THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 45



Anita Pov
After i left his present that night seriously i didn’t know what to do, maybe i should just report him or not, but since i later made up my mind to keep it with me, then i vow to always distance myself from him, maybe then i can get myself. So i went to my room as i slept off, the following morning i woke up as usual Mrs Linda had gave me some money for my transportation to the shop, so i left the house that morning without not talking to him, though i noticed that he really felt sorry just like he had claimed but that doesn’t serve as an excuse, I just don’t want to see him again, i want to be myself, I got to the shop around after ten that morning, after doing the necessity since it been a while that i came to open up the shop, the last time i came was a day after we were told about Abbey incident in school so everywhere seems dusty, so i did some necessary cleaning before i later settled down for business later that morning, though i felt relieved because some customers who had noticed my mood since my arrival had came to gear me up, some even gave me money just for me to be fine and happy again, that day went like that i got home around 8pn in the evening then Mrs Linda and Amaka are yet to come back from their shop, so i went straight to my room since i noticed that he’s the only one in the house, after some minutes then my phone rang i looked at the screen to see Tony, then i remembered that he called yesterday but i decided not to pick up and that was because i was busy, he even sent me a message telling me to call him back once I’m done, but seriously my mind wasn’t there, then i picked it up, hello babe i heard him said from the phone, good evening i said, we talked for a while before he later asked me out for a visit, at first i would have said no but then i remembered Abbey’s act towards me, then i accepted to pay him a visit whenever I’m less busy, though i knew he’s very stubborn even if i tell him no, I know he won’t make me rest, so i accepted, I noticed how happy he was when I told him i will try and pay him a visit , but i pretend as if i don’t know. Later that night Mrs Linda came inside my room as we both greeted and talked about the business for the day, later that night she went to my room which makes me and Amaka stay in the room throughout that night. The following morning i woke up to see him in the kitchen, i don’t know what he was doing but since i don’t want to talk with him, then i left the kitchen, I noticed that Anita is yet to wash the car outside so i went downstairs to assist her with the car since that has been her own house work in the house. After i got downstairs, I went to the park where the car was parked, so i decided to go fresh some water from the tap, so i went to the tap which is not too far to where the car was parked, after i got the water, then i went back to where the car was parked ,but what surprises me was to see a bucket of water beside the car, from instinct someone must have noticed that i wanted to wash the car and maybe brought some water for me, I looked around the compound but i couldn’t found anyone. Then i went to asked the gate keeper who was busy doing some necessity in his room after the second knock then he came out, aunty Anita he said immediately he opened up, after morning greeting then i ask him if he was the one that brought the water down to the car, but he nodded his head in a way that means no and even claimed that he hadn’t come out that morning, seriously i was surprised, I went back to the car, well i just believe the person will come there if it’s very important i said as i continue washing the car.

Afeez Pov
Later when i came back that evening, i noticed that Stanley is yet to be back and Sandra isn’t at home as well, where’s Stanley, I managed to asked Abdul who was at then playing a video game from his laptop, he went out he said, okay then i picked up my phone as i dial his number, after the second ring then he picked up where are you i asked him, after several silent then he came up with it, I’m on my way back home he said, okay no problem, i said before the phone went off, but i noticed some silent which look suspicious but since i don’t have any doubting mind for him i just look it off, then i decided to call Sandra as well to know where she’s and at the same time i have a urgent message for her, so i dial her number too, after the second ring then she picked up, but seriously things seems to be strange, I can sense the same silent when i called Stanley though i am not saying they’re together but i it kinda look like they were, though she later told me she won’t be coming home that night. After the line got disconnected, I went in to change my clothes as i dress to meet a friend who had call earlier in the morning to inform me about his mother death, later that night i came back home to meet Stanley who was at then sleeping, hey bro i called before he later stood up from the bed, we talked for a while, then i told him about the next coming operation , think we should make it fasten I said, then i told him about my uncle who just came back from Dublin two days ago and i have gone to see him, from instinct I can tell you he came with a lot of money i said, i saw him look at me in a way that means I’m saying rubbish, then i remembered his last decision which was to stop this work after our last operation, I know i will have to use something on him before he will follow me up to collect the money from my uncle. I noticed him but i pretend not to see because i know if we kept prolonging the issue seriously i know he won’t listen, I have know him to be a stubborn person but I knew he will go with me i don’t just know why i felt that way. The following morning around 8 o’clock Sandra came in after some greetings then i told her about the plan, she was also surprised to hear that too because they have all made up there mind to stop but only if they knew that i can never stop stealing people’s properties, it’s my life and i have made up my mind about it.


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