THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..(18+)…..Part 23


Anita Bankole watched her lover pull on his underwear, and decided it was time to step up her game.She already had Jide Babalola right where she wanted him- servicing her in her bed and wherever else she felt the urge to havehim. It had been her modus operandi for years; to find something or someone she wanted and taking it, not letting anyone or anything stand in her way. The only daughter of a foreign-based billionaire, shehad more than enough money to indulge her desires and had only chosen to work tostave off boredom. Meeting Jide at the legal chambers where they both worked was just a plus. He was not the first colleague she had s£duced, but after weeks of having him at her beck and call, she realized something was different about her latest tryst.She was actually beginning to like Jide.When she initiated their affair, she had only been interested in sexual satisfaction from the virile-looking handsome Jide and even though she knew he was only lustfully attached to her, she was bemusedto find out her feelings for him were growing beyond a physical desire. For instance they had just concluded one of their regular sweaty sessions and as he rolled off quickly to clean himself up and leave, she felt a sense of loss and abandonment that she had never experienced before.
Slowly, she had begunto feel honestly jealous of Patricia.What does Jide’s wife have that I don’t?Anita thought ruefully. She felt like Patricia Babalola was a pretty, yet plain, stay-at-home trophy wife who only looked good on Jide’s arm for social purposes; in essence, a glorified handbag. How could Patricia measure up to Anita’s own obvious and carefully acquired sensuousness? “Do you have to hurry off as though you didn’t have fun?” Anita snapped, sitting upin the bed. She had picked another out-of-way hotel for their tryst, unfazed by the high expense of the flamboyant suite she had booked and paid for online. The expensive and luxurious bed sheets and soft pillows felt like a lover’s embrace, but she ignored it, only interested in the touch of the man who had just left her own embrace. “We always have a great time and then you run away as though there areants on the bed. What’s that about?” Jide paused to look at her, warily trying to gauge what her new game was. Anita had never shown any concern over his hasty departures from their secret meetings before now. What had changed?“You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.” Jide replied gruffly, struggling into his pair of jeans.
“There’s no big deal there.” Anita’s eyes narrowed. “And what if I say there is? What if I tell you I don’t like feeling like I was just used and dumped each time you leave like this?” Jide stopped in the middle of pulling on his undershirt, mouth open. “What?”“You heard me, Jide Babalola. Your behavior isn’t exactly tactful…”“What we’re doing here is far from tactful.” Jide snapped, pulling his singlet down the rest of the way. “From day one, there has been nothing ‘Telemundo’ about this… this.. Whatever we’re doing. And the matter-of-fact way we have been going about it is just fine by me. Why ruin that?” Anita sat up on her knees, impressive b—m heaving with passion. “Maybe I want more, Jide! Maybe I want what we have to grow into something richer and deeper..”“Are you mad?” Shock had caused Jide to forget all the power Anita had over him.

“As in, are you totally off your rocker? What happened to you just wanting s-x? What is all this?” Anita had stiffened at his tone, but her voice was level when she replied. “This is me simply asking for more than what I wanted. And you may call me mad, but this madwoman always gets what she wants.” Jide’s heart sank. Against his better instincts and because of fear of the influence she held in the corporate environment, he had allowed this dalliancewith Anita to go on too long, selfishly enjoying the fringe benefits that came withbeing coerced into infidelity. Now he realized it could be time to pay for his lack of self-control. “I am a married man, Anita.” He said softly, sickened to hear the note of pleading in his voice. “I cannot give you more than this.” There was nothing pleasant about Anita’s smile as she lay back on the expensive pillows and patted the space beside her. “You can give me some after-s-x attention. Come here, Jide.” Jide hesitated, his thoughts running riot. He was already close to getting home late and he knew every minute spent was adding to the explanation he would owe Patricia. They had a family dinner to attend together and his wife would not forgive him if she had to go on her own. He glared at the naked Anita, lovely and luscious, but cold and hard on the inside. For a moment, wild thoughts ran through his head.Why should you let a woman toy with you like this? Walk out! If she interferes, push her aside or beat her! If she refuses to stopmaking things difficult, just place your hands around her neck and sq££ze…!The last thought make him break out in a sweat. Was he so desperate that he could actually contemplate murder?A few seconds later, Jide was lying on the bed beside Anita, who was running her hands over his body contentedly. He felt his traitorous body beginning to respond and cursed beneath his breath.He was definitely going to be late again.


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