Chapter 33



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The kiss lasted for a while before Pink forcefully pulled away from it. She wiped her tears away.

“I have to go,” she muttered coldly to him before walking to the door and unlocking it. She ran out to see Derek still standing outside waiting beside Prince Steven.

“Hey, where are you going?” Derek asked.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, Derek, get ready to leave,” she replied him while staring at Prince Reagan who just came out from the ranch house.

“Wait…what??” Derek asked in confusion but didn’t get a reply from Pink. She ran out of the palace, running pass the securities and jumping into Lilian’s car, where they still stayed waiting for her.

Prince Reagan quickly signalled a guard to follow them.

“Oh geez! We were scared that scary prince was gonna kill you. How did you…how did you escape from them all?” Lilian asked, concerned.

“Let’s just go,” Pink said amid sniffles.

“Hey, are you crying? Why are you crying?” Lilian asked, turning to look at Ethan who shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey babe,” Lilian called again.

“I’m fine Lil, just go,” Pink managed to say again.


They got down from the vehicle, Lilian locked the car before running up to meet Pink.

“Did that prince do anything to you, Pink. Seriously, why are you in tears?” Lilian pressed.

“Lilian give her a space. Gosh!” Ethan chipped in.

“She’ll speak when she’s ready,” he added and Lilian left her. Pink went to the guest room and throw herself down on the bed.

Flashes filled her head, when the prince looked at her and cupped her cheeks, when he kissed her. She can’t stop recalling them. But then again, the prince’s father has been involved in hers and Derek’s misery.

How can a man do this to an entire family? How could a man who has children do this to another family? Because he is a king? Even if he is a god.

Pink remembered when Ethan after searching and searching the internets for long finally found out a case relating to her. Even her and Derek’s childhood picture were on the net.

It was said that the king had sentenced her mom to death for adultery. It was also said that her mother couldn’t bare it so she committed suicide after killing her husband which is their father. The king asked the family members to provide her mom but they told the king that the woman has already died, the king didn’t believe it so he sent his guards to their house, gathered up all the family members, both extended, kept them in a house before setting the house on fire.

It was concluded that all of them died there. Tho the earlier report stated that the daughter of the woman who committed adultery was the one who sent the house on fire.

Reading that particular line made Pink’s heart bleed. How could they even blame such things on her? How could a 6 or 7 years old girl set her whole family on fire?

She concluded in her mind that the king had purposely blamed it on her in the first place, but for what? For what reason? What did she do to that old man? She couldn’t remember a thing.

Tears kept pooling out of her eyes. She wished she never got curious enough to search up such information.

They even said her own mother committed adultery. What the bloody hell? Even tho she doesn’t know who her mother is but she believes in her heart that her mother would never do such a thing as to sleeping around with other men.

But all in, the story is a bit hideous. There is more to it. The info on the net can’t be all. There is more, Pink thought.


At night, after dinner. Pink decided to reveal herself to Lilian and Ethan. She started by telling them that the guy they had seen bringing in horses was her brother.

“What?? That cute dude is your brother?” Lilian exclaimed earning a slap on her wrist from Ethan.

“Yes Lil. And all those stories I told you guys about my boyfriend molesting and abusing me are all lies,” she revealed.

“Woah!” Lilian exclaimed again.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for lying to you guys, I’m really sorry. Trust me, I’ve been feeling so guilty for not telling you guys the truth, you guys have been so nice to me, you deserve nothing but the truth. I..I know prince Reagan too, he was the one who brought me down here. He promised to find out and reveal everything to me about my origin but didn’t, I had to look for another way to find it. I had to run away from there.”

“That was how I got to you here. I wasn’t abused or anything,” Pink concluded.

Ethan and Lilian both kept quiet for a long time before Lilian spoke up.

“It’s ok. People lie for a lot of reasons, you just happened to find yourself in that awkward situation, I forgive you,” Lilian cooed.

“Thank you,” Pink smiled at her then looked at Ethan who hasn’t been saying a word.

“Ethan?” Lilian called.

“Give me a minute,” Ethan said, suddenly standing up. He walked out from the dinning.

“Ethan?” Lilian called, standing up.

Pink stood up. “It’s okay, I’ll talk to him,” she said holding Lilian down to her sit.

Pink walked to Ethan’s room. She knocked once before pushing the door open.

“Ethan,” she called walking in to where he sat, setting up his computer.

“Ethan I’m sorry. I understand if you find it hard to forgive me….”

“Its not that, Amanda,” Ethan suddenly said taking Pink by surprise.

“Amanda?” She asked.

“Yes, I heard it when they called you that. That’s your name right?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah..yes,” Pink replied.

A minute silence followed before Ethan spoke up again.

“So you have a relationship with that particular prince?” Ethan asked.

“Its not what you think. It’s just..he is married, I don’t have that kind of relationship with him,” Pink mouthed.

“But you like him? I could sense it. He feels something for you too, when you called him. He melted, even tho it was just for a few minutes, I saw it all and I was just waiting for you to say it,” Ethan said.

Pink remained muted. Words from prince Reagan flashing back into her head.

I’m sorry. I..I should have revealed it to you the moment I found out, but I was scared you were gonna go back. I didn’t want you to leave, I had to look for a way to trap you here

“Yes,” Pink mouthed again after a long time.

“You are lucky. I guess I should stop day dreaming then,” Ethan said letting out a sad smile which Pink didn’t quite understand.

“I’ll..I’ll be leaving tomorrow,” she revealed.

Ethan nodded.

“Goodnight,” she added before leaving his room.

“So, what did he say?” Lilian asked.

“Nothing much. He just forgave me,” Pink muttered.

“Ok, but I must say, Pink, your brother is very very handsome. He is so cute. He has a very sweet name too, gosh!” Lilian smiled as she said.

“Come on Lil. I’m sure you are way older than him, stop dreaming,” Pink teased.

“Oh, he will be my younger brother then. I will show him off to all the girls on campus,” Lilian said again earning a laugh from Pink.

“So you are leaving tomorrow then?” Lilian asked.

“Yes,” Pink replied.

“Oh, I’ll miss you so much babe.”

“Yeah me too. I’ll go to bed now,” Pink cooed standing up.

“Goodnight,” she added.

“Goodnight,” Lil replied her.

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