THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..(18+)…..Part 6


“Your zipper is down sir.” Florence said in a stilted voice as she tried her best to choke down a giggle. She was caught between embarrassment and amusement at the fact that Jide Babalola had been waving his junk in her face for almost a minute. “Oh d–n it.” There was the sound of a zipper closing and Florence turned to see Jide shaking his head. “Thank you I guess, for saving my hide again. No wonder all the women were staring at me as I came upstairs. Good thing I’m not wearing my superman boxers.” Florence snorted in amusement and then clamped a hand over her mouth in horror. What kind of secretary laughed at someone who was as far up the company ladder as Jide was? But when she looked up at him, she was surprised and relieved to see he was smiling. “Oh let it out! I don’t bite.” He grinned downat her.
“Everyone should be laughing at me. That was silly.” When Nancy entered the floor reception lobby about a minute later, she found Jide Babalola and Florence Iheanacho laughing togtheer.
Her boss was perched on the edge of the other secretary’s desk and Florence was in her chair, giggling as she swept her long hair away from her face. Nancy had to clear her throat twice before they noticed her. “Good afternoon, sir.” she greeted Jide, throwing a what-the-heck look at Florence. “I have those documents you requested forready.” After collecting the documents, Jide finallyreturned to his office but not before dropping a wad of cash on Florence’s table with a conspiratorial wink.Immediately his door closed, Nancy launched into an interrogation that Florence ignored. She counted the money, thanking heaven beneath her breath. Not only was Jide Babalola friendly, witty and funny, he was also generous. The money would be more than enough to make up her rent.
“I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but remember Mr. Babalola is an oga here o.” Nancy warned, pulling one of her ears after Florence waved her questions away. “When he starts chyking you, don’t screamharassment o. I have warned you.” Florence hurriedly assured the other woman what she had seen was nothing like that, but her words fell on deaf ears. When Jide left the office after the close of work, he flashed a smile at her as he passed. Florence smiled back and then turned away, surprised at the jolt of pleasure that ran through her because of the special attention.
She hoped she would not have to hear Nancy tell her ‘I told you so.’”** **Jide was pleased that he had managed to avoid Anita, and successfully kept her at arm’s length since the kissing encounter inhis office. Things with his wife had not gotten any more friendly- there was still a tension that coloured their every word and action whenever they were home togtheer- and the last thing he needed on his mind was the thought and memory of Anita’s lipstick sliding against his lips or her hips grinding on his crotch. He didn’t trust himself to find enough self-control to rebuff her again, so he had tried his best toprevent any chance encounters with her in the office.Unfortunately, he had not taken places outside the office into consideration.Anita Bankole finally ambushed him after work, in the parking lot of the office premises.Jide was unlocking his car, already a bit depressed at the thought of another tense evening spent in his wife’s company. As he was debating a detour to a cinema to see a good movie, he was taken by surprise, just as in his last encounter with his colleague, Anita. He only became aware of the situation he was in when she already had her arms tightly wrapped around him from behind.Her perfume filled his nostrils as she squealed into his ear, pressing the soft m—-s of her chest into his back. “Gotcha! Haven’t you missed me as much as I’ve missed you, darling?” Jide tried to squirm out of her grip and only managed to turn himself around, such that her chest was now pressed against the front of his body and her face was only a few inches away from his own. “For goodness sake, Anita! Can you pleaseback off a bit? Respect my personal spacena.” Jide ground out between his tethe, trying to hold his breath. His body disagreed with him, already reacting to theenticing smell of her expensive perfume and the feel of her voluptuous curves pressed against his. “Who personal space epp?” Anita giggled, pushing closer to him. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t like it.” Jide finally managed to extricate himself from her grasp and took a few steps away,his body throbbing in betrayal.

“Just… don’t. it’s not right.” he looked around the parking lot but it was empty except for a solitary guard, who carefully kept his head turned away from where Jide and Anita were standing. “I’m married…”“And I’m not.” Anita quipped, grinning. When Jide’s expression remained serious, she pouted. “Don’t worry; I didn’t come here to steal you away from your precious wife. I just wanted to give you an invitation.”“Invitation to what?” he asked suspiciously.
Anita laughed. “My birthday party! It’s tomorrow night, at my house. Strictly by invitation; I only invited my favourite people. If you make it, I promise I have a special surprise for you.” she patted her body in exaggeration and ran her palms over hips sheathed in a skin-tight black pencil skirt, pretending to be confused. “Now where did I keep that iv card?” Jide turned his eyes away from her wandering hands. “You can give me tomorrow…”“Aha! Found it.” Anita said hands at her chest. She leaned towards him, and he saw a card peeking out from her cleavage. “Why don’t you reach in and grab it, handsome?” Jide shied away and she laughed, then plucked the card out and quickly slipped it into his trouser pocket, letting her hand slide over his thigh as she stepped away before he could react.
“The address is on there.” She winked as she blew him a kiss and walked away, hips gyrating with extra sway for his benefit. “See you there at eight p.m.” Jide stood there for an extra minute, getting his body under control before he drove out of the parking lot. Anita was getting under his skin, despite his best intentions. There was no way he would attend her birthday party.It was a bad idea.
** **In bed that night, lying in bed with Patricia who he had just had another blistering quarrel with, Jide changed his mind. Why shouldn’t he attend Anita’s party? It would be nice to be somewhere where he was wanted for once.He glared at his wife, who was turned away, her chest and back rising and fallingslowly. He knew she was awake, and just stewing in her anger, so she could continue the fight tomorrow. He wouldn’t give her a chance; He planned to stay out late the next day and come back too late for her to ruin another night of his.After all there’ll be other colleagues there, so I can resist Anita,he lied to himself.I can handle myself.Weirdly enough, the last person on his mind before he fell asleep was Florence. The brilliance of her smile followed him into his dreams, where he basked under her attention as he charmed her with his wit.Jide Babalola tossed in his sleep, caught between his lust for his colleague and somtheing else entirely for Florence, the new secretary with the long hair.


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