THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 36



Stanley Pov
After they left that night, i was left alone with my feelings and thoughts, though i have ask Afeez if i can go with them but he refused, so they left that night, I didn’t sleep throughout that night thinking I could wait till their arrival back home but hell i got it wrong because i slept it off. I woke up the following morning thinking they should be home by then, so i stood up from the bed, but i didn’t hear any of their voices, so i went to the sitting room to see if they are home already but none of them were found, what’s wrong with this guy’s i said, maybe something happened on the way I suggest, I knew what it takes to be caught so i need to act up before anything happen, so i quickly picked my shirt as i left the house that morning, at first i thought going out maybe look for a place to hide for the main time, but something came to my mind, then the thought of Emeka my friend came to my mind, so i took a bike to his house, thank goodness that he was still home by that time, after the second knock then he came to open up, he was surprised to see me too, after proper greetings then he told me he had came some days back to check on me, really i said, then he told me he met a guy, according to his description it was Afeez, but how come Afeez didn’t tell to inform me about his visit, I said in my mind, I told him i have my apartment and that i don’t stay there anymore since that was what he was been told too. So we talked for a while before he later told me he was about going out for work since its monday morning so he went out that morning while i stay in the house, after some hours then i picked my phone to dial any of their number but then another thing came to my mind, what if the police had collected the phone from them, so i decided not to call, but seriously i was scared because i knew Afeez would never stay long like that when it comes to operation like this, I knew something is wrong, but what i am scared of is the fact that the police could come searching for me too, I can’t imagine my self rot in jail all because of the operation that i didn’t go or do, then another thing came to my mind, the fact that i have always went with them doesn’t make me out of them, so i understand that if they got caught, I’m also in trouble too, I thought of running back to the village but then i decided to get into conclusion first, maybe i should just go there and spy to see what’s going on there, so i picked a bike as i went back home, though my plan was to see and leave the place after confirming the situation of things, I got there around 12 o’clock that afternoon, but when i got there it was Abdul i saw, at first i thought the crew are back not until he later told me everything that happened while they were coming back home, but the funniest thing is that, he didn’t know where Afeez or Sandra was, so you mean everyone went on their way i asked, then he nodded his head in a way that means yes. After some talks then i told him we need to move out of that house, since we don’t know the condition of things. So we both left the house that afternoon.

Afeez Pov
After noticing the car from afar, it was then i got to realize that there’s a problem but what we should do is simple, then i instructed Sandra to come down from the car while i gave the bag to her so we can all scatter around and see if we could escape from the police officers, she came down and went ahead to hide around the bush, so i told Abdul to Kept driving because i knew Sandra to be a smart girl, I knew he will find her way home, after some drives then we jam with their car, they told us to come down, we both came down, they asked us where we’re coming from, but as a sharp guy i told them that we’re actually coming from traveling, they asked us whom we went to meet, though I’m not surprised about the questions because i have known police officers to be like that, then Abdul said our granny, I think one of them suspected that something is going on so he told us to come down, the police are five in numbers, the gun and the mask is still in the car but well hide in the car, so they insisted on searching the car, it was then i now realized that something is going to happen because i knew they surely will see the gun but nevertheless i have my gun with me, the only mistake they made was that they didn’t search our body, I gave Abdul a signal to move and hide or better still run if he can which he was about walking down to the bush, then one of the officer shouted gun, as a sharp guy, i quickly fire up, it was one of the police who was about aiming at Abdul, I think my gun caught him first on his arm which made him miss his target, then i quickly run opposite Abdul direction, so i think they all follow me, some were shooting but none of the bullet got me, so the adventure continues, “Gbaauuuu” this was the sound of the gun, but i kept running inside the bush, after some run then i saw a bamboo plant, I quickly went to hide under one of the stick laying down. After about five minutes, then i saw a police officer, he was looking around for me but as a sharp guy i quickly aim at him which got him in his head, he went down and die. I think they heard the sound so another two officers came and saw him, they tried rescue him but then he was dead already, they continue searching for me, one of them even pass beside where i was laying down but he didn’t see me, after about thirty minutes then i stood up thinking they must have left, I was still walking down the bush looking for a way out when i heard “Gboauuuu” it was a sound of gun, it got me in my arm, I quickly went down as i continue running. After some walk then i saw another police officer guess he didn’t see me so i aim at him, then he fell down and die, guess he must have been the one that shoot at me, I continue walking then i noticed that I’m feeling weak, I think the blood i losses had been affecting me, so i went to hide in an uncompleted building where it seems to have been abandoned for years. That was how i lost it. Though i have use some clothes to cover the blood.


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