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Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 49

7 min read



Stanley Pov
That morning i have wake up as early as possible and the reason was because i don’t want to talk about it again, the mission to Afeez uncle, seriously i have made up my mind about it, I knew the last thing he could said was for me to leave the crew and dropped all the money, but never that will never happen, I have planned to follow him to Tony’s house and after then I’m not going anywhere, this was all that i was still thinking when Abdul called my attention, good morning bro i heard him greeted, after the greetings then he told me there’s something he really wants to tell me, at first i thought it’s all about his usual joke maybe because he his fun of saying things that get you laughed. So what’s it i asked him, hmm seriously i couldn’t believe all that my ears had heard that morning, but why Sandra, i had believed that we’re compatible for each other despite the fact that i don’t plan to make the relationship more last than this, but nevertheless we have known each other for a while now, so why will she stood grudge against me. But come to think about it too, Abdul will never tell me stuff like this if he’s not sure about it, so this point got me confused, I seriously don’t know who to believe maybe Sandra or Abdul himself, but as a sharp guy i told him i will get the information myself before i left his present that morning, after i got inside room, the two was seen discussing about something i knew nothing about but immediately they noticed me, Sandra changed the topic, Afeez was the first person to greet before Sandra later greeted too, later that morning i was informed about the plan again, I noticed the two for a while before i later cooperate with the two, the reason why was to get the plan plus the hiding truth about what Abdul just told me, so when are we going for the next operation i managed to ask Afeez who had made himself the leader of the crew due to his smart well known ability which i have noticed about him, then he told me we shall be going the following week that’s after Sandra arrival from the house again which has been plan for the following Saturday. Later that morning, Afeez went out to an unknown place but i don’t care to know because it’s not his first time of going out, so later that morning Sandra also came to me at where i was sitting. Hello babe he called, then i looked at her as i managed to frame a smile, I still don’t want to believe this, but Abdul words kept ringing on my head, I wanted to ask her but i think Abdul had seen us together so he came to distract me from not talking, I noticed so i withdraw as well, so after this mission what do you want to start up with, I manged to ask her, I noticed her eyes for a while, from instinct, she never expected me to ask her stuff like that because she was full of surprises, did you hear anything she managed to ask me, but as a sharp guy i quickly corrected her, we are all into this, did you remember i said, oh you’re right she said, well i will just start a mini business here in Lagos but i will make sure the goods are exported from abroad she said. Abroad i said, then our eyes met again but this time it looks like something is been suspicious about her , but as a sharp guy i quickly broke up the eyes contact as i begin to laugh, that’s a nice business i surely would love to know about such business because i also will like to do the same business with you, I managed to frame a smile to her which she also chuckle about the news. Later that morning she told she will be going home and will come back the following morning before she will be going to Tony’s house. She hug me while she bid Abdul a goodbye greetings before leaving.

Sandra Pov
Well it’s not my fault things has to go this way, my joining the crew was to make money and now that i have tasted some bit of the money, i really don’t want to go back to poverty.

That evening Afeez called me to join him in a hotel at first i thought it was all about our operation but when i got there, it was another thing entirely, he told me about leaving the country together after we must have gotten a huge amount money from our last mission since Stanley had made up his mind not to go to any operation, at first i would have said no, but when he make me realize that if i will accept the deal. The share percentage will be 40% on me, while 60% for him, seriously i don’t have any choice, if it’s anybody this would have been their choose as well, so i accepted the offer and since then we have been having series of plans to get the job done.

So that morning it was Afeez that wake me up and the reason was because he want me to still go ahead and convince Stanley about the plan about meeting his uncle since its from our plan, this was what we’re still discussing when Stanley came inside the house so i stopped as i bid him a good morning greetings, later that day, I begin to be suspicious about Stanley, i think he knew something maybe but he’s just hiding, though I’m not really sure about it but i noticed that. So i left the house that afternoon, then i called Afeez to join me in my house, he came back around 4 o’clock that evening, then i explained all that had happened while he wasn’t at home but he didn’t seems to believe all that i have said because we never talked about it in the house since the beginning of the plan, the only day we talked about the fake mission was the day that Stanley wasn’t home and then Abdul was fast asleep too so it’s not possible for him to know anything about it he Said as he came closer to join me on the bed. Just some minutes later, everything seems silent like graveyard, we both stare at each other for a while before he came closer to me this time i really don’t know if I’m myself again then he came with an attempt to kiss but i hug him rather before we continue kissing, then he begins to touch all the part of my body, this time i was already laying on the bed while he was on top of me, he removed my singlet which made all my bbs to be show, then he begins to touch every part of it, this time i was more h—y and right now all i want is him to come inside of me, then he begins to touch my private part while one of his finger was now inside my py as he begins to penetrate with it, this time i couldn’t hold my mouth as i begins to give a tone, then he stood up as he off his trouser, immediately i saw his dk it was really strong as it stood straight, this time i couldn’t hold it any longer so I drew him closer, then he instructed it inside my Py , then i gave out the sound as i moan for more, after some series of non stop banging , then he told me to bend down as he inserted it from the back, I couldn’t stop giving out the sound, I can’t believe that he still never come, then he told me to climb on him while i do the banging myself, this time i satisfied myself with series of pleasure before he later came. I lay down on the bed as i checked the time, i can’t believe that Afeez had just lasted for about one and half hour. Seriously he had gave me the f–k of my life as the memories kept coming to my head then i smiled.


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