THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 37



Mrs Linda Pov
I was in my room sleeping already when i heard the sound of knock at the door, after series of knock then i managed to go open up, but what scary me was to see a young guy holding a gun, his face was covered that makes me not to recognize him, he instructed me to move downstairs, but what surprises me was to see my only boy laying down facing the ground, I begged the crew not to kill anyone which they promised that they won’t kill unless we’re ready to corporate with them, though they ask me if there’s still anyone inside but i lied, not until they later told me that if they got to see anyone inside again they will kill me, it was then i now told them the truth about Anita and Amaka and the reason was because i am scared that they don’t go up there and kill anyone inside, so a guy went in and brough the two girls, after some talks then a guy asked for money, at first i would have lied, but when a lady pointed the gun at Anita, i was more scared so i told him there’s money, and the money was the one i just collected from a customer who ordered for series of clothes that was supposed to be sent to her next week. The money was five million naira , so i gave it to them as they later went on their way that midnight, though i later called the police to inform them about the attack which they promised to get them. Throughout that night, we couldn’t sleep and the reason was because we were scared of the gang, what if they come back again, so we all stay woke till the following morning, around 6 o’clock earlier that morning, I went to report the case to the police, but the report i got really got me more scaring, they said that the police that were sent to the scene are yet to come back, mean something must have happened to them, though one of the police officer promise that the gang are expert and they will get the guys, so i later went back home, though i promised to come back in the evening to check on them, I got home around 11 o’clock that morning. I saw Abbey moody, so i went to talk with him, what’s wrong my dear i said immediately i got to his room, but he told me he’s fine, I try persuading him to tell me what’s going on but he refused, all he kept saying was that he’s fine and even told me it was because he’s not feeling fine.

Abbey Pov
I was with Anita that evening when mom sent the gake keeper to come to call her, so she left immediately, after some minutes then she came back and told me that Mom just ask her if she’s expecting anyone, though i was surprised too, so i went outside to go check on the person but then mom was already with him, i was still looking at the scene when Anita came to the scene as well, then the guy quickly went to meet her as they both talked about something i know nothing about, but from instincts it looks like the two must have known each other for a very long time then mom allowed him inside, seriously i was surprised because i never expected mom to have allowed him inside the house, so we all went inside the house, but i noticed the guy, he kept looking and sitting beside her which makes me feel somehow maybe jealous i don’t even know, later that evening, he went back home. but seriously i just couldn’t stop thinking about the two, so that night i went to sleep, “then i saw the guy with Anita, the two were inside her room, what i heard was the sound of Anita, from instincts, she must have been having sex with the guy though i am not sure, so i open the door to see the two naked, the guy was ontop of her, i couldn’t hold it, so i quickly rush to the kitchen as i went to pick a knife, after getting to the scene, what baffled me was that the two still never care about me because the sounds from inside the room could be heard in the next street, i forcefully open the door, because as at that time, i was really mad, i rush to meet him, guess he never expected the attack but immediately they both saw me, they left each other which now make me to face the guy, i took my hand up, as i was about stabbing him in his chest when a hand touches me. It was then i got to realize that i was dreaming, a guy holding a gun with mask on his face had wake me up from my sleep, then he ordered me to move downstairs which i did. I got there to see the guys, they were three in numbers, but there’s a particular lady among them, so they ordered me to lay down and not look up which i did. After some minutes then mom was brought too before Anita and Amaka was later brought to the sitting room, though mom gave them some money before they left, but seriously that was not what I’m thinking, since that night i just couldn’t stop thinking about the dreams, so the following morning, I decided not to see Anita or anyone and the reason was because i was just kind of jelouse about the dreams it really looks like its real so i can’t afford it, the following morning Anita came to my room to say hi but i ignored her, I didn’t open up which makes her left after series of calls, later in the afternoon, mom also came to report the situation of things, but seriously that wasn’t what i was thinking, i think she noticed me or maybe Anita had reported me to her so she came and persuade me to tell her what’s wrong with me but i refused to tell her, she later left the room that was after i told her that I’m fine, just sick. But i noticed her that afternoon, from instinct i can tell you that she wasn’t happy but i don’t care, an hours later, then something came up to my mind, I stood up from the bed as i went downstairs, I noticed that no one was in the sitting room, guess mom and Amaka had gone to their rooms, so i went in to Anita’s room. Their she was sleeping and from instincts, she must have slept for a while because the way i met her was really h—y, she wore a short skirt but as at the time i came in, the skirt had uncovered her private part which now make me see her pant and the shape of her p**y. She was the only one inside the room and everywhere seems to be silent that no one could hear because it seems mom and Amaka had went to sleep in their room as well so i got lot of confidence, then i went to her bed were she was sleeping, she was facing the wall side, at first what i wanted to do was to get the guy number from her phone maybe and discipline him, but now that I’m here, i couldn’t think about this anymore, I was tempted to touch her breast because her breasts were been seen from the corner were i stood, but she wasn’t giving any sign of waking up, this is what now later gave me lots of confidence, so i quickly went to lock the door quietly , this time i was really h—y because my mind was already on it, after I got to the bed , something came to my mind, why not wake her up, but hell no i just want to do this i said to myself as i begin to off my clothes .


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