THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 20



Mrs Linda Pov
I got to know Linda after the death of my uncle, it was a pain on my side, uncle had been a nice person to me during my secondary school time, he have been taking all proper responsibilities on me, even after i got admitted into the university so his death was really a pain to the family, I was driving home that night when i saw a little girl crying beside the road, I stop the car and parked somewhere around the road, what happened to you i asked, then she told me her sister was raped by some gang, seriously i felt sorry for her, where’s she I asked, then she took me to an uncompleted building very close to the road, we both help the lifeless girl to the car before i drove back to the hospital. I make sure i paid all necessary fee before i left the hospital that night. The following morning i drove back to the hospital, then the doctor told me she’s awake, seriously i was happy to hear that, that morning i went to meet her, we talked for a while before i later left her with the doctor. After some talk with the doctor he told me the girl will be discharged today so then i have make up my mind to help the two poor girl, Amaka had told me a lot about her and her sister so i felt pity for the poor girls, then i went to meet Anita, but thank God she told me she will be going with me so i was happy, though my plan for the girls was to help them maybe by given them some money while they will help me in my shops. After two days time, we left Kano to Lagos. Well if you care to know about me, I’m a wife to one Mr Babalola who stays outside the county , I have a son who was still schooling in one of the best university in the country, I’m a business woman, I have a shop where i sell clothes and another where i sell wine, people had known me with my business, so i felt the girls can help me with my business, reason why i decided to help the poor girls. The following morning after our arrival to Lagos I called Anita if she will help me with the wine shop while i take over with the clothes , I saw her very happy about the news , I smile it’s okay everything will be fine I said. Then we both went to the shop while i gave her some money incase she needs something to buy, I went with Amaka to the other shop.

Stanley Pov
Seriously i was surprised when i heard the sound of the gun too, how can she kill people like that, but come to think of it, what if the watch men later call the police, we surely would have been arrested as well and who knows what that might happened, then i saw Afeez shouting at Anita for shooting but i was fast enough to cut him shop, you have been here since morning and you saw everything yourself, what if the police came or neighbors around the vicinity start coming out I corrected him. Well to me i thought we’re going to continue the operation but was surprised when Afeez ordered that we should turn back, I was really wondering , we can continue i said, but he insisted that we can’t, so we all went back home that morning. The following morning i woke up around 8:30am in the morning then Abdul was up already Badoo he called, but something caught my attention, where do you get that i asked it was a wrist watch. Se dis one he replied in pidgin while laughing, I bought it with my money he said, really anyway since its your money no problem, I forgot to tell you that Afeez had later share the money with the crew myself and Abdul, so Abdul had been spending the money buying series of things , well i don’t blame him, small boy like him was giving a million so he was happy. Afeez came inside the room while we’re still talking, Badoo he teased while we both smiled, but where’s Sandra i asked, I knew we came here together yesterday night but how come he’s not here I asked, I just saw him smile, she went home earlier this morning really, I was surprised to hear that okay then. So what’s up about the operation i asked, I went there earlier this morning to go see what people are saying and maybe we can go back to the operation, guess you went with Sandra Abdul asked, yeah he replied then i beginning to suspect Afeez why Sandra and not me i asked, I saw him smile because you’re there sleeping lifelessly , I saw Abdul smile in a way that means they were both mocking me anyway what’s the plan I asked we’re going somewhere else today. I saw Abdul jump up, don’t mind him, he’s still a small boy, but which area this time. Surulere he said . Okay so what’s the plan, as usual we’re going in crew no f–k up at all he said and for Sandra we can’t keep shoot like that, do you even know how much it cost to buy a single bullet, so please we need to go straight to where we’re going too he said before we all went to do the necessity. I was outside the house sitting on a bench and the reason was because there’s no electric light so the heat from inside was really something else, so i went to sit outside the compound , then my phone rang, I looked at the caller just for me to see Sandra. I picked it up hello babe she said after the line got connected we talked for while though i knew she will be coming down in the evening since we got another operation to do, but Sandra insisted that i should come, at first i don’t want to, but since everywhere here is boring so i changed my mind, her house isn’t knew i remembered the last time i went there, heaven need to be replaced with that room i said to myself while smiling, I went inside to pick up a shirt as i went down to her house, the house is a flat self contain, though she had one or two neighbors living in that house too but since i don’t come for them, I went straight to her room after the second knock at the door. Then she open up, she was putting on mini skirt and a half naked body cloth which makes her breast to be seen .


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