Amanda’s pov:
Bryan and I had the most amazing time ever at the garden. What a wonderful place with the one you admire the most.
And strangely he couldn’t get enough of my lips.

gosh, is this what being Inlove feels like?
I never thought I’d experience such.

Bryan and I went into the house and path ways when we entered the living room.
Too bad I have homeworks to do. The principal is so cruel…

But come to think of it, how did she know I was at the VIP class? Someone reported me😡 who could do such a thing?

Who else but Ashley.
I know she hates me a lot but what do I do?
Bryan doesn’t want me to leave his sight.
He cares so much for me.

🍂Ashley’s pov:
I smiled as the image of Amanda stressed out and worn out after detention and answering multiple questions played in my mind.

That’ll teach her.
Too bad am just starting.
She hasn’t tasted a piece of my medicine yet.

I tried calling Bryan but he doesn’t pick my calls or reply my texts.
He must be tired and sleeping.
I smiled as the thought of Bryan being mine filled my head.

You’re mine Bryan.
If I can’t have you, am afraid no one else will.

😍Amanda’s pov:
I was done with half of the questions. Like ten pages to go.
I looked at the clock.
It’s 1am 😱

I feel so tired, weak and sleepy but am quite thirsty.
I left the room going to the kitchen.
I drank half a glass and left the kitchen.

I walked past the whole way that led to the balcony. Where I had my first kiss with the guy I like..
It feels so good to know he loves me back.

I went to his room instead. I just felt like seeing him sleep. He wouldn’t mind, would he?

I entered his room and closed the door quietly trying not to make a sound. His room was lit with a blue bulb.

I looked around the room.
First time I was here was quite funny.

Hey I heard and flinched.
Bryan was on his bed staring at me. He scared the life out of me.

Wait, I thought he was sleeping.

“You’re awake?” I asked going to the bed.
“No, you woke me. Am always sensitive . Why are you still up ” he asked holding my arm. and rubbing it.

Everything was blur and turning.
Am super stressed out from that Punishment exercise. .

I joined Bryan on his bed and he made me lie on his chest.
His bed feels so comfy and soft.

“Amanda, do you love me?” He asked patting my hair.
God I love you Bryan!!!
Right from the moment I saw ur poster on Taylor’s wall.

I just wanted to meet you for real.
I was damn attracted to you and am just suprised we’re going to fast though you don’t really know me that well.

“Y…” I was saying when I yawned loudly sleeping off.
My neck hurts so much.

👒Mrs Carol’s pov:
How do I get rid of this girl?
I very much suspected she’s Natalie’s daughter. Her lineage.

She has her father’s hair color and Natalie’s features – brown eyes and full red lips.
What am I going to do??

Why does karma always have to be a b-tch?

If the court finds out Amanda is Alive… I’d be toast!
We’ll loose everything.

My husband will go back to being a mechanic and I’ll continue sowing clothes for people.

I left that painful life behind, why must it haunt me now?

I need a solution.
My children can and will never taste poverty. Especially not my precious Minnie.

I need to think if something…
And my husband isn’t helping matters.
Speaking of my husband, where is he?
He’s always staying out late lately….

👙mr Dickson (mrs Carol’s husband’s pov:
I came inbetween her legs grinning while she looked at me biting her lip.

We must settle this tonight,
I’ve planned on having my s-xy P.A tonight.

She’s fully endowed with large hips and pointy tits. She has all a man would ever ask for.

I came into her ruthlessly and starts to ram her. She held onto the bed sheets moaning and screaming.
I watched her enjoying the way she expressed her pain.

Her honeypot was dynamite.
I can’t say when last I enjoyed this with anyone.
My phone rang disrupting the intense moment. I didn’t want to pull out but I did. I was sweating already. I looked at my phone, It’s Carol calling.

I threw the phone to the wall and it smashed in pieces.
My pa chuckled.
“Come here babe” she said seductively and I went back to pounding her.


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