THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 42



Mrs Linda Pov
After i left Abbey’s room, seriously i was a bit tired because i didn’t sleep last night, so i went straight to my room as i slept off that afternoon, I woke up around 6:30pm in the evening, so i went downstairs to check on everyone, when i got to the sitting room i couldn’t find anyone there so i went straight to Abbey room, after series of knock then i open up the door, but he wasn’t there, so i went to Amaka room to check on her, she was still sleeping when i opened the door, after noticing her for a while then i close back the door, so i went to check on Anita maybe Abbey is there too, since the two had become a good friend, after the second knock then she came to open up, Abbey wasn’t there so i asked her if she knew his whereabouts, she nodded her head in a way that means no, but i noticed her, her eyes was a bit red just like she had been crying for a while, what’s wrong with you, i asked her, after some silent then i ask her if she’s okay, she nodded her head in way that means she’s fine, though i tried persuading her to tell me but she told me she will be fine that night, well maybe it’s personal i said in my mind while i left her room, but where’s this boy again i said, i was in my room thinking about it when my phone rang, it was my husband who was at then presently in Germany, after talking and greeting for a while then he ask me to give the phone to Abbey, since he’s no where to be found so i told him i will call him back once he’s here before the line got disconnected. So i dial Abbey’s numbers, after the second ring then he picked up, i told him his daddy wants to speak with him, I knew how much he always wants to hear from his daddy so i disconnected the line, just some minutes afte, then he came inside the house, since it was dark already so i instructed him to go put on the power supplier which he later went to do, then he came back to meet me, though i was suspicious about his attitudes i knew how he does when he’s not himself, is there anything you will like to tell me i asked him, then he nodded his head in a way that means no. So later that night i call his dad back as the two were seen talking and laughing on the phone, I just looked at him in a way means like father like son.

Anita Pov
I was in my room just thinking about what Abbey did to me when i heard a knock at the door, then i went to open up, it was Mrs Linda, she had came to ask for Abbey but i think she noticed my eyes so she asked me if everything is fine which i lied by nodding my head in a way that means yes, and the reason was because I’m scared of telling her, what if she got it wrong, we’re all human, I’m fine here, I knew life hasn’t been fun for me, but Mrs Linda accommodation as really make me feel among again, the suffering had stopped so i just want to mentain the relationship we have gotten with their families, so i decided to keep it up with me, but seriously I’m been hurt, so she left my room, just about an hour later then Amaka came to my room, guess she just woke up from her sleep, we’re inside discussing though she had noticed my eyes for a while which i noticed too, so she ask me what the problem is all about but i lied and she believed it. Then light came inside the house, someone had gone to on the generator, I knew Mrs Linda will never go there to do it, so i knew Abbey is back home, so i stood up from my bed as i planned to meet him there, at least i just want to talk with him, he need series of explanation to tell me, but when i got there, he wasn’t there, so i went upstairs to look for him, i was about getting to Mrs Linda’s room when i heard his voice inside her room, he was busy talking to someone on phone, from instinct it seems he was taking to his dad because he had once told me how much he loves his dad, so i knew he was talking with him, but since i really don’t want to discuss it with Mrs Linda so waited somewhere around the passage because i knew he surely will come out of the room, after some minutes just like i have guess right then he came out of the room, I’m sure he never expected to meet me there, he was surprised to see me there, but i can tell you that he was also scared to hell, guess he had believed that i wanted to report him to Mrs Linda so he quickly went on his knee as he beg me not to speak, I noticed it but i pretend not to see, i was about talking when he beg me to let go downstairs because he was scared that Mrs Linda could heard about our conversation, seriously at first i don’t want to, but later i followed him downstair. I have lots on my head and i just want him to answer all that i got on my head, after we got to the downstair then he asked me if we could talk about it outside, the time was past ten o’clock that night, so we went outside as we begin to talk about it.


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