THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 39



Anita Pov
After staying woke throughout last night because of the last incident that happened to us, I was feeling bad about it because i got to later know that the money they took along with them was five million naira, seriously i felt bad about it, i just pray that they don’t go Scott free i said, around 7 o’clock that morning, I was done with all my necessary house works, then i discovered that i haven’t seen him today at all, Abbey I said as i went upstairs to check on him, after series of knock, then he told me to leave that morning, though we have been talking but his attitudes this morning got me somehow, seriously i don’t expect stuff like that, I tried pleading maybe he was just angry, but he didn’t open up, so i left the door as i went to assist my sister Amaka who was at then washing Mrs Linda’s car outside. I would have reported it to Mrs Linda but she wasn’t home by then, she had gone out earlier that morning to report the case to the police station, so we are just numbered at home, since Abbey won’t talk with anyone, so i decided to be with my sister. After we finished washing, then i told Amaka about him which she also went upstairs to talk with him, but she later came to tell me that he still didn’t open up, though i was a little concern about him, but what else can i do since he won’t open up, later that morning, Mrs Linda came back from the police station, so i told her about Abbey attitudes since we have gotten up today, at first she was surprised too, but promised to go check on him, then she left but i didn’t later wait to hear the report because as at that time, i wasn’t getting myself, it’s then i now realized the Yoruba’s proverbs that said, sleep cannot be cheated at all, seriously i was feeling sleepy, and the reason was because i didn’t sleep last night, so i left Amaka’s room that afternoon though she was at then dizzy too, so i went to my room, after i got to the room, then i changed my clothes to a mini skirt and the reason was because i just couldn’t sleep with long clothes so i wore a heatfree shirt as well. All i could remembered was laying down on my bed and that’s all, then i have slept off.
I don’t know how much i have slept but then i noticed something inside of me, it seems it was entering between my laps, I thought it was a dream but it kept coming in and out which makes me wake up from my slumber, seriously i couldn’t believe what my eyes saw it was Abbey, he must have been doing it for a while because at that moment, i was weak as he kept on banging my laps, I tried stopping him but hell he was so strong than my expectations, so i let him satisfy himself, after some bang then he came inside of me, I pushed him away as i quickly dressed up seriously i couldn’t believe that Abbey just raped me, but why i said as i rushed out of the room.

Stanley Pov
I was really happy to see my crew back again despite the fact that Afeez had gotten a injury in his arm but thank goodness that he’s getting better now, though it’s not like am also good too because i was just recovering from my injuries too but thank goodness that we’re all fine now, seriously what gave me joy was the money they got from the last operation despite the attack they still got while coming home, but they made it here, Victoria was seriously happy about the money , though Sandra later told us that the money was five million naira which makes us very happy, though i knew stealing don’t last forever but the crew don’t see it the way I’m seeing it. After we shared the money, i was given one million naira, while others also get the same amount except Afeez who got two million naira, so i told the crew to let start a business but Afeez is the only problem that i have got, I knew i could surely change Abdul mentality because we have talked about it sometimes ago which he also reason with me, if Afeez could reason with me too, we can start up a new business and make a lot of money but hell no Afeez had refused, so i planned to run away from the crew, at first to go look for my sisters and then start up a business on my home, I’m a graduate for cried out loud, I can start up a business myself and make a lot of money, at least i still got some money with me, so i don’t have any problem. So that night i tried picking one or two clothes and maybe just leave early tomorrow morning , since they’re not ready to listen so i decided not to tell anyone about my move, the following money i woke up as usual but what surprises me was to see Afeez up at that time, i think he noticed something last night, but as a sharp guy i told him i just want to ease myself, then he called me, why do you want to leave here he said, seriously i couldn’t believe that Afeez had known about my plan, then i need to open up now, i can’t do this anymore i said, then he warn me not to try it with him, the argument was still getting hot when Sandra rushed to warn us that everyone is up already she said, I just can’t let him keep dictating for me, I never plan to live my life by stealing other people properties, but since i don’t have any choice that’s why i have been doing this, but right now i have make up my mind, I will just ask God for forgiveness, I want to live my life I said, Abdul was there too, so Afeez told me if i should leave the they will have to withdraw all the money we had gotten from stealing, seriously i can’t just believe that Afeez had planned to live all his life by stealing other people properties, then Sandra gave option saying it really won’t make sense if i leave because the crew had known each other for a while now, so leaving will just spoil the information she said, but hell all she was saying wasn’t helping because I never plan to continue with this useless job again, then she told me to make a lot of money from stealing before going into business, what if the business later collapse, do you plan to come back to stealing again she said. Then i reason with her, okay maybe just one more operation and then i will stop i said which we all agreed to stop and start up a business


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