THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 22



Anita Pov
Seriously it was as if life has become new for me and my sister, thank God for Mrs Linda who had been helping me and my sister, since we don’t have bro Stanley’s numbers so there’s no way i can get to reach him, though i knew he stays in Lagos but where exactly, I don’t know, this was our first time of coming to Lagos so i don’t know anywhere, Mrs Linda told me to take charge of her second shop that was the one at Ojota somewhere in Lagos, so i do go there everyday, she sells wine and i have been the one helping her to manage the place, though my sister Amaka also follow her to her other shop the one at Mushin where she sell clothes, the shop was a big one so she’s going to need a helper, though i heard that she had employed some persons before, but they ran away with her money which makes her lock the shop for sometimes, so now that I’m here, she believes that i can take charge of the shop reason why she let me take charge of the shop, though she do go with Amaka to Mushin while i go to Ojota. That morning i was on my way to work when i noticed some gathering, I went to the gathering then i noticed that it was a news paper with the heading that says some ARM ROBBERS killed two night watch in shagamu. I picked the paper to check the details but the owner was sharp to collect it from me, it’s #50 he said, oh sorry i replied as i open my bag to bring out #50, I collected the paper from him, I got to shop around 10 o’clock in the morning and the reason was because i left home around 8:30 that morning, the day was on Thursday and it’s also an environment day here in Lagos, so all shops aren’t allow to open until 10 o’clock. After settling down, I picked the paper as i begin to read the stories then it was said that the arm robbers came around 1 o’clock earlier that morning the eyes witness said that the the argument came up between the two parties before a lady shoot at the night watch men, Haa I screamed, what’s this country turning into, thieves are very stupid they surely should be killed too i said. Throughout that day i couldn’t stop pitying the night watch, I’m not even sure if police are even in this country , imagine thieves here and there what a bad county I sigh. After working for the day, i went back home, due to the traffic here in Lagos, I got home late just for me to see Mrs Linda and Amaka panic, guess something is wrong i suggest, what happened ma i said while seeing the two. It’s my son she replied. What’s wrong ma then she explained everything to me, haa where is he now i asked. She told me he’s been rush to the hospital.

Stanley Pov
My second experience with Sandra was really fun, after the call i went to her house. Since it’s not my first time of going I knocked at the door then she came to open up, I noticed her wears but as a sharp guy i pretend not to see, after some time she told me to go on the generator and the reason was because of the heat, so i did as she ordered, after some talk, we started from a minor kiss till it got out of hands, we had sex, I thought that’s all not until she later came with a tea which i drank, after some minutes time again we started again, but this time the section last for almost 30 minutes before i left her house that afternoon, though i knew it really won’t sound good for me to tell Afeez that i went to Sandra house, so as a sharp guy i branch at a shop where they sell phone, I bought one, it was an Android model so i went home with it, I got home to see Afeez guess he must have been looking around for me, where have you been he asked but then he noticed the package i got with me, Abdul asked me what it’s all about, after some talk i told the two that i went to buy a phone instead, so i show them the phone while they both believed. But the romantic section i had with Sandra kept flashing to my head, then i will laugh whenever i got to think about it, Afeez noticed but i still lied that i remembered something while coming home which he believed. Around 8 o’clock in the evening, then Sandra came, guess she was already set for tonight operation, she was putting on a long sleeve shirt, what’s up i saw Afeez greeted. After some talk between the two she came to meet me outside where i was sitting, though i have left the room while she was still talking with Afeez, so she came outside to meet me, we talked for a while before Abdul came to call us that our attention is needed inside, we both went inside again, then Afeez told us the news from officer Bayo so you mean we’re already owing him as at now Sandra asked him, yeah he replied, so what’s the plan I asked, he told us the gun is just to scare and not to kill, he concluded that we should always take note of it, but then Abdul had asked him Silly question which makes him want to heat him, yeah he’s right Sandra back it up, what if something happened along the line and we don’t have any choice than to shoot she said but Afeez was sharp to explain it to her that our mission here is never to kill anyone, weren’t a murderer he said. We left the house around 12 o’clock and the reason was because surulere had been known for their security, we knew there are lots of police post around the place so we have our plans as well, we left home around 12am earlier that morning. Abdul as usual has always be our driver but i noticed that Afeez didn’t want me to sit at the front maybe he had a plan, so he told Sandra to sit at the front as well while we both sat at the back, after some drives we got to a police post though i have made necessary arrangements like keeping the guns including the mask as well, come down one of the officer screamed, we all came down from the car, I went to meet him as usual, i thought just giving him money will do but then they insisted that they want to search the car, seriously hearing that i was really feeling uneasy within myself, what if they got to see the guns i said but then i heard Afeez shouted at me let them search. Really did he even know what he’s saying, well Afeez can be unpredictable so police went ahead to search the car, but seriously my mind was up, Sandra at the other hand was just looking at the scene, after series of search from the boot to the inner of the car, then the officer came to report that there’s nothing in the car, hearing this i opened my mouth, how?


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