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Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 51

6 min read



Sandra Pov
Later that evening, after the nice time that we have had together, seriously i couldn’t let go of the memories, he’s just too good on bed i said as i smile at the mirror, we have spent the evening together before he later went back home that night, so i was left alone in the room. The following morning i woke up around 6am in the morning, since today’s is Saturday and i knew i have a lot to do, i knew my mission to meet Tony is one of it, so i dressed up with one of my favorite clothe, the white shirt i bought sometimes ago with a jean trouser, so i went to meet Afeez and the other crew who were at then seen in the room discussing about something i knew nothing about but i don’t care about it, i opened the door, immediately they all saw me, Afeez was the first person to compliment “You’re looking good” i heard him said which i only smiles in return, then i remembered the last evening with him, Gosh thanks i said, i noticed Stanley and Abdul but pretended not to see, i knew Stanley would have commented if everything is fine but since i don’t want to give any traces, so i left him alone, well without not wasting much of your time, i think you should be on your way now, i heard Afeez said to me which i only smiled and nodded my head in a way that means okay. I left the room that minute as i move towards the direction that leads to Tony’s house, after some drives I got to his house, just like the beauty from the view, everywhere seems good and cool, after the second knock then the gate man came to open up, sorry who are you here for he ask me though i never expected such question because this isn’t my first time of coming to the house but nevertheless it’s his job to do that, I’m here for Tony i managed to answer, I saw him looked at me for a while before he continue do you came along with the other lady he asked, lady well as a sharp girl i quickly corrected she’s my friend , oh okay here you go I heard him said as he let me pass the gate, but i just couldn’t believe what the gate keeper just said, who the hell is the lady and why today, i have an appointment with him today already. This was exactly what was running on my head when i open the door to his room, what i saw wasn’t really funny, babe i have been going around looking for you i said, I noticed his eyes but i don’t care, who the hell is she, I look at her eyes for a while before i continue, can i see you i said to Tony, but he wasn’t given me that chance to talk and i think he was just trying to avoid me or trying to excuse me from the room which i noticed, even if the lady is your wife or anything you shouldn’t accuse me that way so it got into an argument between me and him, I think the conversation from the room got to his mother who later came to join us in the room, I knew Tony is on her side so as a street girl i have related with his mother too. Though Tony and the lady later went out of the house that morning but i don’t care, after they left the house, i knew the plan for today is gone but i just believe i could get some information from his mom so i went to meet her in her room, after the greetings she allow me to sit, we talked for a while before i started with it, I can’t believe that Tony could change to you all because of that stupid harlot that or what did she think she’s. I noticed her for a while before she continues, well children of nowadays don’t seems to understand what they, what do you mean by that ma i asked her, well I just finished talking with his dad only if he knew the plan ahead for him, how come a boy like him walk out of my own sight all because that thing that call herself Anita or whatever she said, Anita anyway i will come back to that, my mission isn’t for her, so how about his dad, is he coming anytime soon i asked her, but i was surprised when she told me that she will be coming on Sunday , wow that’s a great information on my side, oh i can’t wait to meet him i tease, she told me a lot about her husband and from one or two words that we have exchanged, i can tell you that the man must ucking rich, but the only problem i got is the fact that he’s an Army general. After the talk then i came back to that stupid girl call Anita, what do you know about her, this time i have built a solid relationship between myself and Tony’s mom so she was able to give me full details about my request, she told me that it was one of her customer that sent her here on an errand and that’s all, I couldn’t believe how the two got to meet each other she said. Alright, after the talk i told her i will be going home since Tony is not at home but she told me to spent some more time with her which i also reason with her, it’s not like there’s any feelings or connection just that i was just following the script, after waiting for a very long time then i decided to leave the house. i will be going home i said to her which she told one of her driver to drop me at a junction where i will be able to get a cab. So i left the house that evening. I got home around 7 o’clock in the evening , I saw Stanley washing his clothes maybe, because the clothes seems to be more than his usual wears , babe i call, then he turned back to see me, after the greetings, I gist him about all that had happened, including the girl that came to the house claiming lover girl i said jokingly which he also smile, but thank goodness that we’re able to get a tangible information i said , I saw him straighten his head as he stood up right, what’s the news he asked well his dad will be coming back on Sunday and the man is fuckng rich just that he’s an Army general i said, really how about the security , what do you think about that he asked. Let go in i said as we both enter the room to meet Abdul and Afeez, Afeez was still sleeping while Abdul was seen pressing his laptop after the greetings we all sat for discussion about the information which i just passed to everyone one of them.


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