THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..(18+)…..Part 43


Jide’s question hung in the space betweenwhere he was leaning on the table and where Anita Bankole was seated, staring at him with a puzzled expression. “Say again? I’m not quite sure I heard you right…”Jide hesitated, unsure if he could even repeat the question. Hearing the words coming from his mouth made them soundridiculous, but he remembered his fear and the uncertainty that had given him a fitful, sleepless night. His body was still operating at almost zero percent and he knew he was only managing to stay upright because of the adrenaline his tiredbody had produced. He did not think he could bear a few more sleepless nights, wondering who wanted to hurt him and how. He had to be sure.Jide straightened up and squared his shoulders, crossing his arms. He hoped the towering position over Anita would intimidate her. “You heard me very clearly,Anita.” Anita leaned back in her seat. “I guess I did hear you right. Wow. And why would I do that, Jide?” Jide spread his arms dramatically. “Take a wild guess.”“What do you think I did to try and have you killed?” Anita deflected, leaning forward in her seat.
“What happened to make you think that?” Jide shifted uneasily. He had thought he had the upper hand in the conversation, considering the power of surprise in the way he confronted her, but now he wasn’t so sure. Anita seemed to be enjoying the conversation; a smile danced on her lips and her eyes seemed lit up with excitement. Her new seating position had exposed her impressive cleavage in her low-cut blue dress and despite his new-found determination not to let her body get to him, the sight had further destabilized Jide. “Like you don’t know.” Jide bluffed, pinning a frown to his face. “Seriously. Tell me what happened to you.” Anita said, a pleading note in her voice.Jide glared at her. “My car was tampered with. When I left work yesterday, I lost control of my car and almost got crushed by a truck. I believe someone tampered with my brakes, and cut the hose. And I believe that someone is you. I saw you in the parking garage downstairs, walking away from my car yesterday afternoon.” Anita threw her head back and laughed long and loud, the rhythmic peal of her voice filling the air-conditioned office. Jidewatched her, his uncertainty growing. “Wait o. Have you seen my knees? Hen, Jide? Do you know how much I spend on body creams to make my legs look this creamy and flawless?” Anita was still laughing, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks. “You think I would risk scarring these expensive knees on the dirty floor of the office parking garage to bend under your car and then risk damaging my expensive nails to tamper with your brakes? Guy, are you okay at all?”Jide scowled.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you on your knees before, Anita. And it’s interesting that you would know where thebrake hose was located…Anita snorted and stood up, dabbing at thetears in the corners of her eye with a finger as she walked towards Jide. [b]“Oh, Jide. You’re more handsome than smart, aren’t you? Brawn over brains.” She stopped in front of him and draped her arms over his shoulder. “You beautiful stupid man, the fact that you’ve seen me kneeling with legs spread on silk sheets shouldn’t make you feel special. Maybe other people have seen that as well and you know what? They are smart enough to know that bed sheets are way softer than oil-stained concrete.” Jide opened his mouth to talk and Anita pressed a finger to his lips, stopping him. “Also I know where the brake lines are because i can drive and I am not stupid. I am a confident, self-sufficient woman whois as knowledgeable about what she wants as she is about what she has. I lovedriving and I have cars. I know my cars, darling.” Anita grinned. “What’s funny is that you think I want you so bad, I would go that far. I already have a new plaything,as you’ve seen. Bayo is just as stupid as you seem to be, but definitely better in bed…” Jide gripped Anita’s arms firmly and shifted them off his shoulders. He already felt stupid for suspecting Anita, but he wasn’t willing to let her see it. He had to keep up the act. He turned away abruptly, long legs covering the distance to her office door in a few seconds. “Whatever, Anita. I may be stupid, but I know you’re vindictive. A woman who didn’t care aboutbeing dumped would not send racy pictures to her lover’s wife. Let that be the extent of your revenge. Stay away from my car, my wife and anything to do with me.”“Don’t flatter yourself, honey.” Anita scoffed at his retreating back. “You’re old news now, pretty boy.” Jide ignored her, loudly slamming the office door shut behind him as he took his leave.The loud bang echoed in the office and Anita’s expression changed, her lips tightening as her eyes narrowed with repressed fury.Jide Babalola would pay for this.


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