Amanda’s pov:
“B…Bryan” Ashley stuttered and stood up together with Brittany.
She couldn’t take her eyes off me.

“Bryan… What’s going on? What do you want?” Principal asked

“Can you explain while you gave Amanda this punishment?” He asked furiously.

“you have no right to question my authorities Bryan. You are a celebrity but you need to have some decorum–”

“Screw that!! We’re gonna see who has the authorities around here. Better start packing cause am getting you fired!” Bryan yelled and threw the book on the principal’s desk. He took my hand leading me out of the office …
. we went upstairs were the guards where waiting…
Straight into VIP class
“am angry with you Amanda… Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked furiously.

“I just don’t want trouble Bryan. Let it go…am already through with the questions” I replied.

He left me and sat on his seat ignoring me completely.
“Am sorry Bryan” I said and went to him.

He looked away still not saying anything. I gulped and went to my seat and the lesson was about to start.
I can’t stay here. Bryan is angry with me.

I took my books and left the class going downstairs to the main class.

Ashley was leaning on the wall with Brittany close to her.
“Oh, if it isn’t the whore” Ashley said sarcastically and chuckled.
“I bet she’s been screwing Bryan. Offering him your body cause you’re hopeless” Brittany added with a smirk.

I acted like I wasn’t the one they were referring to and made to move but I felt Ashley pull me by hair.
I groaned…
It hurts so much.

“What did you want to do? Snub us?” Ashley asked against my ear.
The hallway was empty cause everyone had gone to class .
Why did I leave Bryan?

Two girls passed and saw the way Ashley was holding me roughly.

please help my subconscious mind pleaded.

They acted like the saw nothing and left immediately.
Ashley pushed me and I feel down with my books scattering on the floor.

I already had a headache.
Brittany jumped on me pinning me back to the floor.

“How do you like your tiny tits exposed?” She asked cunningly and next thing I new, she brought out a scissors and aimed for my shirt.
She tore my shirt while Ashley held my hands so I don’t push Brittany off. I tried to scream but I choked on my words as Ashley stuffed my mouth with her hair band.

What a horrible situation to be in.
Brittany reached for my singlet and cut into two… Next! Was my bra. She cut it too and I couldn’t help but gag.

Hot tears rolled down from my eyes.
I’ve gone through so much as an orphan and I thought I’d be happy and free with mrs Carol’s family.
Who knows I was jumping from frying pan into fire.

They left me and I cried on the floor.
My clothes have been shred to pieces.

I don’t even know where to protect. My back or my front?
I used the pieces and placed it over my shirt before running back to the VIP class. Thank goodness there was no guard at the door.

This would be most embarrassing for Bryan to see me this way.
Would I always have to be the poor girl going through hell?

i stepped back from the door anr brought out a small button phone Taylor gave me to use in calling her.
I went through the contacts.
Just two numbers there.
Taylor’s number and Royce’s number😱😱
Who do I call?


I watched Royce stop his car infront of me and I quickly got in.
I couldn’t even face him.
Yes, j called him for help.
I called him to take me back to where I can hide and cry for a while.
He’d help better than Taylor.

He stared at me for a while.
I feel so embarrassed.

“Here” he said and removed his jacket giving it to me.
I took it and wore it quickly.
Believe me when I say I’m naked upwards.

But I know Royce would help me without me worrying so much.

“Who did it?” Royce asked breakint the silence in the car.
“No, let’s forget–” I stammered.
“Just a name. Who did it?” He asked coldly.

Beads of sweats popped up my face.

“I’ll ask again Amanda. Who. Did. It?” He said again.

I swallowed nothing.
“Ashley and her friend Brittany” I replied.

He nodded and started the car zooming off.
Bryan will kill me when he figures I left without telling him and worse, I left with his enemy Royce…

I covered myself well with the jacket.
God protect thy orphan 🙏


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