THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 30



Doctor Pov
After the guy was rushed to my hospital, at first i thought it was just a minor injury not until i observed him to know how loss he had lost so many blood which had made him looses his mind. I knew it’s very risky for me to operate on him like that, because this is a hospital where we record all that we do to the government, so i was just trying to help anyway, now that i have tried all possible best, it’s high time i need to tell his family that it’s 50.50 which means we can only try our best, its only God that can decide on what will happen to him, this is beyond us here, he need to be transfer to another hospital if his family still want him alive, though at first i should have just tell them to leave that very day they brought him here and the reason was because of his critical condition, but due to the concern i got for his family so i let them in come in that yesterday. We started to do all proper treatment to help him that very day. but now that we have tried our best and he’s still not coming up, I think the best thing is to transfer him, this is the second day and he’s still not up, though i have spoken with a lady who claimed to be his friend earlier that morning, I saw how sad she was to hear about his condition news but then there’s nothing i can do about it, i wish him quick recovery despite the fact that he wasn’t given any form of reaction to all medication given to him. Well i don’t have any choice i don’t see any good reason why we should still keep him here, I just have to approve his transfer to another hospital since this is the second day and he’s not yet awake. I called one of the nurse who was in charge to grant me the letter while we issue it to his family, they need to take him to another hospital if not he will die, i am sure of that. So i told another nurse to help me call two of his family so we can discuss on how he will be transfer while they paid all the necessary bills here in my hospital. After some minutes, the nurse came back and told me she couldn’t find any of them, really I also went to see for myself but then none of them was found, at first i thought they purposely left him and maybe run away, this was what that was coming to my head when i saw the little boy that brought him here yesterday, I went to meet him, where is your brother i asked, then he told me he went home to get some food stuffs which now make me feel relief, at least i knew their whereabouts, it’s not like they are planning to leave him here and run, so tell him to see me once he’s here i said while i walk back to my office that afternoon.

Afeez Pov
After i left home that evening i branch at a mall where i brought food for three of us, since I never expected Sandra to leave so i bought some food for her as well, I got to the hospital around 7:30pm that evening, I look around the surroundings, but later saw Abdul sleeping on the chair provided for their patients to sit, this was what we have been using to sit since our arrival to the hospital, guess he must have been waiting all day for me, I knew he will be hungry by then, this is past seven in the evening, I quickly went to where he was sitting, I was about waking him up when i saw him shouted noooooooo, I tap his head. Guess he must have been dreaming or something, what’s wrong with you i asked him, then he told me it was a dream and it’s all about his grandma, I just laughed because i knew he never knew any grandma since the story he told me was that they took him from his parents while he was still young, so how come he will know his grandma but since I’m not really interested in knowing about it or stress him to talk about it again so i told him i believe it, I gave the food to him while i kept Sandra’s food somewhere close to where we’re sitting, though Abdul had told me that she went home and promised to come back that same evening, so i help her to keep her food. After some minutes eating then Afeez told me about the doctor who requested to see me. hope there’s no problem i said while i dropped the food so we both went to his office that evening. After the second knock then he asked us to come in, the room was a well decorated one, then he told us Stanley’s condition and suggested that we should transfer him to another hospital bigger than the one here, really is it up to that i asked him, yeah he replied, it’s not advisable to leave him here, his life is at risk, we need to do it before tomorrow evening he said. It was then i now believe that there’s trouble around the corner, i remembered that same guy that call himself Emeka, what if he get to know about this, what if he show up with the police this was all that was coming to my head when Abdul voice got me out of my imagination. Okay sir, we shall move him out of here tomorrow I said while we both exchange pleasantries. We left his office that night, Abdul wasn’t happy about the news but we don’t have any choice, we were about reaching where we stood when i noticed Sandra from afar, guess she must have gotten here while we were still with the doctor, I think she noticed my dullness and face, so she asked me what the matter is all about, she was surprised when Abdul told her that we shall be transferring Stanley tomorrow morning to another hospital, though the doctor gave me a file which i was told that the file was for me to show the doctor we’re going to meet at the hospital so he can know his condition. I showed her the paper which she felt bad. But what sort of things is this, why is he taking him days to stand up from ordinary injuries in his head i heard Abdul groan. He will be fine i told him as we both sigh. I told the team about the plan and how we shall be leaving early tomorrow morning, God i pray nothing happened to him, I can’t afford to loss him i heard Sandra groan too.


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