THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 44



Abbey Pov
After i finish talking with dad that night, I noticed that Anita is yet to report the case to mom because mom would have called me if she does, so i left her room that night, i was about closing back the door of the room when i sight Anita at one corner of the passage, serious i was scared to see her but then it seems she was just coming to report me to my mom and i knew what’s going to happen to me if she does, so i quickly went on my knee as i whispered to her to let leave there because she was close to the door and my mom will surely heard about our conversation if we start it over here, after series of pleading, thank God she listen and she followed me downstairs, after we got down, i wasn’t really feeling good here as well what if Amaka or anyone else heard about it so i beg her to let talk about it outside the compound, then she followed me out. it was dark already so she came up with it, though i expected such question because what i did was wrong and i just believe it’s the work of the devil i said after she had asked me why i had to rape her, I knew saying this won’t make any changes so i went on my knee to beg her, I think she wasn’t seeing that as an excuse, so she complains and promised to go report if i don’t have any tangible reason, as a sharp guy, I knew i don’t have any good reason, so i said its the work of the devil, i told her how much i have liked her and how jealous i was when she got a visitor who claimed to be her friend, so it happened that i just plan to get his number from your phone and that’s all that happened that evening i said, then she gave me a hot slap, and why didn’t you tell me this before doing that evil plan you have gotten inside of you she said, I knew if i start talking it going to bring out another argument on it own so i kept on pleading her to please forgive me and promised that such will not repeat itself again, so she walked away from my present that night, before i later went inside too, thank God it’s settled I said as i jumped to my bed that night.

Stanley Pov
After Sandra came back from where she had gone too earlier that morning, she came back in the evening, then i was outside the house, I was about going back inside the room when she called me, so we gisted and talk for a while before we later went inside the house, though Afeez had instruct Abdul to go make eba that night before i came out of the house, on a serious matter, i have known Afeez to like eba with Ugu stew, we got inside to see him eaten guess they must have called my name to inform me but the conversation i had with Sandra didn’t make us to notice, after some greetings then Abdul went to bring my food and for Sandra who later claimed that she’s okay, after eaten then Afeez came up with it, how’s the place you went too he asked, then Sandra told us how Richy he was and even claimed that his parents were really stunning with bastard money she said, only if we could get inside the house, she is very sure we can make a lot of money from there, I knew it’s very possible but how about the security i managed to asked her, then she laughed, i don’t think there’s any problem with that she said, okay no problem all we need to do is to plan for the operation ahead, then Afeez told us that we really don’t have to rush ourselves, we need to confirm if there’s money or not before we can go in there he said, yeah i knew we just have to be sure so that it won’t be like the one we did and came back without any money, so he told Sandra to go there one more time before we can go down to the house and told her that her next visit should be on how she’s going to get any tangible information from the house which she nodded her head in a way that means no problem. Later that night we all went to sleep that was after we all ate for dinner. The following morning i woke up as usual, this time everyone is yet to wake up so i went to sit outside thinking about my life, my sisters i said God i just pray they’re all fine, i sigh, i was still thinking about this when i noticed touches of hand on my neck, then i looked at the person, it was Sandra, what’s up babe she called, guess she must have been watching me for a while, what are you thinking she said, i told her i was just thinking about my life o i replied, hmm what’s it all about o she said then i told her about my sisters I haven’t been hearing from them and seriously it’s unfair, where are they and why not go to look for them she said then i told her how i lost their contact and the problem is the fact that i don’t even know Uncle Ebuka house i said, anyway it’s fine she said, all you have to do is to go there and find the girls, i believe they surely will be fine she concluded, later that morning she told me she will like to go home it, been a while she had been staying here she said and even insisted that i should come down there later in the day which i promise to come too, then she left the house that morning. Later that morning Afeez came to ask me about Sandra but i told him she went home, at first he was surprised, but then i told him she will be coming back it been a while she had been staying here i said, okay no problem, when is she coming back he asked then i told him she didnt tell me but we can always call her to know about it which he nodded his head in a way that means you’re right. Later that afternoon i told Afeez that i will be going out to get some stuff, I have noticed him but pretended not to see, he had been looking for a way to get Sandra attention and i know if i tell him he surely might get it wrong so reason why i lied to him, so i left the house around 3 o’clock that afternoon, after some drives then i got go her house, she was surprised to see me because i never called to inform her that I’m on my way though she knew i will be coming but not exact time was disclosed to her. we both went inside the house, she was putting on her usual green singlet which has always be are common wear, she was really looking good, i sat on the bed, later that evening she came to join me as usual claiming that she had really miss me, after some kissing then we had another round of sex again.


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