THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 28



Afeez Pov
The following morning i woke up around 6 o’clock that morning, but then Sandra had gone to meet with the doctor, I saw her coming from the doctor office then i went to meet her, so what’s up about him i asked Sandra who was not putting on a good face, she told me all the report that she got from the doctor, seriously i felt bad about the news, 50,50 means anything can happen i sincerely understand the doctor statement, God please save Stanley i said as we both went to meet Abdul who was at then willing to hear the news, after i told him about the news we got from the doctor, I noticed his reaction, he must have liked Stanley very much i guess, because right from the incident till now that Stanley he’s yet to wake up, Abdul had never stop crying till then. After the news i went out to go get some food stuffs, so i told Sandra who had been with us since yesterday to stay with Abdul while i go home to get some necessity , I left the hospital around 10 o’clock that morning, I took a taxi, I got home to meet a guy who claimed that he had been here since yesterday, looking for one Mr Stanley, seriously i was shocked to see him that morning, Stanley had never for once told me he had a family here in Lagos, though i knew about his sisters who stays in Kano with his uncle, so seeing him now makes me feel confused, sorry how can i help you i asked him, then he told me his name is Emeka, the name sound familiar but where and where that’s where I’m not sure off, but since i surely would like to confirm so i asked him, sorry how do you relate with Stanley because since the time he named mentioned of his name i have started to be scared of him, maybe he’s a police officer or one of his family members who knows , then he told me everything about him and Stanley, how they started from childhood and how he brought him from the village down here in Lagos it was then i got realized that he was Stanley’s friend the one that had accommodate him in his house before i met with him, then i greeted him in a way that makes him feel comfortable, but the problem i got is the fact that Stanley isn’t fine and he’s yet to wake up, if he knew Stanley’s condition right now. After some talk then he asked me about him again but i lied that he wasn’t here again and the reason was because i was scared, at first he was feeling somehow about the news i guess Stanley must have told him then about me but as a sharp guy that i be, i quickly change his mentality I told him Stanley had left earlier last month which he believes he went back to his house that afternoon, seriously i felt relieved, I quickly took my bath as i changed my clothes, I picked a cloth and trouser for Abdul as well, after some minutes, I left the house as i went to a shopping mall where i bought some foods, I bought for three as i drove back to the hospital

Emeka Pov
After I noticed Stanley’s absent since he came back from the village, at first i thought it’s normal because Stanley is a grown man person and i expected more from him, he needs to build his family too. He cannot keep staying here forever so i advise him to go get some apartments for himself where he can call a home maybe from there he can start a new life too.
But two months after he went to the village I haven’t been seeing him or hearing anything from him, even his number wasn’t going through but then i remembered that very day he told me about Afeez and how they got to meet at a restaurant where he couldn’t find his purse while he had finish eating. So i followed the address that he gave me then, since I’m not hearing from him so i decided to go find him, I went to the direction that leads to the address that I got from him, I got to the apartment it was a gated fenced house so i knocked at the gate, after series of knock then a lady came to open up, i told her I’m actually looking for Afeez, then the girl pointed to a flat at one corner of the house, I walked down to the place, I knocked but no one was really ready to answer, what just baffled me is the fact that the house wasn’t locked, how come the door was opened, but since i don’t want to be optimistic i sat at the front of the house though i saw a bench so i sat down thinking they will soon be around. After waiting for about two hours and it really doesn’t seems like they will be coming anytime soon, so i left that evening, the following morning i went to the house again since it’s not my first time so i went in, I noticed that the house was still not close which means that they didn’t come home that night, what’s wrong with this people i said as i groan. After some minutes then a guy came inside the compound, I waited first to noticed him, though i don’t know who Afeez was but i guess he’s the one, after some greetings then i introduced myself as Emeka, at first he was convinced so i told him how i got to know Stanley and all, then he greeted me in a way that makes me feel comfortable, after some talks then i asked him about Stanley but to my surprise he told me Stanley doesn’t leave there again, seriously i felt bad about it, I left the house that afternoon.


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