THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 46



Stanley Pov
After i left Sandra house that evening, I quickly went home and the reason was because Afeez had called earlier that evening to ask about my whereabouts, some minutes after then, then he called Sandra as well, so i was a bit scared because i have known Afeez to be a smart guy, what if he had got to know about my friendship with Sandra, so i left her house without not giving any traces. I got home earlier that night but he wasn’t at home by time i came in, since i was kind of weak, so i went to sleep in the room that night, i was still sleeping when he called my name, I stood up from the bed, after some greetings, then he told me about his uncle that just came back from Dublin, I can’t believe that Afeez still never want to stop this act of stealing I said to myself, since i really don’t want any arguments, I decided not to listen to him, i think he noticed so he left the room that night. Seriously i couldn’t stop thinking about it, why’s Yoruba always the same, can’t they think of starting their own business gosh i groaned. The following morning around 7 o’clock, Sandra came in, after several greetings then Afeez told her to go see Tony again so that we can go in there as soon as possible, though the reason was because Afeez had another plan against his uncle and he wants us all to go there after the mission, I heard him said but pretended not to hear, i think Sandra heard him clearly so he ask him, I thought we have all talk about this, and it’s said that this will be our last mission she said, I think the argument got out of hands and it got to me because i have left the room when he started talking, what’s your problem I asked him, I saw him look at me in a way that means nothing, Oga i call him, this is our last mission and the reason why I’m doing this was because Sandra had ask me to do it if not, i won’t be here again i said, I saw him look at me in a way that means you must be crazy, but i don’t care if you want to go to your uncle’s house, you’re free to go i said as i went out of his sight. Later that morning i picked up my clothes as i left the house the reason was because i can’t stay in with Afeez and make him try to convince me for another mission again, i have made up my mind and i don’t want to talk about it again, I went to a lodge where i stayed throughout that day, later that day i got home around 8 o’clock in the night, everyone was home, though Sandra had called me earlier that afternoon but i didn’t pick up so non of them knew about my whereabouts. Afeez and Abdul were sitting on the bed when I came in, just like i have made up my mind i just went straight to the room, then Sandra called me and told me we need to talk. At first i thought it was something meaningful, but sincerely i was surprised, I can believe that Afeez had convinced her to join him go to his uncles house, I can’t, I don’t want to do this again i said to her, but she kept pleading saying that according to what she was told that we really don’t need any stress to get the money from him and you should understand that if we get the money from him, means we shall be having a good start up capital to start any business. Seriously i was just short of words, I left her sight that night. I couldn’t sleep throughout that night, God knows i don’t want to do this again and I’m since about it, but what of others they aren’t seeing it the way I’m seeing it, we’re all fine now, all we need is to invest with what we have got and i knew it’s really going to work, I just pray that they listen i said as i slept off that night.

Tony Pov
Hmm i groaned as i stood up from my bed, yesterday was bad, I remembered the beautiful girl from the club, anyway it’s not new whenever i go to club like this, I mostly come home with different girls, so yesterday was really super, I met with one Hausa girl, it’s only here in Lagos that hausa are doing ashawo, she was really good in bed i tell you. Later that morning i picked my phone as i dial Anita’s number, after several greetings then she told me she will be coming down to my house seriously the happiness i got that morning was never to be compare with anything, i was really happy to hear that. So i was anticipating on seeing her despite the fact that she didnt tell me the actual day but who knows, i said to myself. Later that day the girl i met at the club someday back called me, hello Sandra i said as we both talked for a while before she also told me she will be coming down, seriously i would have said no, but i seriously don’t know why my mom had loved her so much, only if she knew she’s just one of those street girl, but mom won’t listen. After the line went disconnected that morning. Just as usual, Dad called me to inform me about his arrival from the state, he was the head major of the Army , so i knew his coming will surely disturb my date with Anita and seriously i don’t want that to happen. since his coming was fixed for next week, so i called Sandra back to tell her to come as soon as possible, I even lied that i won’t be chanced the following week and the reason was to excuse myself so she won’t disturb my date with Anita. So we had appointment for Saturday since today is Monday. So she promised to show up on that Saturday. Later that morning i went to join mom in her shop, mom is a business woman who deals with different kinds of house materials including all that’s inside, so i dressed up as i went to join her that morning. After i got to her shop just like mom will always say, she greeted with all my eulogy i just smiles as I went to hug her, later after we settled down, then she came up with it, Tony just like she had always loves to call me by the name, then she told me to bring my girlfriend home so she can know her and her family can also know her too, hmm i knew where Mom is heading too, so i smiles only if she knew i never plan for this, it’s too early for me, I’m just 27 I said, then she laughed, you’re a grown up man Tony, but what surprises me was when she named mentioned of Sandra, can’t believe mom had known her name and maybe little about her. Seriously i don’t have any feelings or mind for her, she’s just a friend i met at the club, before i could finish talking she had corrected, your girlfriend not your friend. You guys are really perfect for each other, i can tell you that the girl is going to be a good wife she said. I looked at her in a way that means no mummy, I have a girlfriend, just that we’re just trying to get along with each other i said. Then she asked me to invite her home then so Anita could meet her, which i nodded my head in a way that means i will do that.


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