THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 25



Afeez Pov
After i left Baddo that morning, i couldn’t stop thinking about what Stanley told me about the the money we do pay for the rentage of the guns, he’s right, we can buy it as well, but the only problem i got is the fact that i don’t no anyone who could help me get the connections, though i believe we can get the gun, so that morning i went to meet a friend to discussed it with him, I got to his apartment there i met some guys, some were smoking while others where drinking, after the second knock, one of them came to open up, seriously the smoke from the room was like a hell fire that was just coming up, seriously for like a minute i couldn’t see the people inside clearly, then he called me by my nick, Afco he said, Afco was a name i got from him during our time in the university so the name has been his favorite. Then i asked him to excuse himself from his friends which he did, we went outside to talk, though i never believe it will be like this because i never expected to meet anyone in his house, but now that it happened that his friends are here, so all we can do is to move outside and talk about it, I told him that we need a gun and on a serious matter the person is willing to buy I lied, at first he was surprised to hear about it so i noticed, but i was fast to tell him that it’s not me and that i was only sent to go get the seller, hearing that makes him feel relief, well don’t be surprised that i came to meet Tajud, popularly known as Sky just like his nickname, he was known to be a tough and number one cult member back then in our university days, so i knew he surely would have a link to anyone that is willing to sell, though I’m not sure but i just have to meet him first, just like i have guess right, he told me we can get it, wow i felt happy within me but i didn’t make it show to him, so how much is it, though we negotiate for four, which he told me to pay 1.5million naira for the four, really I said to myself, okay i will be right back i said as i went back home that afternoon, I went straight to withdraw the money from my own account and the reason was because i want us to strike back to that house, i don’t know why i have been having this feelings that we can get lot of money from that house, I went back to meet Tajud who was at then sleeping, we talked for a while before i later gave him the money, I was on my way back home when my phone rang, i quickly looked at the screen to see the caller then it was Abdul, I laughed before picking up, hello what’s up I said immediately the line got connected, after hearing some sound coming from the phone, then i screamed what !!! It was said that Stanley had gotten into fright with some gang, after the line went off, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, Stanley doesn’t look for people’s trouble, what happened, I quickly rushed home but then it was said that Abdul had took him to the hospital which i later went to meet the two at the hospital.

Abdul Pov
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just felt something all over my body, I need to buy myself some medicine i said, since our arrival from the last operation seriously my body has been doing me somehow so i slept throughout that day, around after one in the afternoon, i heard a knock at the door, after banging severally then i got up from the bed, who the hell is this, and again is there no one in the house i said while i went to open the door, but it was a stranger, sorry how can I help you i said, then he told me that one of my brother is somewhere there dying, really is this man mad or something, then i close the door as i walked down to the scene, then an behold it was Baddo, Baddo i said as i quickly rushed to where he was laying lifelessly, though some person had assist me as we took him to the hospital, throughout that time, Baddo wasn’t breathing, which make me to be more scared, after some drives, we got to the hospital , the nurse assisted us to carry him inside the hospital while we waited outside, later the guys went to their various way which make me alone to be in the hospital, I picked my phone as i dial Bro Afeez number, though i don’t know what happened to Baddo and sincerely i couldn’t asked about it at that time that i saw him, he was really dying then, so we just have to rush him down here i said to him on the phone, after some minutes time then he came inside the hospital , he was so worried about it, what happened he ask but since i don’t know, I just told him i don’t know too, later the doctor came out and tell us that his situation is critical and we should just keep praying for him, hearing this, i couldn’t stop the tears coming down from my eyes, is it up to that i heard bro Afeez asked him, then the doctor told us that he should have been rushed to the hospital immediately it happened, and now that he’s weak we just need prayer to save him, I don’t know why my eyes couldn’t stop releasing water, seriously bro Stanley had been my favorite in that house maybe because we talked and played a lot and again he had been the source of my advice because his advice are really uncomparable, sometimes i wonder why he’s into this, but no one should judge anybody this is what life has shown everyone of us. what if he died i said then i saw bro Afeez looked at my direction after he must have heard what i said, then there’s a problem he said. What problem I manage to ask him, I don’t know him from anywhere i just met him in a street he said. Seriously i couldn’t believe that the two didn’t relate at all throughout my been is that house, I have always think they were childhood friend because of the way they talked and reason, so you don’t know his family members at all i asked him, yeah he replied, it was then i now understand that we’re surely going to be in trouble if he dies.


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