THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 48



Abdul Pov
Seriously i couldn’t believe what i heard the two saying to each other, but why is life always like this, I have known Afeez and all other members of the crew to be a family and i have believed we’re all one not until yesterday afternoon, I was on my bed trying to sleep but it seems it’s not coming so i just lay down on the bed though my eyes were closed, after some minutes then Sandra came in before Afeez later joined her, I think they noticed me but Sandra told him that i have slept off so they started with their plans, all that was said in the room was about how the two is going to relocate and move out of this country with the money they plan to collect from Tony’s family, I was shocked to hear that, I have always thought Sandra and bro Stanley were close despite the fact that they don’t show up with their relationship, but i have known about it for a while but pretended as if i don’t know, how come she’s abiding with the plans, gosh, human we remain human i said as they continue talking, we’re going to fix a fake mission and the reason was to get all necessary documents ready before the plan, though i have heard about it too, bro Afeez uncle, whom he claimed that he just got back from Dublin some days back. But i seriously can’t believe that all that was said about his uncle was just a fake lies, I said in my mind. Later that night, bro Stanley came back inside the house , I wanted to tell him about it but Sandra had went ahead before me to talk to him about the plan to meet with Afeez uncle, so i couldn’t meet him that night, the following morning, around six o’clock i stood up from my bed though bro Afeez and Sandra is still in the room sleeping, but i noticed that bro Stanley isn’t inside the room, so i went outside to look for him, then he was seen at the corridor of the house, good morning bro i greeted, how was your night he answered, we both talked for a while before i later whispered it to him about the plan, ” I think Sandra and Afeez are up to something i said, I noticed him for a while, before i continue, I later told him the full details, all that i have heard about the plans of the two culprit bro Afeez and Sandra while i pretended to be sleeping. I told him how they have plan to get the money together and run out of the country. I noticed him for a while, I knew bro Stanley would believe me because i was been sincere about it. Then i told him that the mission to meet his uncle was a plan they have both planned ahead so they can use that to delay you until they will be able to get all the necessary documents before the two will leave the country, from instinct he really couldn’t believe all that i have told him, not until i swear with my life about it. Later that morning i went inside the house while he told me to keep the secret and find out about it himself.

Anita Pov
It was thursday afternoon , around 12 o’clock in the afternoon, I was in the shop less busy, then the thought of that stupid boy came to my head. I just couldn’t believe that he still have the courage to come meet me and talk with me after what he did, I just couldn’t believe that. I hate him, I don’t want to have anything to do with him again, I knew the only time he could have time to talk or see me is on Saturday and the reason was because i will be home on Saturday, so i begins to meditate on what to do, then the thought of Tony came too, i remembered that i have promised to pay him a visit, what if i just go there that Saturday to cool off my head i said, then i picked my phone as i dial his number, after the second ring then he picked up, hello babe i heard him said from the phone, after some greetings, then i told him i will be coming down to his house on Saturday, he was really happy to hear the news, he even promise to come pick me up at home but i told him not to do that, after the line got disconnected, i quickly went to attend to a customer who had came in while i am still talking to Tony on phone, after the greetings i asked him what he wants to buy, but he didn’t say anything, after some silent again, then i asked him if i can help him, he looked at me in a way that means he never need anything, though i understand that customers are always right, the fact that he came to my shop means he had a mission, either to buy or something else, okay what do you want i said as i begins to name all kinds of different wines to him, but he still didn’t say anything, well if you don’t have anything to buy please kindly leave. I was forced to say this because he never said anything since his arrival and I’m a bit worried, what if he’s an arm robber or something, I noticed his eyes for a while before he burst into laugh. Don’t tell me you’re scared he said. Well thank goodness that he finally open his mouth to talk, so what can i do for you i asked him, he only laugh and said he had looked around and what he needed isn’t here, really i was surprised to hear that, what sort of human is this, well it’s fine thanks for patronizing I’m sure you will come back here next time when you need our service i said as i went back to where my chair was, I thought he had gone not until he still came to meet me there, I thought we’re done for the business what do you still want i asked him, but seriously i can’t believe people here in Lagos don’t have manners, how can you come here inside my shop to tell me you like me. Sorry I’m not interested on whatever you got on your mind as i asked him to move out of the shop, then he stood up from the chair where he sat down. he dropped a paper note on it. Which he wrote his name and his number. After he left i looked at the paper to see what was written on it, but i was surprised to see Afeez and his number which was 08012345***. gosh I said as i squeeze the paper and throw it inside the dustbin. Later that evening, i got home around 9 o’clock in the night, Mrs Linda was home and Amaka was also seen in the sitting room washing a movie, after the greetings then i went inside the room to go change my clothes before i later went to talk with Mrs Linda about the business of the day .


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