I sit close to my door and cried. Jay called and I hurriedly pick the call.
” Hi” He said.
” Are you alright?” He asked and I wiped my tears.
” Yeah I’m good. Where are you? Are you gone?” I asked.
” I can’t leave you and you know that. I’m still In Ny. Mom wants me to leave but I can’t leave my woman and my child” He said.
” Jay how I’m going to tell my dad about this?” I asked.
” Chill, when everything is normal I’m gonna tell Him myself okay. You should stop crying. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love” He said and I sighed.
” I wish I can see you.” He said and I sighed.
” I’m not so sure” I said.
” Liyah I need to talk to you” A voice said Knocking on my door.
” Dad” I said to myself.
” Liyah are you okay?” Jay asked on the phone.
” Yeah I’m good. We just need to talk later” I said.
” Is everything alright?” Jay asked.
” Yeah, everything is fine” I quickly said.
” Liyah I can hear your voice, open this door. We need to talk” Dad said again this time knocking really louder .
” Jay talk to you later” I said standing up.
” Liyah I’m coming alright” Jay said ending the call.
” Jay” I said to myself.
I took a deep breath and opened the door gently. Dad stood still staring at me . He walked In and looked at my room.
” Sit” Dad said and I sat down.
He sit close to me and sighed.
” I don’t hate you okay, whatever thing I did it’s only to protect you. I wanted the best for you. Definitely I know I can’t stop you from falling in love. Yeah you’re in college and you have every right to date whosoever you want. The reasons I implemeted the 7bs it’s because I want a better life for you. I don’t want you to get pregnant and live a very undeniable life. Youths this days aren’t responsible at all. And I’m sorry for going wild, I was shocked and disappointed. I’m really sorry, what i want from you is to be sincere with me. Apart from dating Jay did you get involved with him sexually?” Dad asked.
I looked at him, I could feel my heart beat, it’s about tearing my chest apart. I continued swallowing my saliva untill dad ask me again.
” Aaliyah did you have sex with Jay?” Dad asked.
” I won’t yell, I promise you” Dad said.
I wasn’t a fool, when dad says ‘ I won’t yell or I won’t go wild’ means going Wilder and yelling higher.
At once I looked at him and shake my head.
” We didn’t” I lied.
” Are you sure?” Dad asked looking at my eyes.
” Yes I’m very sure” I replied.
” Good. Do you love him?” Dad asked.
” Yes” I replied.
” Alright, and you are sure he loves you too?” Dad asked.
I sighed and nodded.
” Good. How long have you been dating Jay?” Dad asked.
” When you and Anna went to your separate ways” I said.
” And that’s about two weeks I guess” He said and I frowned.
” Alright, I’ll talk to Jay myself. I don’t want you to keep secrets from me. You’re my daughter and I truly care about you, okay” Dad said and I nodded.
Dad got up and walked to my door.
” You’re sure you didn’t make out with Jay?” Dad asked and I shake my head, indicating no.
” Good” Dad said as he walked away.
I have no idea why I lied but I wasn’t sure why. I was really scared. He might die if he finds out I’m pregnant, that was the worst news every parent hates to hear, especially when the child is still at school.

Dad visited Anna’s. She was busy fighting with Jay to return back to California. Dad knocked and entered.
” Bill” Anna called turning to dad.
” Hi, I’m here to talk to your son” Dad said looking at Jay.
” I hope you’re not here to fight?” Anna asked.
” The fact that you’re selfish will not make me exchange words with you. You’re nice woman, a woman who lacks conscience” Dad said.
” And he’s right” Jay said looking at his mom.
She kept quiet and turned to look at Jay.
” Jay can we talk outside?” Dad asked.
” Sure” Jay replied.
” Can I come along?” Anna asked.
” No mom I’ll be fine” Jay said and followed dad outside.
They stood at the garage as dad looked at Jay.
” Aaliyah told me everything” Dad said.
Jay kept quiet and looked at dad.
” Yeah she said she truly loves you. Do you truly love her or you wanna play with her?” Dad asked Jay
” I love liyah a lot. She changed me” Jay added.
” Alright, did you have sex with her?” Dad asked Jay.
He kept quiet and took a deep breath .
” Not at all” Jay replied.
” Don’t lie to me alright. Aaliyah already told me everything” Dad said.
Jay’s phone vibrated, I just sent him a text.
” Please a minute” Jay said and looked at the sms.
‘ Dad asked if we already have sex and I lied. Don’t tell him the truth please’ that was the message.
” We didn’t do anything, I think it’s barely too early” Jay said.
” Alright. The fact that you too are in love with each other, I want you to stick to her. Don’t you dare break my daughter’s heart. She’s all I have got” Dad said to Jay.
” Thanks” Jay said.
” I’ll take my leave” Dad said as he walked out. Jay called me immediately.
” Your dad just left my house, and I think he approved our relationship. It’s time to tell him the real deal” Jay said on the phone.
” No. Don’t tell him anything, it’s not yet time” I said.
” If you say so. Just be careful alright. I’d do anything to make you happy” He said and I laughed.
” Thanks” I replied.
Someone knocked on my door.
” I’ll talk to you later, some one is knocking” I said.
” Alright, just be careful” He said.
” Alright, thanks” I said and jay ended the call.
” Lee” the voice came again.
” Vi” I called as I got up to open the door.
” Vi” I said and smiled at her.
She walked in and sat down.
” How are you?” She asked.
” Yeah I’m fine” I said as I sit close to her.
” Hope your dad didn’t freak out?” Violet asked.
” Of course he did. But I think things are settled for the now. ” I said.
” And about the pregnancy?” Violet asked.
” Well he doesn’t know yet” I said.
” I just pray my dad won’t freak out” I said.
” I hope so too” Violet said and sighed.
Three days later…
” Hey Vi” I said on the phone.
” Aaliyah something bad happened” Violet said. She was panthing on the phone.
” What happened?” I asked.
” Jay’s in the hospital. He got an accident this morning on his way to your house” violet said.
” What!” I exclaimed getting up from my bed.
” Yeah. You just gotta be here . Georgia Heath clinic” She said.
” I’m coming” I said.
I didn’t bother to change my wares, I rushed out of my room with my casuals as I quickly boarded a cab.


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