THE GAME I PLAYED … (18+) … Part 13



Anita Pov
Days passes. Since the incident that happened between us, I have been avoiding him and the reason was because i don’t want to have any issues with him again. that evening i was at the kitchen trying to cook some food when he came back from work but since the incident, we don’t talk like usual again so i don’t even bother to greet or say anything. After some minutes he called Amaka my sister to go buy him something down the street, though I heard him call her but i don’t know what he sent her exactly . I noticed that the room was silent, since i don’t want to have any issues, so i decided to stay in the kitchen, I was looking at the food that was still per boiling when i noticed a hand around my waist, one hand had covered my mouth while he use the other hand to force my pant. What i wore was a gown, so he only took the cloth up then he had gotten access to my pant, though i tried all possible best to stop him but he was too strong and powerful than what i can assist myself then he pin my head to the wall which makes me bend a bit, then he had removed my pant which now makes him have access to do anything from behind, he brought out his manhood I cried for help but his hands was fast enough to cover my mouth, even when i tried harder he gave me a slap , then i have to let him do what he wants if not I will get myself injured. He instructed his manhood inside of me which makes me moan, he was not even pitying me at all despite the fact that we’re related he kept on forcing his manhood inside of me more harder from behind, I couldn’t do anything, I’m sure he must have forgotten that he sent Amaka message. Then Amaka came in and saw us. Seriously i felt ashamed but this stupid man wasn’t even seeing that as an excuse, he kept on banging me from behind, I noticed Amaka went to pick a knife, but he had noticed her so he quickly grabbed the knife from her. Thank goodness he later left me alone. I cried through that day.

Afeez Pov
After i went with the gate man inside as a sharp guy that i be, I have immediately squeeze his head while he was still sleeping, so i make sure he was dead before i went to open the gate, I called Stanley and Abdul as we both follow the directions that leads inside. Abdul was the one at the front, he open the door, then i realized that the door was locked. We went to the other door at the backyard then it was opened. The house is a big one we entered the house after walking from one staircase to another, we got to their bed room, I knocked at the door to see if anyone is there, then a man answered but i was sharp enough not to speak. Then he open the door, before he could decide on what to do, Stanley had pointed the gun at him which makes me cooperate with us, we drag him downstair to the living room. Abdul in the other hand was going from one room to another searching for money. Your money or your life I asked him. My life he said. Anyway we have been paid to kill you so you only got some minutes time left Stanley said. Seriously i never believe Stanley was sharp enough to come up with something like that. This time the man was already shaking, I can pay you guys off he said. I’m sure you can. They paid us twenty million naira Stanley continued. I will pay you thirty million the man answered. Anyway we don’t have much time where is the money or else we get our work done I said. This time i wasn’t feeling ease with their conversation, what if police bang in now, so we need to be more faster i whispered to Stanley. i followed the man to his room where he claimed that he kept his money. I was surprised when we got to his room the first door that was opened was where he kept his money, it was a Ghana must go bag. I collected it from him as we went back to meet Afeez and Abdul. I dropped the bag which i told Stanley to confirm the money inside, it’s legit he said. Before we later left that house that very midnight. though Abdul warn him not to call the police, if not we shall come back to kill him, i think this things makes him more scared that makes him to be looking like a moron. We got to the parking place where Abdul had parked the car. We can’t go like this, the police we be at their checking point and might stop us. Oh you’re right, I saw Stanley said afterwards. So we drove pass a street before we got to the main road. Then we parked at one corner of the road, if anyone ask us what happened, we shall tell them that the car broke down so we’re trying to fix it. This time it was after three earlier that morning. After some minutes later, some police officers came to meet us, guess they were on their special duties. Hello what are you doing there one of the officer asked Abdul. Our car broke down here, we’re coming from traveling , and we have tried all possible best but all isn’t working i answered. Then another officer asked us for the particulars of the car, Abdul was seen trying to get them, but as a sharp guy that i be, I have quickly brought out one thousand naira, I gave it to one of the officer before they later left us that morning. We left the place around 5:00Am in the morning. After some minutes driving, we got home earlier that morning. I can’t believe that the operation was successful, even the fact that we didn’t give any traces makes me more relieved.


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