Chapter 36



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(Derek. The king)

Writer’s P O V

Tears suddenly started spilling from Pink’s eyes again, she just kept looking at Prince Reagan. She doesn’t no a way to react to his sudden outburst. He likes me? He liked me since we were kids.

Pink shut her eyes and tried to see if she could recall anything from the past but couldn’t recall anything.

With her eyes still closed. She felt prince Reagan’s thumb drying her tears away.

“Look, Amanda. I..I might be a little selfish but I still don’t want you to leave. I know our situations and all but I am not still willing to let you go.. I…”

“Forget the other things. You are married, I..I can’ with you. I can’t ruin another’s marriage.” Pink interrupted Prince Reagan opening her eyes.

“I am not asking you to ruin someone’s marriage. All I am asking you is to stay with me.”

“It’s the same as ruining your marriage. And I..”

“Shh,” prince Reagan shushed making her keep quiet. He held her chin up, moving closer to her.

“That marriage, I didn’t agree to it. I was forced to marry her because she claimed to be pregnant for me. It isn’t even a proper marriage as we haven’t even gone through the rites. Its more like I’m still courting her. Its you I wanna be with and that’s the main reason I brought you back here with me,” Prince Reagan explained.

Pink took her face down again.

“Derek won’t agree. Once he learns of the situation, he’ll hate you all. Aside hating you, he won’t want me to be with you because you are already with someone else. There is no escaping,” Pink muttered taking her eyes away from him.

“Look at me. Derek is no problem, he’ll get over it with time. He’ll come to like me back because I am not my father, I’ll make him understand that,” prince Reagan said cupping her cheeks.

Pink remained quiet for a long time and Prince Reagan took her silence as a yes.

He took her to the couch and made her sit down.

“Do you want something? Anything?” He asked her with the tone that said ‘don’t you dare refuse me.’

“Just a cup of water. My throat has become dry from yelling,” Pink mumbled in reply fiddling with her dress.

She saw prince Reagan left, he came back with a bottle of chilled water, then handed it over to her. She collected it and sipped it a little from it.

“When are we leaving?” Pink asked staring at him.

“After you might have calmed down and agreed to stay,” Prince Reagan replied.

“I can’t give you the final answer now. Let me speak with my brother first. Then I’ll get back to you,” Pink responded earning a sigh from prince Reagan.

“Why are you so stubborn?” He sighed again.

“Let’s go. I suppose we are done here,” Prince Reagan mumbled walking to the door. He held it open for Pink and she walked out.

Prince Reagan locked the door and they got into the car.

Few minutes into the road. Both of them remained quiet with Prince Reagan constantly staring at her. She is sitting in the passenger’s sit beside him, resting her head on the sit.

Prince Reagan recalled her earlier words again and guilt filled him.

He could only wonder why his father could do such a thing.

After pulling up inside shared houses. Pink came down without a word to him and left.

“My prince,” Simon called walking towards the car.

Prince Reagan handed the car keys to simon, coming down from the car.

“My prince,” simon called again.

“What is it?” Prince Reagan asked, ruffling his hair out of frustration.

“It’s the king. He request your presence in the next hour,” Simon revealed making Prince Reagan snap his head at him.

“Why?” He asked, almost yelling at him.

Simon shifted back.

“I don’t really know. But I suspect that the crown prince is involved,” simon revealed.

“Argh,” Prince Reagan grunted angrily.

He entered the car again.

“Let’s go,” he ordered out of frustration.


“Your sent for me,” Prince Reagan mumbled to his father while staring at the floor.

His queen, the crown prince’s mother was sitting beside him as he eat.

“Yes. Since you returned back here, you didn’t even bother showing up here. I can only wonder if you are truly my son,” the king said eating his meal slowly.

“I was occupied with a lot of things. I’m sorry,” he apologized.

The king shook his head in understanding.

“I heard you didn’t attend your brother’s wedding anniversary, why is that?” The king asked.

“I did attend but got caught up with some unexplainable situations.” Prince Reagan defended himself.

“So you mean your brother, the crown prince is lying about not seeing you there? If you attended, why didn’t you meet up with him,” the queen chipped in.

Prince Reagan frowned, hating the fact that she was talking to him. If it weren’t for the presence of his father he could have just ignored her but can’t.

“You can ask Steven,” he simply replied.

“Your brother will only defend you, nothing more,” the queen scoffed at him.

“Elizabeth, leave us. I need to speak to my son,” the King ordered and she obliged.

“Come, come sit with me,” the king beckoned on him. He hesitated but later went to sit beside the king.

“So I heard you came back with a mistress…..”


Pink asked a maid about the whereabouts of Derek and was told he was in the kitchen. Pink thanked the maid and started going to the kitchen, she got into the kitchen to see Derek kissing… kissing a lady, a maid.

“Derek!” Pink screamed making Derek and the maid his lips are locked with flinch.

“What the fück? What the fück are you doing?” Pink screamed at him in question. She walked towards the speechless Derek and pulled him by the ear out from the kitchen.

“Hey, you are hurting me. Stop it,” Derek frowned at her.

Pink left his ear, she turned to face him.

“What have you been doing? Taking advantage of all the maids here?” Pink asked, wide eyes.

Derek shrugged.

“Not all the maids, only Matilda, but I don’t like her tho. She is the one seducing me,” Derek replied acting as if it was not a big deal.

“So, that is why you have been playing with her heart?” Pink asked.

“No sis! I..she…it was just this once. She pleaded and know, it was only once,” Derek stuttered a bit.

Pink stared up at him for a while, suddenly recalling the important thing she has to tell him.

“Follow me, I have a lot to tell you,” Pink started walking to her room. Derek followed.

“You know you own me an apology for what you did to me. I should be so mad at you right now but I’m holding back,” Derek said looking at Pink.

Pink suddenly halted, making Derek to also stop walking.

He lifted his eyes to look at the person Pink was staring at to see….who was she again…he can’t remember her name or anything but he knows that she is one of the many ladies here who has been eye fuckïng him everytime he bumps into them.

Pink kept staring at Celia who glared at her, but what she doesn’t understand is why she is forcing a dirty smile to her face whenever she looks at Derek.

She better not be falling for my brother, Pink thought eyeing her.


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