” I can’t be pregnant” I cried.
” Of course you are not pregnant. The doctor will definitely confirm that. Dress up , I’m taking you to the hospital immediately” Violet commanded.
I nodded and quickly rushed to the room to change into something. Violet drive me to the hospital since her parents bought her a car. Dad will never allow me ride my own car. I’m definitely too young, that’s always his excuse. We got to the hospital and I was examined.
” You’ll have to come after three days for your result” The doctor said and we left.
Well three days finally came. Violet was sitted with me inside the doctor’s office. I was really nervous. He walked in and smiled at us.
” Liyah right?” He asked and I nodded.
He stretched an envelope to me . I looked at him and refused to collect it.
” Please tell me if I’m pregnant or not” I said.
” Oh, okay” He said opening the envelope.
” You’re six weeks pregnant” The doctor said. I couldn’t believe my ears.
” Six weeks ?” Violet asked.
” Yeah that’s about, one month two weeks.” The doctor said. I sighed and cried within myself. Dad was definitely going to kill me.
” You should calm down. it’s a pregnancy, children are blessings. You just have to talk to your family and your partner to work it out. I’d advise you don’t abort the child” The doctor said. I smiled faintly and nodded.
” Thanks, we’ll take our leave” Violet Said and give me a hand. We left for Violet’s house. I couldn’t help it but cry.
” How can I be so blind?” I asked myself.
” Where’s your cellphone?” Violet asked.
I stretched my phone at her as I watched her go through my contacts.
” What are you doing?” I asked.
” I’m calling Jayden” She said and I stood up.
” You don’t have to” I said.
” If I were you I’ll shut up and sit down. You shouldn’t carry the responsibility yourself. You both are the parents of this child” She said as she phone Jay.
” Hi Jay” Violet said.
” Hi, liyah” Jay said.
” No it’s Violet”
” Vi, where’s liyah?” Jay asked on the phone.
” Well, she’s the reason I’m calling.” Violet said .
” Really, what happened?” He asked.
” Something happened and I can’t tell you on the phone, you need to be at NY before day dark” Violet said.
” Alright, I’m on my way” Jay said and Violet ended the call.
She frown at me and stretched my phone at me.
” You shouldn’t have” I said and she ignored me.
I left the house without Violet knowing my whereabout. I wasn’t ready to talk to Jay or see him. I went to the beach where me and Jay frequently meet in the evening. I looked at the Moon who was fast rising.
” What a world. What on Earth I’m gonna tell Dad” I thought.
” 7bs. Books before boys because boys bring babies. I broke it. Fuck I’m so stupid” I said to myself.
Jay came that evening. He met Violet in the living room, she was fast asleep. He gently tap her on the leg , as she got up yawning.
” Jay, you’re here” Violet said adjusting on the chair.
She was lying on.
” Yeah, where’s liyah?” He asked sitting close to Violet.
” She must be in the room. I need to call her” Violet said standing up. She left for the room but couldn’t find me. She rushed to the living room to meet Jay.
” I can’t find her” she said.
” What!”
” Yeah she was lying on the bed inside the room” Violet said.
” What even happened?” Jay asked.
” Liyah is pregnant for you” Violet said.
Jay was surprised too.
” Pregnant?” Jay asked.
” Yeah, liyah is pregnant” Violet replied.
” I need to see her” Jay said.
” She must be at her father’s house” Violet said as they rushed out of the house.
They arrived at Dad’s house and knocked . Dad was really baffled to see jay. He smiled at dad and greeted.
” Good evening bill” Jay greeted.
” Jay, what are you doing here? I hope all is well” Dad said and Jay nodded.
” We wanted to see liyah” Violet said.
” See liyah? I thought she’s at your house vi. You know liyah has been living with you” Dad said.
” Yeah but she left the house without telling me her whereabout. So i thought she might be at your house” Violet explained.
” Well, liyah isn’t here. I hope she’s fine?”
” Yeah, she’s fine. We’ll take our leave now” Jay said as they rushed to leave when Dad called Violet.
” Vi, are sure liyah is okay?” Dad asked.
” Yes , she’s fine” Violet said and smiled at dad. She rushed into Jay’s car and they left.
” Where will she be ?” Violet asked.
” I know” Jay replied.
” Where?” Violet asked.
“Some where we frequently visit” Jay replied.
” Oh, that’s romantic” Violet replied.
Finally they find me. I. Was standing at the beach, I was really cold. Jay walked in with Violet. I looked at Jay really nervous.
” Alright, I’m gonna sit on that rock while you guys sort things out” Violet said looking at me and walked out. I turned to look at Jay, it was obvious Violet already told him.
” Hi” Jay said and I refused to reply.

” I’m really sorry for all the harms I’ve caused you. I’m really sorry.” Jay said.
” We are gonna take care of this child together” Jay said and I looked at him.
” Yeah, you’re not dropping out of college alright. You’ll continue your education and I promised to be best dad ever” He said looking at my eyes.
I cried and looked at the ground.
” Come here” Jay said and hugged me.
” It seems you guys are done. Now let’s go home” Violet said smiling.
We went back to Violet’s house. Vi prepared dinner and served us. Not too long Ace walked in. He smiled and gave Jay a handshake.
” Man I thought you were never gonna come back” Ace said smiling.
” Why not, NY is my city and I belong here” Jay said.
” Hey pretty, how’s the little boy doing?” Ace asked me.
” Woah, so who said it’s a boy?” I asked.
” I said so. I like boys” Ace said.
” No way, I like girls” Jay said.
” Woah, what about me?” Violet cut in.
” I want a girl. They are the best first born ever.” Violet said.
” Yeah, vi and I are on the same team” Jay said.
” I think I support Ace. I like boys too. ” I said.
” You need to change your mind henceforth. I need a girl. Girls as first child are just the best. They are really assisting and dependent. And I’m sure she will be beautiful and strong as you ” Jay said looking at me.
I smiled and looked away.
” You know it’s weird, first time and a baby showed up” Ace said and I took a deep breath.
” Well it’s because she is fertile. I can remember the countless times Ace and sex without protection, I don’t get pregnant. Is it because I’m not fertile?” Violet asked.
” Vi, that’s too much information” Ace said. Jay and I burst out laughing.
” Whatever” Violet said and we laugh again.
Jay looked at me and smiled.
” Ace you wanna catch some cookies?” Violet asked winking at Ace.
” Of course” Ace said standing.
” We’ll catch you guys later” Violet said and dragged Ace out of the house.
” So it’s just the two of us” Jay said and turned to look at me.
” What are your plans?” I asked.
” I wanna retain our former apartment. I’m going to take care of you. And I think we should tell your dad, tomorrow” Jay said.
” I can’t. I don’t wanna kill my dad” I said.
” He’s going to freak out, he might end up having a heart attack. I betrayed him” I cried.
” It’s okay. I’m here now and I’m not leaving” Jay said as he hold me close to himself.
” Thanks” I said.
” It’s okay. We just need to plan how to talk to your dad” He said.
” It’s not really nice keeping it from him” Jay said patting my hair.
” I love you liyah”
” And I promise to stand by you” Jay added.
” I’ll be going home today, I just need to be with my dad ” I said.
” And that’s fine by me” Jay said and kissed me.
He drove me home. We stood at my door post as we talked for a while. He held my waist and kissed me. Just then Anna walked in.
” Jay” She called.
” What the hell are you doing here? Jay asked turning to his mom.
” You left California to meet liyah?” She asked.
” Do you even care about others?” Jay asked angrily.
” I’m telling bill right away that you’ve been smooching his daughter” Anna said proceeding to enter my house.
” Anna you wouldn’t do that” I said.
” Anna, you should try and calm yourself down.” I said.
It seems dad overheard voices. He opened the door and was surprised to see Jay’s family and me outside.
” Hey Dad” I said.
” What are you guys doing outside?” Dad asked.
” Bill we need to talk” Anna said.
I look at her in grief.
” Dad let’s go inside” I said holding my dad’s hands.
” Alright” Dad replied and we entered my house. I was really nervous, I wasn’t ready to tell dad anything.
” Bill” Anna said and jay cut her short.
” Mom, that’s enough. Allow me to run my stuffs myself” Jay said and turned to dad who’s been waiting impatiently.
” I’m sorry bill but I really need to let you know. Liyah and I are in a relationship. We are dating for a long time now” Jay said.
Dad looked at Jay and Then turned over to look at me. I couldn’t look at his face, I was really ashamed.
” Wow” Dad said smiling.
” Liyah is that true?” Dad asked smiling at me.
I frowned and nodded. He smiled and turned to look at Jayden.
” How dare you? You’ve been dating my daughter secretly?” Dad asked as he gave Jay a blow on his nose. He was going wild, I had to stop dad immediately. Anna held her son backwards.
” You were dating my daughter?” Dad asked moving close to Jay.
” Dad please” I cried as I hold dad.
” I’m sorry bill” Jay pleaded. He was already bleeding on his nose.
” Get out of my house” Dad yelled.
” I can’t leave without liyah” Jay said.
I shake my head and ask him to leave.
” Jay let’s go” Anna said.
Anna took Jay and they left. I hurriedly ran to my room and locked my door.
” Aaliyah” Dad called my name and i ignored him.
” I’m sorry dad” I chorused.
” Liyah open this door” Dad said Knocking.
I squart close to my door and cried. He knocked continuously and I ignored him. For a while the knocking stopped guess he was gone.


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