Chapter 34
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Derek walked out of his room to the hallway, he was heading outside to call Pink because he has been waiting for her to call but she didn’t call.
The incident that happened earlier left him baffled and he is damn curious to no what his sister is up to.
As he was about dailing her line, a strange call came into his phone.
He hesitated for a while, wondering who the caller was. He picked up when the call was about to ring to an end and place his phone on his left ear.

“Hello?” He said into the phone, unsure.

“Derek,” a very familiar voice called, sniffing.

“Um…Tessy?” He called bringing the phone down to stare at the number once more before placing the phone back to listen.

“Yes it’s me Derek. It’s me Tess,” the caller which happened to be Tess revealed.

“How did you get this number? Wait, are you crying?” Derek asked, puzzled.

“Yes. I…I need your help,” Tess replied crying heavily.

“With what? I don’t understand. Calm down and explain things to me,” Derek said rushing his words.

“I..I am going to di..e. I..the doctor said that I have only few months to live,” Tess cried harder as she said.

Her unclear words made Derek more puzzled.
“The doctor said what?” He asked.

“He said that I am going to die, Derek, in a few months,” she repeated.
Derek halted in his steps.

“What?? How possible is that? You were fine few weeks ago. What really happened?” Derek asked taking his hand to rub his temple.

“Yes I know. I’ve not been feeling too good for a while now but I refused to go to the doctor…I…” she stopped and continued crying.

“Ok. I think we need to talk later, maybe tomorrow. I’ll call you when you are more relaxed,” Derek said into the phone.

Derek waited for a reply but didn’t get any. He cut the call, and fixed his phone back into his pocket. He kept a confused look on his face mumbling inaudible words.
The next day, Pink woke up early and prepared herself. She didn’t come to the house with clothes, well, expect the ones she was putting on that day.

She left to the kitchen to prepare an american dish she knows how to cook well for Ethan and Lilian. She served the meal on the dinning table just when
Ethan was coming out of his room.

He saw Pink arranging the plates on the dinning and stopped to look at her for a while. He had planned on leaving the house without seeing her because he doesn’t no what to he’ll say to her when she sets to leave.

Pink turned and saw Ethan.

“Oh hi, thank goodness you are up on time. I just finished preparing breakfast, I’ll go call Lilian,” Pink speed pass him to call Lilian.

She returned with Lilian who just finished brushing her teeth inside her room and they all sat down and ate Pink’s goodbye dish.

“I feel so sad that you are leaving, honestly,” Lilian whined.
Pink smiled.

“I’ll always keep in touch, I…”
The blaring sound of car hones interrupted their conversation.

Ethan stood up, he walked to the door and unlocked it. He came back to the dinning after that.

“Who’s car was that?” Lilian asked him.

“I think they are here for, Pink.” Ethan said staring at Pink who had a confused look on. She stood up on that, she walked to the door and opened it to see Derek resting his back on the Mercedes Benz that brought them.

“Derek?” Pink called walking out. Ethan and Lilian also came out to look at them.

“What are you doing here? I mean, how did you find me here?” Pink questioned, her two hands fixed on her waist.

“Come here sis. You said you were coming back today, weren’t you? Just here to pick you up,” Pink replied glancing inside the car.

Pink moved closer to the car to notice Prince Reagan inside. Her body went rigid on seeing him.

“I was curious, I wanted to know the place you hid yourself all these while,” Prince Reagan said coming down from the car.
Pink’s hands fell from her waist.

“You didn’t have to come,” Pink muttered to him.
Prince Reagan’s eyes left hers, his eyes rested on Ethan and Lilian who were also staring at him.

Prince Reagan walked slowly, brushing pass Pink until he got to them.

“You are the bitch throwing yourself at me yesterday. For this,” he lifted his phone up revealing the pictures of when Lilian hugged him. Her face didn’t show, only his.

“I bet you were behind doors taking these pictures,” he stated referring to Ethan this time.

“I hear you work for a reporting company. I guess that was the reason you had your sister throw herself at me. Like a bïtch she is,” he added glaring at Ethan and waiting for him to react negatively to his comments.

Ethan got really angry but didn’t let it show. He is a pro at hiding his feelings so well.

“Congratulations, you have been promoted at work for this little piece of fake information you imputed on the net.”

“Well, even if you don’t get that promotion I’ll call your company and personally asked them to give your a raise, you guys really tried,” he concluded flashing him a fake smile before turning back to look at Pink.

He didn’t utter a word. He went back to the car leaving Derek to do the rest.

“Sis, let’s go. You have a lot to tell me. You’ll have to give me a good reason for all those drama’s before I can consider forgiving you for abandoning me like you did,” Derek urged tapping his foot on the floor.

“I’m coming,” Pink muttered before walking up to Ethan and Lilian.

“I’m sorry and thank you,” she muttered and gave them both a brief hug before picking up her phone. She walked back to meet Derek. Derek opened the back sit for her to sit beside the prince and she did. He got into the front sit to sit beside Simon.

Simon ignited the engine, he turned and left the compound. He drove for a while before stopping in front of another car.

He came down from the car with Derek.

“I’ll see you,” Derek waved at Pink before going into the other car with Simon.

Prince Reagan got into the front sit before driving off towards another direction.

“What is going on?” Pink finally asked after noticing the confusing moment.

“We need to talk, Amanda. We have a lot of things to talk about,” Prince Reagan mumbling speeding up the car.

T B C Pink


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