THE BADBOY DIARY … (18+) … Part 80


My dream.. My dream.
How could it be happening..
Drake stepped back. “Who are you and why are you here?” he asked, and kept moving back till he was standing beside me.
“Get away from her.” she said.
“I won’t, who are yo-“
I grabbed Drake’s hand. My hands were shaking.
I was terrified and in tears.
“Don’t.. Please don’t hurt him. Please,” I said.
“I’m not here to hurt him, but to kill you.” she said and I got shocked.
“What – kill..” Drake grabbed my hand. “Why would you? Who told you to? You can-t do this please.” he said.
“I don’t talk much. Step aside now! Now!” she ordered.
I looked at Drake and our eyes locked together.
He was terrified and scared just like I was.
“My dream Drake.. It switched. It’s actually me and not you.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
He grabbed me as tears rolled down his eyes. “Clara, I can’t let anything happen to you. Trust me.” he said and turned to her.
“I can’t let you do this.. She’s my life. She has done nothing wrong. Who sent you to do this? Who?”
My phone, my phone..where is it..
Slowly, I began roaming my hand around the bed to find it.
“Get off the way Drake,” she said.
“I can’t.”
“Move out of the way,”
“Then I have no other choice than to kill both of you.” She said and I gasped. I also found the phone at the same time.
But how do I talk with them. It’s not possible.
“Do you want it that way?” she asked Drake.
“I can’t let you hurt her. I can’t let you.” Drake said.
Her fingers went to the trigger.
“No!! Drake, no” I yelled and jumped down from the bed, with my phone behind me.
“You don’t need to hide the phone. You can go ahead and make a call.” she said.
My tears poured more.
“Please don’t hurt him. I beg you.” I cried.
“Of course I’m not here for him, I am here for you but it seem he wants to die with you, so I’m gonna do that now.” she said.
“No don’t.. Don’t do it. Dont shot!” I said and turned to Drake.
“I cant let her do this to you Clara.”
I swallowed as my tears fell uncontrollably “I know, I know but please don’t get hurt. Please. I will be fine. Be strong OK, I love you so much.” I said.
“No Clara. Stay still.” he said but I pushed him off with all my strength and he fell.
“Clara!” he yelled.
“Shot me, go ahead!” I yelled.
“No, Clara!” he shouted and was getting up to his feet.
Her fingers touched the strigger. I closed my eyes.
She shot.
Someone grabbed and I fell.
I thought I should feel pains but I didnt. I thought everything should go blank immediately but none happened.
Someone was on top me..
“NOOOO!!” A voice screamed and a loud sound followed.
I opened my eyes and saw Drake laying on top me.
“Drake,” I called.
I looked up and saw the lady, Brenda standing by the door with mouth agape. Her heel in her hand and at her front is a lying assassin with blood rushing down her head.
“Drake!”she shouted and rushed over.
I rolled Drake over and sat up. What I saw made my blood go cold.
“Drake was shot, instead of me.
“Drakeeeeeeee” I screamed and everything around me went blank.
Even though everything around me was going blank and every sound was fading, I could hear Clara call my name and then she did no more.
I know she must have fainted. I could hear Brenda calling me and calling Clara too.
Then she called 911..
“Please an Ambulance.hurry up to Maymack apartment 3. Three people.”
Brenda.. why did you do this to Clara.. Why did you do this to me.
“Please open your eyes Drake. I’m very sorry but don’t go away, please hold on. Please I beg you.”
“Clara, I’m sorry.. It’s all my fault. Please open your eyes. You are my sister.”
(Gra-Avantees hospital)
Clara POV
I woke up, everywhere was blur but then it became vivid. Two nurses were staring at me, one was Johanna.
“Nurse Clara,” Johanna said and rushed over. She touched my forehead and my wrist.
“Thank goodness, you are awake.” she said.
I sat up.
“Where is Drake?” I asked.
She held my hand with a smile. “Calm down, he’s been taken Care of. Everything will be fine,” she said.
“Take me to where he is, take me now,” I said.
“Nurse Clara please you have to calm down.”
I slapped her hand away. “Have you forgotten who I am, I’m a nurse practitioner. Take me to where Drake is being operated right now!” I said.
“Yes I will,” she said. I jumped down from the bed and rushed to the door.
“Nurse Clara, put on a slippers,” She said but I don’t care about slippers. I don’t care about anything anymore.
Right now, Drake is all I want to see.
Tears rolled down my eyes at the sight before me.
Drake was being opened and stitcked. The bullet has been taken out.
“Nurse Clara, you..Are you alright being here?” Dr Silver asked.
“I..I want to be here,” I said.
“The shot didn’t affect his heart, but he could have if the bullet wasn’t taken out in forty minutes. He’ll be fine.” he said.
There were two doctors and two nurses.
I walked over and touched his forehead. “I believe he would, he can’t die.” I said.
“No he won’t,” he said.
I smiled. “That’s a relief.”
I stayed till he was all stitched up, bandaged and was injected to a blood drip.
I couldn’t go. I stayed when they left and held his hand.
“Now, I would say that that dream wasn’t switched. It was you. I could have been the one on this bed or even at the mortuary now but you protected me and received a bullet for me. Now I understand my other dreams too, where you saved me from a monster and also when you caught me from falling into the sea. You’ve always saved me in my dreams Drake and I wondered why I get those dreams. Now I get it. Thank you so much. Please wake up soon. I’m gonna stay here with you day and night until you do. I promise.”
Hours Later
The door opened and the two detectives, Williams and Katy walked in.
“Hello Clara Adams,” Detective Williams said.
“Hi,” I answered.
“Please you have to come with us for a little question,” he said.
“I would love to but I don’t wanna leave him alone here,” I said.
“It won’t take up to thirty minutes of your time, please.”
“You can ask me whatever you want to here,” I said.
“Oh, alright. Excuse me.” he said and called someone on the phone.
“Hello Mr Patrick. Come to room 207.” he dropped the call.
“He will be here soon. He have to be here while you give your answers.” he said.
I turned back to stare at Drake.
The door opened and the retired detective walked in.
“Hello Nurse Clara,” he said.
“Hi” I answered.
He turned to Williams and Katy.
“Doctor Eril, the doctor who was assigned to take checks of Doctor Tony Campbell was at the hospital today. He was seen around 7:30am this morning but he is no longer in the hospital, for four hours now.” he said.
“Hmm interesting,” Katy said.
What’s interesting about that? I’ve always disliked this Katy.
I caressed Drake’s hand.
“Miss Adams, there’s nothing much to ask you since Brenda Adams had said it all but I think there’s still some information’s left.” Detective Patrick said.
Brenda said it all?
“What did she say?” I asked.
“Well, she confessed of giving the assassin who had been a close friend of hers order to murder you because you took Drake away from her. Then she found out that you…” he paused.
“That Im what?”
“The reason why she came was because she found out that you are her step sister.”
“Step what?”

Writer’s POV
Clara was shocked to find out that Brenda was her step-sister.
From the start, Clara didn’t ever had a hate on Brenda. She had no reason to but Brenda saw her as a rival and wanted her gone for good.
Brenda was handcupped after confessing all that she had to.
She confessed about Nikky being her close friend for years and knowing everything that has to do with her. Including some of the people she got paid to eliminate. She mentioned Helen Morgan and Doctor Campbell.
She also mentioned Doctor Eril being the reason why Doctor Campbell haven’t woken up and he had flew when he heard that Nikky has been caught and brought to the hospital he works.
She also confessed about hating Nikky’s work and advised her numerous times to quit such job but because Clara took something that was supposed to be hers, she got possessed to kill her.
News spread out for Dr Eril to been found.
Nikky woke up on the hospital bed hours later to find her hands and legs hand cupped.
Danelle and Jayson were on their way to class when she got a call from her mom.
She was worried for Drake all through the exams and after the exams, she left school down to Gra-Avantees but she wasn’t alone, Jayson went with her.
There, they met Mr Adams who went on his knees to beg his family.
Clara’s mom and Danelle forgave him but Clara couldn’t.
She cursed him for living them and causing Brenda to live without no mother.
She locked herself up in Drake’s ward and stayed all night with him.
She cleaned him up and did everything she could.
He woke up few days later and on that day, Clara forgave her father and the family got reunited again except for Brenda who was in prison with Nikky.
Doctor Eril was caught and arrested and Doctor Tony Campbell finally woke up and was questioned. He confessed of being a gay even though he tried to stop it but couldn’t. He confessed of murdering two guys and was arrested too.
Noah and his father was sentenced to death by gun for illegal business and murder even in prison.
Neil and Tessy broke up and Tessy came back to Danelle for forgiveness and reconciliation. Danelle forgave him but they couldn’t be best friends anymore.
Neil lost Danelle too.
A month later:
Drake had gotten well.
The court sentenced Nikky on forty years imprisonment. It could have been life imprisonment but she was saved by Brenda, and Nikky’s dad who came and spoke of how Nikky lost her mother and was abandoned and maltreated by him and her step mother while growing up.
“..It was harsh life that turned her this way. She was really a good child.” He said.
Brenda was sentenced to five years imprisonment for attempted murder so also Dr Eril.
Dr Campbell was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for murder.
It was really a bad day for every one.
Months later, Drake proposed to Clara, not at her working place with a brand new car and three violinist playing her favorite Celine Dion song… but on a Sunday morning, at St James Church immediately service was over.
He walked to the center of the big church, knelt down and gave her the surprise propose no one has ever seen before.
The choir sang the song ‘My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion’
The words he said melted her heart and she didnt waste a second to answer yes to him.
She thought of laughing or maybe smile but instead she bursted into tears.
That morning, in bed, she had asked him.
“Drake, don’t you think it’s time for us to get married. You don’t wanna propose to me.. Don’t you want us to have kids as early as possible?”
He had only smiled and kissed her. “Let’s go to church and pray about it.” he had said to her.
She kinda got irritated by his response and had wanted to scream with annoyance but she wondered what made her calm. Maybe a hope, maybe a voice or something that knew that the greatest surprise was going to be that same day.
Their proposal was shown at every news as one of the most amazing proposal ever.
People expected their marriage to be a hit but it was a quiet marriage with just few people.
Clara said she wanted it that way in respect of her imprisoned step-sister.
Danelle and Jayson got admitted into the same university. Danelle to Journalism and communication and
Jayson and his father reconciled and he decided to study business administration to take over his father’s business.
“I’m so happy Danelle,” Jayson said as they going on a ride in his car.
“I know why,” Danelle said.
“Because we are going to the same university,” Danelle said.
Jayson smiled. “You are right.”
“But don’t you think it’s too awkward. We have to see ourselves everyday. Might be boring.” Danelle said.
“No way. Come on, I would get to see my girlfriend everyday.” he said.
Danelle phone rang and she picked it up.
“Hello Tessy?”
“Danelle, Neil and I are back together. I think he is in love with me now,” she said.
“Wow..I’m happy for you.” I said.
“Thanks. Can we have a dinner tomorrow night? You and Jayson, me and Neil, please?”
“No problem,” Danelle said.
“Thank youuu. Bye OK, I will send you the address later “
“Alright. Bye.” The call dropped and she smiled at Jayson.
“The two are back together. I hope he doesn’t hurt her again.” She said.
“I hope so.” Jayson said.
“They want a dinner tomorrow night. The four of us.” Danelle said.
“No prob.” Jayson said. “See that restaurant over there, we should go have a meal, right?” he asked.
“Yes yes.” Danelle said.
Danelle phone rang again and she smiled… Her sister was calling.
“My sister,” she smiled and picked it up.
“Hello sis.” she said.
“Awwwn little sister, guess what?” Clara exciting voice said.
“Uhmm, he bought you a new car right? Can I use the other one then? Should I come around?” said.
“No, you got it wrong. Your big sister is pregnant.” Clara said, giggling.
“Oh my.. I’m so happy for you sister, congratulations. Now I have to save some money and buy my niece alot,” Danelle said.
“Come on. It’s a boy. Drake wants a boy.” Clara said.
Danelle smiled. “Alright.. I will come around later. Jayson and I are actually driving around. He’s so excited that we are going to the same university.”
Jayson hit my hand. I laughed.

Five years Later
“Jesse can you help me with a dish,” I called out to my son.
“Okay mom,” he said, ran over and brought the dish to me.
“Mom, please no more errand for me. I’m making a robot.” he said.
“Oh.. Im sorry J but can you drop that for now and help your mom in the kitchen? Your sister is kicking inside my stomache and I’m so tired to prepare dinner all by myself.” I said.
He exhaled and shrugged. “Alright mom.” he said.
I smiled. “Thank you dear. Help me the butter,”
“Here mom,”
“Here it is.”
The doorbell rang.
“Dad is home early today,” Jesse said and ran off.
“Aunt!!!” I heard him scream.
Oh my.. Brenda is here.
“Surprise visit sister?” I heard her say as she came into the kitchen.
“Brenda… How are you?” I said and hugged her.
“I’m fine..” she said.
“how was the interview?” I asked.
She exhaled. “It was okay. Considering I just got out of prison three months ago.”
“So are you getting the job?”
“Kind of,” she said.
I hugged her. “That’s a relief.”
“So what are you making for dinner?” she asked.
“What about your nanny?”
“She is sick.” I said.
“You shouldn’t be stressing yourself.. You are stressing the baby too. Move away, I will do that.” she said and took over.
I smiled. “Thanks sister.”
“Hello, welcome to Japan.”
“Thank you” I said and Jayson held my hand and led me to the car.
“Where are we going first?” I asked.
“To see my master, after that, I’m taking you to see the beautiful sights of Japan.
I smiled. “It’s a nice place.”
And after that, we get back to the hotel and spend the night together.
“Stop dreaming. We are sleeping on different beds.” I said.
He laughed. “Ofcourse I know that. I’m getting married to you soon anyways.”
“Until then,” I said.
“Yeah yeah.” he smiled.
I smiled.
Shhhh, don’t mind us. We’ve done it.
We just joke around.
When two lovers were going to the same university, what did you expect?
Mom locked me up for three days when she heard about it.
She knew a made a promise to be a virgin till my wedding night.
Well, I’m not really mad at myself. Everything is right when it’s Jayson.
I smiled and pecked him.
“Huh, babe.. Stop dreaming” he said.
I smiled. I saw the taxi driver do too.


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