THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 38



Sandra Pov
After we got the money that night, we all left the house as we went to where we have parked the car, after some drives, then i heard sounds of the police car, the sounds kept coming towards our direction but Afeez told us to keep moving which we did, then we saw their car coming from afar, it’s vividly clear that they were coming for us, so he told me to get down from the car and gave me the money too, saying i should keep it till will get means to meet each other again, at first i was really surprised because i don’t expect them to move towards the direction where the police are coming from but he ordered Abdul to keep driving, after they left my place i really couldn’t leave them like that, I just followed the car but passes through the bush just to see what’s going to happen, after some walks then i got to see the scene from the bush where i have hide myself, though it was dark but the light from the police car was on, so they stopped their car it was then i now realized that something is wrong because the police had insisted that they want to check the car, though I’m not too sure but i knew the mask and guns are in the car so i knew something is going to happen though i have took my gun along with me when Afeez told me to come down, so i have mine with me, some minutes later, then i saw one of the police shouted gun, I don’t know what happened but i saw Abdul trying to escape, he was running to the bush, then i heard a sound of guns , the police had begin to go after the two, though Afeez had went different direction from where Abdul went to, so the police all followed Afeez, after some minutes then i also went after them. Later i got to a point where i didn’t see anyone, everywhere seems to be silent, only the sound of the birds were been heard both left and right, so i tried checking from one place to another maybe i could assist i suggest, after series of search, i couldn’t find anyone, the place is kinda scary too, so i decided to go on my way, maybe home and come back in the morning to check the scene, i was about turning back when i saw Afeez running towards a direction, guess he didn’t notice me so he kept running, i quickly went to hide myself because i knew the police must have been after him, so i also went to hide myself there in the bush, though i noticed that he was been shot by his right arm because the way i saw him, that hand was hurt, after waiting there in the bush for about five minutes, then i saw one of the police officer, he was also running towards his direction, since he didn’t see me, so i picked my gun as i aim at him, the bullet got him on his chest, so he fell down and die, i knew the officers are more than four, so i need to be very careful too. So i waited there for about 30 minutes laying down and thinking on the necessary move at first i felt like i should just leave now, but i don’t know if the police are out there, though the bag was still with me, i was still thinking on what to do when i noticed another police officer but he passes through my hideout but he didn’t see me, so he went towards the same direction where Afeez had run to, so i decided to go check on Afeez because i knew he has injury on his hand though I’m not sure, but i saw some bloods in his arm too so i went towards his direction, after searching around everywhere i couldn’t find him so i decided to leave that morning because it was now getting to 4 o’clock earlier that morning. I was about leaving when i saw another police officer he was looking towards the opposite direction where i stood, it’s vividly clear that he was one of the police officer coming for us, then he entered one uncompleted building, at first i wanted to escape but something just run to my head, what if Afeez is inside the building, i don’t know why my feelings keep telling me to wait and see the outcome of the officer. So i waited looking towards the direction, after some minutes later then i saw the police officer, he came out carrying Afeez on his arm, he must have seen Afeez maybe because as at that time, Afeez wasn’t himself again, guess he was weak, I quickly stopped him by shooting in from the back, the gun got him on his head so he fell down and die, i quickly rushed to carry him, he was helpless though i saw some clothes in his arm guess he must have used it to stop the blood, so i cleaned him up, i think he woke up to see me but he was very weak to talk which i noticed, i knew it’s going to be difficult for me to carry him to the hospital because the bullet got him on his arm the doctors would want to investigate it so i just try all possible best to remove the bullet and what make it easier was because he was weak so i help him with that before we later left the place that morning, though i have cleaned his wound so we branch at a hospital were they gave him first treatment, later that morning he woke up, I was really happy to see him again, then he asked for Abdul but i told him i don’t know his whereabouts, then he told me not to worry about it, saying that Abdul is a smart boy and he trust him. He was later treated that morning, we left the place around 4 o clock that evening, but due to the traffic since its Monday afternoon, the traffic delayed us a little that make us got home around 6 o’clock that afternoon, when we got home, we couldn’t find anyone at home, then i picked my phone as i dial Stanley’s numbers, it rang but no one picked it up, after several trier then he picked up, so i told him that were home.

Stanley Pov
After we left the house, I couldn’t think of going back to Emeka’s because i knew i will need a lot of explanation to tell him about Abdul, so we both went to a motel where we lodge, but i was a bit scared because i knew if Afeez or Sandra got caught, the police will surely come for us, so we need to hide ourself. I was still in the room with Abdul as we continue to discuss about our escape because we both believe that the two must have been caught, he told me if we could relocate to another state, since i don’t really know anywhere, so he suggested that we should move to oyo state or maybe ondo state which we agree to do the following morning, it was around 6 o’clock in the evening when my phone rang, it was Sandra, after checking the phone, I told Abdul who later warn me not to pick up at first, it might be the police, he said. What if they’re trying to trace us with the number he suggested, it was then i now reason with him, though i would have try calingl her or Afeez but I’m just scared of the police, the police could track the line if we pick up and i truly understand that so well. But the number kept coming in so i told Abdul to let pick it up but pretend not to say anything at all which we both agreed. Then the phone ring again, so i picked it up, but to my surprise, it was Sandra that was talking, she told me they have gone back home, seriously i couldn’t believe the two had survived the scene, are you sure i asked her which she told me there’s no problem, so we went back home that night, we got home around 11 o’clock, I was really happy to see the crew back again but then Afeez was injured in his right arm, the funniest part was that they still came with the money. We all smiles and laughs as Afeez open the bag where the money was, I smiled. Mission accomplished. I heard Abdul said as we all smiles.


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