THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 15



Anita Pov
Seriously i couldn’t take it anymore, after the second incident I had with him that day, I have been planning to leave the house, I knew it’s not going to be easy but i have made up my mind, Amaka my sister wasn’t happy about what she saw that day too, so we planned to leave the house, but the problem is the fact that i don’t have money with us, this is Kano, I don’t know anyone here maybe we should ask for help Amaka advice, which i also plan to do, I knew there are lots of beggars in Kano, maybe we should join them, then we can get some money, to go back to Akwa Ibom where we came from, the following morning, I have dressed well and ready to leave while Amaka in the other hand was arranging her clothes, though we didn’t bother to inform Uncle Ebuka about our plan the reason was because i don’t want any trouble or issues with him again. So as usual he came to our room that morning to give us some money to get food for ourselves, this has been is usual doing before he will go out to work, so he came that morning to give us money, then he noticed the luggage that I have parked somewhere in the room, what’s this all about he asked, but thank goodness that Amaka had replied him which makes him leave immediately, Amaka had lied that we want to watch our clothes and since he had never for once see us wash our clothes so he believed her. After some minutes, we left the house, then we started working around the city of Kano, seriously i couldn’t believe that everything here don’t seems to be normal, how do we communicate with people here, Amaka asked me, seriously all that we heard them saying was their language, so we got to a point where some beggars were staying, we went ahead to sit there too, though Bro Ebuka had given us five hundred naira, so i bought some food with the money, after about an hours some persons came to give the beggars some money, but i was surprised that they had known their self that they don’t bother to share the money with us, the sun is getting much that we couldn’t withstand the hotness coming from the sky, after about an hour a lady came but this time she was going through the direction that leads to where the beggars were staying, but i was fast enough to ask her for money she gave me fifty naira, God when are we going to get money to go back home. Throughout that night, all we could get was two hundred and fifty naira. So we left the place to look for a place to pass the night, we searched around from one place to another until we got to an uncompleted building, though the building had been roofed so i advise Amaka to let us pass the night there. Around two o’clock in the midnight then i heard a sound of leg coming towards where we sleep, we had sleep on one of the rapper that i got from mama before she died. Who’s there, a voice had called. This time i was scared to hell, then he pointed the touch light at me, this time Amaka was awake too, I thought it was just one person not until they kept coming inside the room, they were four in number, what are you doing here one of the guy ask me, I told him we don’t have a home, so we decided to pass the night here, this was what i was still explaining when another person ask me to turn around, which I did. They told me they’re going to help us, before i could decide on what to do, one of the guy had ask me to laid down, seriously it was then i got to realize that the gang want to rape me, they’re four in number, one of them warn me not to make any noise, if not they will kill my sister, this time One of them had taken Amaka into captive. I beg them to let the poor girl go but they weren’t seeing that as an excuse, one of the gang had forced me to off my clothes but that time i still have my pant with me, seeing me another of the guy shouted wow she’s sexy, I was forced to off my pant before one of them came to have sex with me, after he had got himself satisfied, i thought that’s all not until the second person came again, he lasted for about 20minutes, I was tired by then, I beg them but they weren’t listening, the third person came, after forcing himself inside of me, I couldn’t withstand it anymore, I was feeling dizzy, I’m weak, I’m powerless. Not until the forth person also came too, then he instructed his manhood inside of me, then i lost it all, that was the last thing that i could remembered.. Then i had fainted.

Afeez Pov
After the operation, I have gone to hide the money and the gun, the reason was because i knew it’s not going to be advisable to leave that kind of money in the house, but Stanley was getting it wrong, he came to meet me that money to ask me about the money, though I teased him a bit, but he got angry and left my present, but the scene was funny to me because i never see him get angry before, I was still laughing alone when Abdul came to meet me which i later now telling him about the money , later that morning i went out with Stanley though we didn’t tell Abdul and we never plan to go far but what we saw took us far a bit, at first we just decided to stroll out but then we saw this girl, I have never see a girl be as brave as this in my life, I saw the scene from the beginning to the end, she removed a purse from a guy who was standing but the guy caught her, the funniest part is the part that she claimed that it was the guy that stole her purse, it was like a magic, she was bold enough, when people gather around to the scene she still kept saying the guy stole the purse, so they asked her to tell them all details that was inside the purse, I couldn’t close my mouth this girl told them all that was inside the purse including the ID cards, even the guy was surprised himself, then guys beginning to harass the guy for stealing, even some have gathered around saying they will burn him alive. But it was later settled, I was surprised, who the hell is she, reason why we followed her to her hideout that morning. We got back home about 12pm in the afternoon, then i noticed a police officer, what are they here for, Stanley asked, but i told him to let keep going, we got to the house then the office had ask Abdul a question but i was fast enough to answer him before he left that afternoon.


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