THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..(18+)…..Part 20


“What is it with women offering me food today everywhere I turn? Ah! Do I look hungry or starved?” Jide Babalola said crossly, yanking his zipper upwards.Anita Bankole raised an eyebrow and sat up in bed where she was lying.
Jide was standing on the other side of the bed, tucking his undershirt into his jeans, his back to her. She could see a few spots of water on the white shirt, where he had not wiped his back dry after the quick shower he had just finished taking.They had just finished one of their eveningtrysts and even though Jide had been responsive and enthusiastic during the frenzied session, he had immediately jumped up and hurried into the bathroom afterwards.
Anita had noticed he was always quick to leave her, citing one excuse or another, but she had decided to ignore it. She was getting what she wanted. “So, offering to fix you something to eat before you go is a problem?” Anita chuckled.Jide sighed to himself. He knew his reaction to Anita’s offer had been unfair, but he was filled with the usual urge to leave her once they were done with his adulterous sessions. Eating would prolonghis discomfort. “Sorry if I sounded harsh.” He said gruffly. “I decided to eat light today, but I’ve been receiving offers to be fed all day. It’s a bit annoying, that’s all.” Anita smiled. “Ah! Including madam? When your ‘wifey’ offers you food, take it o. Or else, it’s war. You know women.”“My wife isn’t like that.” Jide said stiffly. “Our marriage isn’t your typical everyday Nigerian union or something whipped up in a Nollywood movie. We respect each other..” Anita could not hold back her laughter. “Oh my God! The delicious irony!” She flung off the duvet that was covering her naked body and gestured dramatically. “This is respect to your wife? Boy, you surehave a funny way of showing it!”Jide’s mouth tightened as he realised his gaffe and he silently pulled on his shirt. Anita pouted and crawled over to him, encircling his waist with her arms. “Alright, that was mean of me to say, I’m sorry my darling. But you have to get with the program.” She turned him around to face her and he acquiesced, facing her stiffly. “Wake up and smell the fufu. You’rein my house. You’re cheating on your wife with me. According to the almighty Nollywood you mentioned, that IS a typicalNigerian marriage.” Jide pulled away, securing his wrist-watch around his wrist. Anita’s words burned in his mind. They were true and unpleasant to hear. “I have to go.” Anita shrugged and sprawled back on the bed with a grin and a wink. “No wahala. Till next time, lover boy.” Jide paused at the door, stopped by the tone of her voice. He felt angry at the fact that she took it for granted that there would be a next time. “And how are you so sure I will do this again?” he blurted angrily. “What if I decide this has to end?” Anita turned over in the bed, tousled from their sexual gymnastics, her eyes glittering. “Don’t even say it, baby boy. Don’t go down that path.
Therein lays trouble. Serious trouble. Just go, okay?” she winked and smiled, turning over on thebed again. “See you at work.” Jide remained at the door for a long moment, shaking with what he knew was impotent rage.

Then with a sigh, he slipped out of Anita’s bedroom and out of her house, refusing to meet the gaze of herdomestic staff and security men. He knew he would be seeing them again.Jide may have been lacking in self-control,but there were two things he had an abundance of. Shame.
And common sense.He knew he had to come back. Or else.** **Patricia Babalola suspected that her greatest fear had happened.Over a week after Jide had returned home with the bowl of stewed meat, her paranoia about her husband’s faithfulnesshad matured into some poisonous fruit, but she did not confront him with her suspicions or concerns. She instead resorted to a very ignoble tactic.She pretended to be asleep and waited till her husband returned from one of his now-regular late outings, then waited till heentered the bathroom to take a shower. She waited till she heard the sound of running water, then slid over the warm spot where Jide had seated briefly and immediately pounced on the phone he hadleft lying beside his pillow. Eyes flitting between the phone screen and bathroom door, she quickly tapped on the screen.Her eyes widened as the phone rejected the password she tried three times. Her heartbeat tripled in speed as her worse fears were confirmed. They had never been the type of couple to restrict access to each other’s phones. She ignored the fact that she had just tried to betray that trust and sat, stunned and shaking with anger.
Jide was definitely cheating on her.When Jide emerged from the bathroom, hefound Patricia sitting up in bed, waiting forhim. His heart dropped; he hoped she was not going to do the unexpected and finally ask him for s-x. Even though s-x with her was something he had yearned for and begged after for months, that day was the worst day his wife could ask for it. Anita had exhausted him roundly and all he wanted to so was rest.Towelled dry and dressed for sleep, he steeled himself to refuse her and sunk onto his side of the bed, preparing to coverhis body.
Her next words had him freezing with the duvet half-pulled over his legs. “Jide, you’re cheating on me, aren’t you?”


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