THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 47



Abbey Pov
Seriously i haven’t been feeling easy with myself since the incident that happened between I and Anita, I knew i was at fault and God knew I’m sincerely sorry about it, only if she could open my mind to read that. But since she wasn’t seeing it that way , so i decided to lock up because i have noticed her severally, she really don’t want to talk with me again and i knew it’s my fault, so that morning, I was in the kitchen looking for knife to cut off something I noticed in my room, then she came inside to meet me there, i was about bidding her good morning when she left, from instinct i knew she really don’t want to talk with me. Later that morning, since i am not doing anything, so i decided to go wash the car outside, so i went to go fresh some water from the tap, but when i got there then i saw her going to fresh up some water too, from instinct it looks like she also want to wash the car too, but since she won’t talk to me and i myself never got the courage to talk with her, so i dropped the bucket as i went back inside the house. After some minutes, mum called to ask me about Anita which i told her she’s washing the car, then she ask me to go call her, I think she got a message for her maybe, only if she knew that i don’t have the courage to talk to Anita again, I lost everything after the incident, though i would have excuse myself from meeting her but i just don’t want to give any traces, so i left her room immediately but the problem i got right now is my inability to face her and talk to her, so i went to check Amaka in her room maybe she could help me tell her, but she wasn’t in the room, after meditating on what to do for some minutes, then i walk downstairs. I noticed her from afar where she was washing, after waiting at a corner for more than 10mins then our eyes met with each other, seriously i can’t tell you how it feels, it was as if heaven is about to fall down, I think she noticed but decided to keep washing, God i don’t think i can face this girl. After series of waiting and since she had already seen me so i decided to courage myself to meet her. Good morning i greeted, after waiting for her to reply maybe but she didn’t reply me, so i manage to tell her that my mom just asked me to call her, though she didn’t say anything, but immediately, she stopped all that she was doing as she left my sight without not saying word. Gosh I said as i went back inside my room, seriously i couldn’t stop blaming myself for doing what i did. God knows that from the day that she had made up her mind to stop talking to me i haven’t been myself, things don’t seems to be normal, I just couldn’t get myself. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but right now i just want us to go back to our usual doing. I knew i caused everything, I knew she had the right to get angry and all but I’m also sorry too, God knows i am sincerely sorry for real. I don’t think i could withstand it any longer , we just have to settle this i said as i beat my bed in a way that make it sounds more louder.

Sandra Pov
Well after Afeez told me about his uncle that just came back from Dublin I knew it really not going to work because we all have a deal and the deal was to stop this act after our last mission so telling me this means that the plan has been changed so i told him no, we can’t continue doing this. but then he gave me series of reasons why he want us to meet with his uncle even claimed that we don’t need any stress to get the money and if we could get that huge amount of money from there, it’s really going to help us if we decide to start up our own business he concluded. So later that day i myself also reason with him, since we don’t need any stress to get the money from there and also it will be of gain for us all even if we want to start up our own business, I knew it’s only in Nigeria that you will use money to look for money, so i accepted to follow him up but the only problem i got is Stanley, he had made up his mind to stop stealing and that was the agreement we all had together, but i knew if i talk to him he surely will listen, just like i have guess right, after i told him about it when he came back from the unknown place where he had went too earlier that morning, he only left my sight without not giving me any respond. I knew he’s going to go with us so i assured Afeez not to worry much about it. The following morning it was Wednesday morning, Tony called to inform me about my coming back to his house which we both fixed date for Saturday, the plan was to go there on that Saturday and maybe the following week we can go in there to burst the house, so i inform Stanley and Afeez about the plan which we all fixed for that Saturday. Though Stanley is yet to respond to our last conversation and the reason i decided not to ask him was because i knew he won’t want to talk about it, but I’m very sure that once we’re set for the operation, he’s going to go with us. Stanley had been the love of my life and i have my plan for him, i knew he’s right, we need to settle up for our life, we can’t keep doing this forever, but we’re still going to need money for some certain things, life hasn’t been fair with anyone and that’s the more reason why we’re all doing this to survive, if we all got a good works with good pay, we surely won’t be here doing this but since we don’t have a choice, we need to look for a way to survive, but he just have to understand me as well, if we could get the money from Afeez uncle, it’s really going to help him to start any business he wants to go into.


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