THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 41



Stanley Pov
I agreed to go on one more operation and the reason was because Sandra had advice me to do that if truly i want to leave, and again for the sake of the arguments, later that evening we all went to the club, this was Afeez idea which i also followed, we got there around 8 o’clock that night, seriously the club should be one of the biggest one here in Lagos, at first we sat at
a bar outside, then Afeez had call one of the bar man who later took us to the special guest center, the place was cool and people that are there were just few in number, so we sat at a four chair table, after sitting, we all ordered for drinks that night, though Afeez had make it clear that the reason of coming down here was to celebrate the mission we just accomplished, seriously i just want to stop all this, I just wish they could reason with me , if we could start up a business with the money, we can always make more of it, but it seems like Afeez isn’t seeing it the way I’m seeing it which make it more difficult for me to advise the other member of the crew, some minutes after our arrival to the hall then a guy came inside the hall, from instinct he must have been a very popular person because everyone had been greeting him right away, though they were three in numbers, but this particular guy was a special one, some hail while others stood up while greetings, we noticed him but we all pretended not to see him and the reason was because we didn’t know him or even care about him, who’s this guy, I managed to ask Afeez who was at then convinced too, maybe the state governor son or something he concluded, then i saw Sandra looked at me and Afeez while she smiled. Then she stood up from where she sat, she went to where the guys had sat, at first i was convinced, what the hell is she doing, I manage to ask Afeez who was at then wondering about it too, we saw her interact with the guy before she later sat with them. Some minutes later then she came back to us, what the f–k did you just do now i saw Afeez asked her that way, but i was fast enough to tell him to calm down, then Sandra told us he only went their to know who he’s, it was then we now understand that Sandra is a smart girl, so what’s up about him, who’s he that everyone was just echoing is name, guess he must have been one of the state governor son or minister i said, but she only laugh, I don’t think so she replied, but he told me his name is Tony she said, really he must have been a f—–g rich guy or his family must come from a wealthy family i said, maybe she replied. But i noticed that Afeez didn’t say anything throughout our conversation, so i called his name what’s up, then he nodded his head in a way that means he’s fine, later that night we all went home, though Sandra had exchange her contact with him, so we left the club around two o’clock that night, due to the stress and all i just slept like a mad man because as at the time we left I’m kinda drunk so i went to sleep that morning, I woke up around ten o’clock that morning, then Afeez was up too, but Sandra and Abdul were seen sleeping, good morning bro i greeted Afeez who didn’t notice that I’m up already, then we talked for a while before i went to the restroom to wash my face.

Tony Pov.
It been two days now that i saw Anita so that evening i tried calling her to check on her, but she didn’t pick up, seriously i don’t know why buy i just felt like seeing her again, I couldn’t stop thinking about her maybe i should go there i said but then i looked at the time it was six o’clock in the evening, I know it’s not advisable to go there that hour, so i called two of my guy just to follow me to the club so i can cool my head for sometime, due to the traffic we got on the way, we got to the club very late, it’s my usual base, so i drove in inside their VIP guest hall, immediately i entered people who had known me started greeting some hail while others stood up, this is Lagos once they noticed that you have money, all this things will become their normal thing, so it’s not special too me, though i only met few people there, but i noticed some guys and a lady, guess this must have been their first time of coming here because despite the population of people greetings, they never stood from their sit, but seriously i don’t care, I don’t come for them at first, i came here to cool my head and the reason was because i couldn’t hear from Anita. After some minutes time then a lady came to meet me, from instinct she was one of those guy that sat opposite where we sat too, so she greeted warmly, she was looking nice anyway, one of my guy wanted to send her away but i was fast enough to correct him, so i allowed her to sit with us, we ordered for her drink which she also drink with us that night, so i asked her if i can have her digits and the reason was because i felt we can both hangout together somedays, so she gave me the number before she later went to meet the rest of her crew. Later that night they all left the hall before i also later left the club too, I got home around four o’clock that morning, mom was still sleeping during the time that i came inside, I know she’s going to talk about me not sleeping home last night but hell I don’t have any issues with her, I’m going to sort that out once she’s awake I said as i went to my room to sleep

Anita Pov
After i rushed out of the room, I went straight to Amaka’s room, she was at then still sleeping when i entered, seriously i felt like reporting him to Mrs Linda but I’m just scared she didn’t get it wrong, though i knew she surely will believe me if i tell her, i was still meditating on what to do when my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen to see the caller, it was Tony, but i don’t just feel like talking with him, seriously I’m been hurt by Abbey, I never expected such like this from him, we have been a friend for some days now, i can’t believe that he can do this to me i said as water kept coming from my eyes, though the phone kept ringing and ringing, but i didn’t picked it up, I’m not just in the mood for that. I need to report him right away, he has done something wrong by doing that act to me, i said as i stood up beside Amaka who was still sleeping, I went to Mrs Linda’s room, I was about knocking the door when my eyes got wept again, I just couldn’t decide on what to do, I’m seriously confused right now, Mrs Linda has love and treated me and my sister just like her son, what if she got it wrong and send us away I thought it on my mind, then i turned back maybe i should just speak with him and ask him why he had to rape me, so i went back to my room, but what surprises me is the fact that he wasn’t there anymore, I went to check him in his room also, but i couldn’t find him, i looked around the compound but he was no where to be found even the gate keeper wasn’t aware of his arrival from the house, so i went back to my room as i locked the door.


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