We checked outside Jane’s house , it was all quite. I could see a faint light from the room I remebered to be Jane’s. She stayed with her elder sister who was married with 3 kids .
I knew if I had to get to Jane I needed to be clever in a way I was to deal with her.
Slowly I opened her bedroom window with a sharp tool from the car,
“stay here and watch out!” I told Jim as I pushed the window open .
Jumping inside I found the room deserted. I looked around the room for any clues , I saw some pieces of paper on the unmade bed .
Unfolding it , my heart skipped .
It was an address for one of the lodges in kitwe though I couldn’t see the complete address , I could figure out the address because I knew it I had once been there for some meeting a month before .
I searched around further but nothing else caught my attention . I was almost going out when I heard a car outside.
I quickly walked to the window , “who is there ?” I asked Jim who was standing by the corner peeping on a corner.
” Not sure yet” he whispered to me .
” Stay put let me check who it is.”
I stood by the window waiting for Jim to come back but infortunately he didn’t. I heard voices outside like some people arguing .
“Dammit!” I spat when I crawled out just to find a police car outside and two officers talking to Jim.
I saw them trying to hand calf him and I walked towards them , “excuse me officers!” I shouted before reaching them .
“What is the problem here ?” I asked with a command ?
“Who are you ?” One of them asked me ,
” why are you interfering in our work?”
“Am with this man” l pointed at Jim .
“Oh so you are together uh?” The policeman asked coldly ,
“you guys were reported minutes ago as robbers by some anonymous person .” He mentioned.
“And you just come to arrest us without consulting ? Or evidence of what we have done?” I asked with my voice with so much command . I had to stand my ground for me to face the cops . l hated their behavour , their altitude of intimidating actually frustrated me and all the time I had to face them I made sure I put the police people in their place .
“Who are you to question us ?” One of them the shorter one, asked standing next to me his head held up .
“Am someone who you wouldn’t want to mess with” I snapped firmly. I saw Jim smile and I knew I was nailing it .
“Listen guys , ” I said patting the short cop on his shoulders .
“We are in the middle of an operation here and you are getting in our way” I added .
“Um we are just doing our job sir” they respond . Am sure the command in my tone gave them a hint I was not just a civilian .
“May we know who you are ?” they asked standing back . I grabbed my wallet and handed them my Id .
“Sorry sir” they paid their compliments ,
“we just acted on the call sir , permission to carry on ?”
” Carry on !” I ordered and stood beside Him as they got back in their car .
“Wait a minute” l called them before they could drive away .
“Do you have the details of the caller?” l asked leaning on the window to their car .
“Just the line sir and all we know is that it was a woman from the neighbour no name given”
“Good …let me have the line” I told him with a smile .
” Sure sir” he smiled back as he showed me the phone he had so I copied the number .
“Welldone! officer” l responded and hit the side of the truck as they moved away.
“You are crazy soldier” Jim chuckled as we walked towards our vehicle . I got the number and dialled it upon reaching the car.
“Hallo!” I heard a lady answer ,
” this is the police” I lied .
” May I know who this is , we have information that you just reported some dangerous robbers in your area” I told her .
“No , I won’t tell you my name sir just do your work , I have told you I saw two men break in at my neighbours house and you are asking questions instead of doing your job!” she shouted and I could now recognise her voice .
“Jane ?” I asked her surprised, “where are you, you mad woman ,where have you taken my kids ? ”
She went quite , “speak up you b****, I swear to God I will find you and when I do you will learn the worse of me.” l shouted my temper rising .
She cut the line and I knew she was close by, she saw us and called the police
“She must be close” I told Jim .
I took some steps to and from outside Jane’s house thinking, I was getting desperate each passing minute . I knew Paula was waiting on me to take the twins home and I hated that I had not done much that night . lt was almost mid night .
“What next ?” Jim asked me when I finally stopped walking around .
“I don’t know Jim, I don’t like the feel of all this and my woman is probably getting worried sick right now. I can’t take this any more. you know what? am going in there ”
I told him walking to the house

” lf she won’t come out here from where ever she may be I will fish her out,” l stormed heading direct to the door. I knocked with a loud blow on the door and a few seconds later I saw Jane’s brother in-law stand before me holding the door .
“Who are you ? How dare you knock like that ?”
I didn’t answer back , I didn’t have any more time to argue and talk , I had to act fast .
I quickly pushed him back inside and grabbed the gun from my back to his head ,
“where is Jane ?” I asked looking straight at him .
“I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what business you have , leave me out of your issues , ” the man answered .
“Oh, by the time am done here you will know who I am” I said sternly .
“Jim get the woman out from the
bedroom” I ordered. He looked at me with a questioning look ,
” go on!” I shouted .
He brought Jane’s sister and told her to take a seat near the husband .
“Now” I sighed as I sat down and leaned on my knees , my gun put back in my belt .
” Sorry people l woke you up but it’s a matter of life and death , your sister” I said looking at Jane’s sister “just kidnapped my twins, the boys are just 3 months old so as you know the babies need to feed and they need the mother’s care . I won’t let this day end without finding them. so tell me where she is ” I spoke to them calmly .
“I have no idea what you are talking about” the sister shook her head on me.
“Just tell me anything that will help me locate her .” I insisted.
“She is supposed to be in her room for all I know” the sister answered.
“She’s not there” l answered her standing up my patience was running out .
“Call her now and talk to her please , let her come out and face me , otherwise I know the small girl you are keeping here is hers , tell her I won’t let her destroy my life and if she’s daring me I will make sure she never sees her child again . I will hunt her down and l will find her. May God help her if that happens .” I scoffed.
She looked at me and asked to get her phone from the shelf in the sitting room as I watched her .
“Hello Jane, please come back here this man is threatening us and the kids . please if it’s true what he’s saying about you just drop this already .”
Before she could say anymore I grabbed the phone from her .
“Jane ! If I don’t see you here in 2 minutes, I assure you your girl is dead.” I said cutting the line.
She didn’t know I knew that the girl she always told me was the last born of her sister’s kids was actually hers. In my desperation I had to use her to get her out of her hiding.
About 5 minutes later the back door opened and she walked in slowly . I knew she was scared .
“How could you do this to me Jane ?” I asked walking to her. I grabbed her with force and pushed her down to the floor. She fell down wimping ,
“where are my kids Jane ? Talk now or you all regret ever knowing me and messing with my kids” l snapped standing up on her as she raised her hands scared .
“Who told you l took your children Ackim ? I don’t know what you are talking about .”
“You know what, don’t give me that buls*** , those kids are innocent and still little , how could you act so evil ? Just start talking or I swear you will get me mad and trust me that won’t occur well for you .”
“Sorry but I dnt know anything” she answered flirting and standing to sit up .
With my hand I slapped her hard and she went down with a bang , I felt bad she was pushing me beyond limit . I had never hit a woman before and I felt the effect my hand as I saw her bleeding from the mouth , the sister jumped screaming as Jane cried wiping her bloody mouth.
“Tell him what he wants to know Jane please” the brother in-law begged .
She stayed quite her head down , “don’t make me do this Jane” I told her firmly .
“Give me back my kids and let me go back to my woman she needs me and our babies.”
Jane looked at me with a disguisting look when I mentioned Paula. After some few seconds of threatening her , she finally gave me the information I needed .
“Am not the one who took them ” she started ,
” I was just helping organise the kidnapping . l just wanted to make you pay for rejecting me so when I was approached by Chikola , George’s mother to arrange for some baby foods and diapers some two weeks ago, I agreed but from here they took off . They just came to get the things I got . I was told to wait for their call for the next step. I panicked and decided to hide at the neighbour’s when I saw you walk into our yard and called the police .
“Well so now tell me where they have taken my boys , don’t tell me you don’t know cause I just found this in your room” I told her holding out a piece of paper I picked from her room with a tone address .
“Is this were they took the babies ? ” I asked her lifting her head with my hand .
“I think so. They never really told me a thing.” she nodded her head . ” Well then, let’s go” I told her lifting her by the hand , .”you will lead us to the place”
Jim who had been watching in silence followed us outside and walked past us to open the vehicle .
I put Jane in the back seat and jumped into the driver’s seat .
“Check out the address I just text ” I told Chama on the phone as I drove .
I later called my wife and briefed her on the matter .
I heard her sigh as she told me to be careful .
” I need you and the kids back to me Ackim” she whispered .
“I promise to bring us all back my love” l assured her before hanging up….
The road to kitwe was clear , it was past midnight. I accerated as my mind focused on the road .
“We have to be in kitwe in 30 minutes” I told Jim who sat next to me .
“Just be careful not to fly us soldier ” he smiled fastening the seat belt , “better do the same back there.” he told Jane who was as silent as a stone.


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