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Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 40

6 min read



Abbey Pov
Well i will just say it’s the work of the devil, because immediately i came inside of her, seriously i don’t know how i felt, maybe I should say hatred, though she has tried to stop me while i was still on top of her but hell, I wasn’t thinking rightly at that time, so she rushed out of the room, seriously i was scared to hell because i believe she was going to report the case to my mom, so i stylishly went out of the house without anyone awareness. I knew what i did was bad but it has happened and there’s nothing that can be done again, nobody should blame me, I’m not Joseph that couldn’t sleep with the king wife, I’m very sure if Anita was the king wife then, he surely will fall just like i fell now i said to myself, so i went to one of my friend house who lives very close to the house but i am very sure they surely will not think i will be there, because I noticed Anita’s eyes before she left the room, all that i saw was hatred and all, I just wish she forgives me, after i got there then I explained things to him, but i couldn’t believe that this stupid guy was just laughing at me, I’m here telling you my bad, and you’re here making jest of it, then he told me not to worry much about it, seriously all he was saying was like a air that was been blow into a balloon, it just kept flying out of my ears, don’t worry she won’t report he said, common bro i just told you that i just raped her and you’re telling me that she will not report, and what if she does i managed to ask, then he told me that since there’s no any eyes witness, she really won’t report and if she does you will have to denied it he said, I just looked at him in a way that makes him look like he’s stupid, only if he knew how much my mom had love Anita so much, I’m sure if she report, my mom will surely believe her for sure, but come to think of it, he’s right too, she has no evidence to back it up, but seriously I’m scared as hell, around 8 o’clock that night, i was still with my friend when my phone rang, though i have made up my mind not to go back to that house today, so i planned to sleep over here. I looked at the caller ID then it was Mom, seriously i was scared to picked the call, but this my guy had force me to picked it up to hear what anyone had to say about it, at least I’m safe here he said so i picked up, after some silent then she came up with it, where are you, don’t tell me you’re presently at the club, your dad want to speak with you he said, really i said before the line went off, does that means that mom had reported the case to my dad, but the way she sounds doesn’t seems like she’s angry, I knew Mom will never speak to me that way if she’s angry so i felt a bit relieve, I want to hear from dad, it been a while i heard from him last because i knew once he called like this i knew money is going To full my account. So i told my friend that i will be going back home that night, at first he insisted that i shouldn’t go, what if it’s a plan work, he said, anyway i just want to go home, though he might be right but hell i want to speak with dad, i don’t want mom to report me again to him, I knew if i don’t go home that night she surely will report me to him and i vividly know the outcome. So i left his house that night.

Afeez Pov
That night i noticed Stanley and from instincts, it looks like he has a plan of leaving the house, though i would have call him but i pretend not to see, so the following morning i quickly woke up as early as possible, I sat at the door side, just like i have guess right, then Stanley came out for the room carrying a bag, it’s clearly sure that he wants to leave the house, but why i asked him, then he told me he couldn’t continue with our job, at first i thought he was joking not until he had to change it all for me, so i asked him to withdraw all the money we gave him if he truly wants to leave the job, but i think our voice was raising more alarm that Sandra had to rush to meet us and warm us not to speak louder again, she told us that neighbors are awake too, so we all went back inside the room, after concluding, he promised to go on another operation and then he will withdraw from stealing wish we all accepted. So that morning we all reunite as Abdul had helped him carry his bag back inside the room, Sandra had been our cook since she’s is the only woman among us, so later that morning, i told the crew to let celebrate our accomplished mission which they all accepted, the location was one of the biggest club here in Lagos, just to have fun with eachother in a conclusion of the accomplishment. Later that evening around 6 o’clock, we have all dressed up waiting for Sandra who was at then making up her face inside the room while we all waited outside for her, after some minutes then Stanley called her to inform her that she’s delaying us, so she screamed back, I’m coming, after some minutes then she came out of the room, she was putting on a black gown with a long hook shoe, she was really stunning, seriously i couldn’t stop looking at her, i think Stanley had noticed so he screamed bro let us go, seriously i was been carried away by her beauty, she was indeed beautiful, God knows that i like this girl so much, maybe i should use this opportunity to discuss it with her, i said as i went inside the car, after some drives then we got to the club, it’s a very big one here in Lagos, after we went inside, at first we sat at a bar where a lot of people had sat down, then one of the bar man came ask us what we like to drink, but seriously I’m not feeling comfortable here so i asked him if there’s any special place for the guest, then he ask me if i mean the VIP hall, yeah i had Abdul said as he instructed us to follow him, we all stood up as we followed him. After we got to the hall, it was a cool and warm place, the music from there was a cool one so we sat down as we all ordered for drinks.


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