to come today again after Anita told me she will be coming today but her number wasn’t going through, it’s not even like we have anything in common, just that i want to have a taste of her and pay her off that’s my plan but since things don’t work i expect her to leave, after the scene that happened I begged Anita to let leave the house which she agreed, we both left the house that morning, i knew mom would have spoiled my date with Anita but thank goodness that i have corrected all that’s needed to be corrected as we both left the house, though i have called a friend earlier before the day to inform him about the date, he was known for his good planning ability, he’s just too perfect for stuff like this, so he told me to come straight to his house which we later drove towards his direction, we got to his house after some minutes drives. After the greetings and all then he told us to go out to a certain place just like we have planned, I knew he’s going to give me the best just to make sure the date went well, then we all entered a eatery were he had planned for us , it was a three sitter table, we all sat down there. Just a few minutes later then they brought different kinds of foods and drinks, seriously i was even surprised myself because we haven’t even order for anything and here they brought all this, throughout our time over there we were both treated like a king and his queen, after we left the place then we branch at a cinema hall were we spent all the day watching romantic movies, seriously if not for Anita i don’t think i would ever got time for stuff like this but here i don’t have a choice, we left the hall around 5pm in the evening, though she told me she will be going back anytime soon and the reason was because she was told not to stay long which i understand that as a guy. So i took her home that evening through i have stopped at a lady boutique to buy her a nice dress which she had picked for herself. We got home around six that evening, she came out of the car as we both bid ourselves goodbye. I left her house as i went back home that evening, i got home around 7 o’clock. Mom was seen at the sitting room watching a program from the TV set, I greeted but she didn’t answered I knew what i did earlier was wrong but that stupid girl would have spoil my day if i don’t do that, mom had been supporting her from the start so i knew settling things with her then will only prolong the matter, so i walked out of her, I’m sorry mom i said as i was about to hug her, but she stopped me, oh so because of that stupid girl you have the gut to walk out of me right she said, mom I’m sorry, you just have to understand, i truly love her I said , you must be joking because you will never have anything to do with her, that will not happen if I’m alive she said, mom she’s a responsible girl i said but she just laughed out loud, oh you mean that street girl that you picked from the street is responsible, common boy this life you don’t go with cheap girl like her she said, only if mom knew how frustrated i was just to meet her. Fine she might be rough or whatever, but the truth is that i truly loves her mom you should understand I said as i walk to my room, i knew Mom won’t listen, i have known her for for days, she will only go what she wants to do, stay there won’t solve anything.


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