THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..(18+)…..Part 25


For a stolen moment, Jide Babalola and Florence Iheanacho blocked out the rest ofthe world and just continued the kiss that instinct had led them to. Hungry tongues duelled, seeking for sweeter secrets within the crevices of their warm mouths. Jide was swept away by the smell, feel and taste of Florence as he slid his hands around her waist and pulled her as close as he could, revelling in the waves of pleasure that ran through him.Florence was delirious with ecstasy. Kissing Jide Babalola was a fantasy that had fuelled her imagination for weeks, an impossibility she had fantasized over for weeks. And now it was happening she felt like she was floating on cloud nine. Jide shifted her even closer and she m0aned into his mouth.The sound was like a slap to Jide. He froze and then disentangled his body fromFlorence’s slowly, his thoughts whirling as he came back to his senses.What am I doing? Oh good heaven what have I done again? “I shouldn’t have done that.” Jide gasped, taking a step back from the secretary. “I’m so sorry.” Florence barely heard what Jide said. She stood with one hand touching her still-tingling lips, face warm and knees threatening to buckle. “I was just so overwhelmed by the thoughts in my head that I just acted without even thinking about what I was doing…” Jide babbled on. “No, stop.” Florence cut in as his words registered. Jide’s excuses were threateningto ruin the magical moment and she didn’twant to hear them. “It’s okay, Jide… It’s okay, sir. You don’t have to apologize at all.”
She giggled self-consciously. “It wasn’t like you were kissing yourself. I wasa willing party to it.” Jide sat down slowly, sinking into his office chair as his thoughts clarified. The mental shock of what had just happened had had an unexpected effect. The haze of anger and confusion he had been walking around in since the night before seemed to have completely evaporated and for the first time in weeks, he was thinking clearly. “No, I do need to apologize.” He muttered, eyes distant. “ButI understand where you’re coming from. We’re adults and should handle things thatway.” Florence had the sneaking feeling he wasn’t talking about their kiss anymore but she answered with an uncertain smile. “Yes, we should.” When Jide kept his eyes on his table, still looking thoughtful, she moved away. “I’ll just be at my desk sir, in case you need me.” Outside, she leaned against Jide’s closed office door and shut her eyes, trying to calm her racing heart. She could still remember every detail of the kiss and how amazing it had been. She ignored the warning voice of her roommate in her head, allowing happiness to bubble up inside her.

Truly, dreams did come true. If just kissing Jide was this amazing, what would happen if they did more?She could hardly wait.When Jide came out of his office twenty minutes later, Florence jumped up from where she was sitting behind her desk, her pulse racing as she imagined him coming over to her desk, sweeping everything off the surface, and laying her on it as he leaned over her and drove her crazy with more delicious kisses… “I’m going home.” Jide’s voice cut into her new fantasy. Florence blinked hard to clear her head as he walked over to where she was standing and paused, his fingers drumming thoughtfully on her desk. “I have stuff to sort out. I may return, but I’m not sure. If anything important comes up…”“I’ll call you on your private line, yes sir.” Florence completed the thought, trying to keep her tone crisp and formal. “See you later today or tomorrow.” Jide smiled, his eyes focusing on her face.He felt relief that she was behaving as though the kissing episode had not occurred. Maybe they could successfully put it behind them. “Thank you, Florence. Really, thank you.” Florence watched him go, her head neglecting to tell her Jide’s behaviour was not that of a star-struck lover but that of a man who had decided the kiss was nothing but a casual mistake to be swept under the carpet. Her heart encouraged herto see what was not there, filling her mind her with more dreams and fantasies of what else she and Jide could do when next they were alone.She could not wait to see him the next day.** **Jide hurried into his house, with only one clear thought on his mind.Patricia frowned as her husband entered the small room she used as her office. Shehad heard the car enter the compound andwondered what he had returned home for. She slid off the pair of glasses she only used at home and cocked her head inquiringly to one side, not getting up fromwhere she was seated behind her laptop. “Is something wrong?” Jide walked in slowly, smiling as he allowed himself to just look at her, the wayhe had not for a long time. Patricia was wearing a faded green t-shirt and a pair of black denim shorts, her braids tied up into a messy bun. Her face was free of make-up but beautiful, smooth dark brownskin gleaming in the light streaming in through the curtains of the lone window in the makeshift office. Even from where he stood, he could smell the bathing soap shealways used, the subtle scent teasing him with memories of happier times. “Um… did you hit your head?” Patricia asked, a note of impatience entering her voice. “Why are you staring at me like oof!”Her breath left her in a whoosh as Jide pulled her up and wrapped her in a crushing embrace. She froze at the unusual display of affection, then began to try to wriggle out of his grasp. His next words stopped the words of protest already on the verge of pouring out of her mouth.
“I found the medical reports, Pat. I know everything.


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